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Americas Window Of Opportunity Is Closed: (Unedited): 29 Sept 2020:

I'm an American. I will die an American. Even though my genetics tells me what I'm made of. Even though my past is made up of numerous unfortunate events. Even though those whom I loved did not return the love. I am not defined by these things. It is me who decides who I am today and right now. I believe. I believe. I believe.  https://youtu.be/sIaT8Jl2zpI


The window of opportunity has come and gone for the American people and they knew it not. The blessed people who have been given every blessing has freely chosen to leave their God. To ignore their God and to believe that God does not exist. The blessed people have ignored all of the warning signs. The blessed people have even passed human formed laws which are sinful and thus legalized sins as a fundamental right and freedom. It is and has been the "We The People ..." who have moved away from the blessings, graces, safety and protections from God. Righteous and Holy judgement shall come as it has to as it must. God must act on His disobedient wayward children. So it shall be. 


The United States is the breadbasket for the entire world. When the US stops producing food. The rest of the world starves. When the people of the USA starve. The rest of the world cannot feed the US because it is the US that they get a percentage of their food from. So when the US stops working. Do not expect the world to come rushing in to save you. It isn't that they won't. It is that they can't without their own people starving. 

When the event happen. In one year more than 90% of all Americans shall be dead. 


America and Americans will disappear. The idea of what America was and should have been will even disappear. Even the world will redefine what freedom actually means. The idea of freedom of what freedom is supposed to be shall be lessened. Human rights will disappear. The global economy of slavery shall rise. The lie which is the idea of the races of humanity shall persist despite scientific evidence. Which shall become even more suppressed than it is today. 


Those Americans who desire to become Expatriates. The time for your actions to leave the States and territories shall be sooner than later. You must make your moves very soon. You must move your finances very soon. Then leave and do not look back. Learn the language of that nation in which you should become a citizen of. Becoming a citizen of your new country is necessary for you to maintain the legal human rights status. 


The Jewish people within the USA must move their own finances to Israel. The Jewish people in the USA must leave the USA for Israel very soon. The Jewish people must do this very soon. If not the Jewish people who remain within the USA will suffer and die as will the rest of the Americans. If the Jewish people do not move out of the USA then they will lose everything. For while you remain within the USA God may not hear any prayer. This will be just as it was when Israel was destroyed and scattered so many times before. This will happen inside of the USA. 


The rich and affluent will see themselves as being safe. They will buy and prepare. They have the opportunity to buy properties in many nations and build safe and secure homes on all of those properties. They will have many guns, much bullets and few people. People who are in desperation will continually rush their compounds until such a time they run out of people or bullets. Either way they lose and die. because, they are the wealthy foreigners who have no connections or relationships to that particular locale. What happens when your wealth becomes worth less than toilet paper? What happens when your affluence becomes the same as a common person? You will be judged by all whom you have mistreated or offended. In desperate times judgements seem to always be excessive and extreme. The common people will let God judge you and you most likely do not even believe in a God. Despite the fact that you gave generously to the churches and were required to attended the correct sized church because it would make you look good to everyone. 


For those who have family in Mexico, Central America and South America. Your time to prepare for the way back home is now necessary. If you wait until the event to happen. You and your family will suffer and die. So now is the time to do those necessary things back to your homeland. Now is the time to seek forgiveness to those family member's whom you have hurt or abandoned. Now is the time to straighten out your finances and to send your things back to your former home. For when the end of America begins. You will not be able to safely get back to your old home. Every wicked evil doer will be waiting for you at the border's and they will cause you to suffer greatly and die. Be smart and wise. Go home sooner than later. 

Your journey back home will become a blessing to those who have always remained. Although, the mass migrations back to your old home will not be seen as a good thing or a blessing, in the short term. The return of family should always be considered as a blessing. For you have new skill sets and those skills sets will become new opportunities. As the American drug money dries up and the American paper money becomes fire starter. What you know, what you can do is what shall have worth. The American organizational skills and management techniques is what will be of worth. Keep your heart in the Lord so that you and your family shall pass safely. 

Your family should know of your pending return. Thus, growing and raising more foods in preparation. Your family will also need the necessary tools and supplies. So send them all things necessary. So that when you make it back to your old home the hardships are mitigated or minimized. make these investments right now. 

Just before the US is attacked. Their will be a ramping up of unfortunate events. Do not wait to long. Pay for the plane tickets and hope your not in the air when it all happens. Send your family first as you remain back for a very short time. 

This is not a political thing. My intention of writing these things is to save lives. Even your life. Your family whom I will never meet or even know. For it is tough for me to go to work knowing what I know and still desire to do a good job for the Lord. 


This should be first. Repent! Repent! Repent! All Christian denominations. All Churches. All pastors, preachers, clergy. All of Christianity. Hope and pray that it is not too late. Turn away from all sins. Begin right now to become righteous and holy as which is only accepted and recognized by God alone. Then maybe revival from the Holy Spirit will flow again. Then maybe a reprieve will occur when His children return back to him just as the prodigal son returned to his own father. 


