Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Renewed Crab Shack +6: (Unedited): 21 March 2017:

Last night at the Crab Shack. Was truly a quiet sober end to the previous ownership. One in which the life experience was from one end of positivity to the other end of negativity. Yet, all of it was either celebrated and or endured. That is the essence of life or the experience of life. For everyone. Yet, people still come to sit by the water or under their favorite tree. To experience the calm and peace which exists there within. The Crab Shack is a truly spiritual place. Even if the many who come know not of such things. Yet, when they leave if they just open themselves up just a little. To breathe in the exhale of the trees or just to take in a little bit of the life giving energy in the water. All just seems a little bit better than when they first arrived.
The final close out at the end of the last night. is only the conclusion of what has been. that which is new shall always come with the rising of the morning sun.
The end of the day boats come in with their tired crews. The Crab Shack quietly welcomes them all with old songs from the new jukebox. No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems. 
Note: That was just the song playing at the time. You need to wear shoes and shirts. Just leave your problems elsewhere. If you can't there will most likely be a friendly ear and truthful advice. Even if it hurts your feelings. Such is truth.
The Crab Shack is that secluded out of the way place accessible by either boat or auto. An unhustled pit stop no matter if your a coming or a going.
Through the rustling of the living trees. From the ebbs and flows of the water of life. As the sun recedes and the darkness covers all like a cool welcoming blanket. The calming atmosphere of the Crab Shack always remains the same. 
Crab Shack Patrons enjoying wonderful meals and their quiet end of day beer. 
If yee are the last one to stand next to the quiet jukebox and then it begins to play all manor of silly songs. All shall be watching you and pointing at you. Yep. You did it. No matter how much you deny it. All is such fun at the Crab Shack.
You could sit for two days waiting for a drink if you sit between the two poles and the tree at the Crab Shack. Especially when LOLO is working. 
That is my chair at the bar. It is all in fun. When LOLO asks how long I have been sitting there. I say two days. 
Here is other writings on the Crab Shack:
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