Saturday, January 17, 2015

Donate Button Added: 17 Jan 2015:

I wanted to let all of you know. I had to add a donate button to the upper right hand corner of my blogger account. This is something I have needed to do. Any donated funds will be used for my family purposes.
We are not rich by any means. I work 2 near minimum wage jobs. I have been married for 24 years to only one woman who works more than me and she is not gainfully employed. 3 college kids and a very gifted daughter. All of our kids have been home schooled. My work week averages around 57 hours per week. Then I take the time for my writing endeavors. Which involves much praying and meditation.

The button is directly linked to a PayPal account and they do tack on fees per transaction. You can research the fees through PayPal.
Any and all donations are appreciated. Even if it is just a dollar.
My financial situation is very stressing at this time. Thank You in advance for any consideration as well as your prayers.

At the bottom of each blog you have seen these books from Amazon and I do receive royalties from them on a regular basis. It seems there are far more people selling my books in which I receive nothing in return. So if you do purchase my books. Please buy through Amazon.

I have not at any time offered any special deals. So, if you see any special deals. They are not valid. I have not autographed any books at this time. So there are none available.

I have just recently changed the pricing of the books in order to discourage those from reselling them. So if you see any pricing lower than Amazon. They are not real.
I do have plans over time to buy my books and offer them for resale with autographs. But, I cannot afford to do so at this time.
At the top right of my blogger page is a donate button for PayPal. If you liked this blog, were inspired from it. Please help me out with just a little something.  Anything is greatly appreciated and welcomed.  

  “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: