Monday, April 24, 2017

Witness Signs: (Unedited): 24 April 2017:

The world systems and all that they entail will not allow the truth to be known. So there must be signs in the heavens for all of the inhabitants of the Earth to witness.
Remember satan? He is the one who promised this world to Jesus as a temptation. For satan is the prince of this world. As the prince of this world. that means he is the ruler or god of all of the worldly systems in this world. It would be necessary for satan to block and prevent anyone from actually being aware of any true divine activities. Keeping everyone ignorant and mindless would be a good tool of control. Without the common person being aware of the truth. While proclaiming what the truth is even if it is only a have truth or an outright lie. After all people believe without question of the races of humanity. Even after it was scientifically proven to be a lie. In our current history. Humanity is being taught to believe that being transgendered is true and real.
There are signs everywhere. Those which are positive and negative. Those which are big and small. Because, when Noah laid his ax onto the first tree. There was no turning back and all life on Earth except for the chosen remnant would drown to death. For they all became the living judged. even though all of them on the ark were saved. They would still have to endure a great ordeal during the flood and as the waters receded.
Here is a sign. Remember the United airlines flight where the 69 year old Asian American man was bloodied and knocked out while being dragged off of the plane? Yes, that was a sign but here is a different one. The American Airlines flight where the male flight attendant brutalized a woman with an infant. A stranger stood up and confronted them all with physical threats. The flight attendant was laid off. They made the bad news. The stranger had enough honor to protect a damsel and her baby. While no one else stood up. So what is next? The next signs in airline security. Is for SWAT TEAM styled police or security to board planes with full military clothing labeled as security or police. They will be ready for warfare and mentally prepared to shoot anyone who becomes disobedient. Because, You cannot have any manor of tyranny on board a plane. The passengers must be quiet and seated. No matter who is brutalized by those in authority. How far away is this becoming a reality? I bet all airplane and airport police departments are begging for monies right now. because how will they be able to deal with heroes with honor standing up to those who do not have honor or respect for any person. I'm not a prophet. But, I can connect the dots into a possible future. That is all I do. I do not receive regular Emails from God. Anything and everything anyone speaks or writes must be compared to the Bible and not just an interpretation. Just remember all of the Jews were expecting their Messiah to be a military leader and what did they get a lovey dovey lamb. Then they arranged his torture, murder and hanging on a cross of great Jewish embarrassment.  Don't forget the purple words below.
The prevention of prophecies from actually being witnessed by the majority of human beings would seem important enough to make plans against.
Could the conspiracy theorist be correct? Could there be government airplanes making clouds? Could the government be in control of all aspect of media coverage to the point. That only what "THEY" want will only be reported by any news media site.
For instance, The Standing Rock event in North Dakota. This was a live prophecy fulfilling event. Think about this as an American citizen. Would you have wanted to know if police agencies from about 10 states were involved for about 10 months? Would you have wanted to know if the National Guard were deployed with anti-aircraft missile systems? Would you have wanted to know that many different federal agencies were also involved? Would you have wanted to know that the police were breaking laws just because they knew they could get away with it and they did? Would you want to know if the police were brutalizing people for simply praying? Would you have wanted to know that the police were using less than lethal weapons in a manor which could maim and kill, and they were caught? Would you have wanted to know that many of those who were arrested were placed in dog kennels? Would you have wanted to know that many of those who were arrested were denied all manor of legal rights?
So if your from any other country and this happened. Would you have wanted to know? Well, here in the USA. Their was a black out. Their were no constitutional rights. Even a judge was reported as making a declarative judgement before the trial even began. And no one cared.
I think the reason why the entire Standing Rock protest was not properly reported by any of the main stream media sources is they were all under some singular control. All of them. I do not think it was about police brutality or the racism against any native tribes. It was all about the prevention of a prophecy being actually realized in 2016-2017 in the minds of a larger percentage of human beings. "THEY were successful. The Black Snake will pump it's blood very soon. Which means more bad things will happen in the USA. This is just a lead up fulfilled prophecy as their are a *confluence of prophecies from many different religious traditions. To me the dimensionality of the word confluence is obvious. From the *confluence of the river to the *confluence of many different prophecies from a confluence of different peoples. So where were the Christians? No where. Were they present. I'm sure of it. They may actually be a part of the remnant. While the rest of Christianity of North and South Dakota were happy with their prosperity teachings. Or would that be the majority of their people work in the oil fields. While their police were brutalizing everyone they can. So the preachers, pastors and theologians had to ignore and turn a blind eye at the human rights atrocities happening so close to them.

-------Good Samaritan-----
*Confluence was brightened in my mind with the troubles of the river confluence at the Grand canyon. Which also leads to the Hopi Tribe and their prophecies.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.
To live in peace with everyone.  
To exist in harmony with all.  
To Cherish all life.  
To be obedient to the Laws of God.  
To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.  
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