Ye survivalists, Doomsday preppers. You have prepared with a wrong heart. All that you shall do will be for nothing. Because those lone lonely loners who survive and fight alone dies alone and forgotten. You have forgotten what it means to love one another. You have allowed the teaching of keeping secrets based on fears as a justification to go it alone. 


Ye Christian freedom fighters, Christian soldiers and Christian warriors, You who shall continue to fight and defend America unto the bitter end. You shall find that bitter end. You shall have your honored death and you shall know that all is already lost. Fight your fights. Battle your battles. Retreat Not. For the horde which comes is full of wicked evil doers. For when each one is killed they shall not have any life continuation. For them physical death is an awakening into MY judgement. So fight the good fight and become awaken in MY House of forgiveness, grace, plenty, comfort and ease. 

Ye Christian, Do not become concerned or worried about the fight ahead. It is as it shall be. For it rains on the just as the unjust. Know that all of the Lords prophets are with Him in Glory. Even though they may have physically died in horrible ways. Know that the apostles and disciples and many whom you will never know about died in horrible ways and yet they are with ME in My Glory. Even Christians of today are dying in horrible ways in their own regions and yet they awaken to MY welcoming arms.

Ye fighters who are and are not Christian remain on the outside of MY protected communities. You will know them from their excessive love for one another. You will feel their peace. You will know their calm. You will know their welcoming grace. Even if you wrongly disagree. They will invite you to remain and you must surrender everything before permanent entry. 


For those of you who shall stay the Christian course  and endure unto the most difficult of ends. The time to prepare in a more earnest manner is now necessary. Prepare for your family, Friends and neighbors. Do so from your own foundation of love. Do not consider who owes you for what. Just as I your Heavenly Father do not consider your own debts to ME. Just do out of your love for each of them who comes your way and for those scared souls who I shall send to you. Do not make demands on them. Do not assume their worth, their guilt, their troubles or even that which shall follow them. Just love every soul who comes your way. Teach all that you do and why you do it. Let them do as they shall and they shall do for you as well. Even if their hands are soft and their feet clean. For those who must go, bless and pray for everyone. Do not be concerned if your prayers seem unanswered. For I hear and see all that you do and have done. Nothing is secret or kept from ME. For when each of MY children go to sleep for that last time. Know that they are already with ME. 


Latino and Hispanic peoples of Central and South America. Your nations shall become more prosperous than you have ever known. Your sons and daughters shall return from what was known as the USA. Begin to prepare for their way back home with open arms and celebrations. A new era shall begin. They will bring back home new skill sets which shall be more beneficial than things or stuff. So begin to plant more food bearing trees. Raise more animals. More importantly repent from all sins and causing harm to any soul is a sin. So reject the drug lords as they will have their own problems when their wealth dries up and they can no longer pay for their security or bribe the politicians. They are all wicked evil doers and their lives will end. For when they die. They will awaken in Judgement. This is the cost of causing harm to innocent souls. Those souls are under the Judgement seat of God wanting justice and they will get it.

Keep your belief and faith. Maintain your righteousness/holiness and always know that if God will allow His Blessed people in His blessed nation(USA) to become no more. If God has allowed His own beloved people in His own beloved nation(Israel) to be destroyed time and time again. What do you think shall happen to you and your own people and your own nation if you carry on allowing, accepting and tolerating any sin? Be like Christ Jesus, Serve one another from a foundation of love. Which is what Jesus had for us all. 


Christians in what shall be formerly known as America. Gather yourselves together and prepare. Your time is short. Gather one to another and prepare. Keep and maintain your belief and faith. Tough times are coming and you will most likely perish. Remain faithful and endure unto your ending. So that as your physical body falls asleep for the last time. You will awaken in the Arms of your Heavenly Father. So fear not no matter what the physical outcome may be. 

When the angels speak to you about moving. They may only do so only once as there will be no negotiations or begging from them. The angels may even bring to you another soul who reveals their moving plans. These other people are a sign for you. Because, it is God who will shut your tongue or open it to whom He wants to know of future moving plans. You will either go or not. Your free choice. So remaining in California will be for those good brave souls who are saving lost souls. For it will be they who remain by choice within the valley of the shadow of death. For it will be they who shall lead the willing to renewed life. But, there shall also be those wolves in sheep's clothing who will gather to themselves all of those souls who will be judged. For these deceived souls may be willing but they shall deny you and the truth you bring. For the divine truth shall be like sour candy that becomes sweet. But, they will never know the sweetness. The demonic candy they have tasted is very sweet and soon that that sweetness shall turn into a poisonous sour candy in which they shall all be judged.  


Added on 02 Oct 2020: Look for an unfortunate event to happen on 09 Nov 2020: Look for unfortunate event happening on 11 Nov 2020. Look for unfortunate event happening on 18 Dec 2020. Look for unfortunate events to occur in the months of November and December 2020: These are analytical and assumptive prophecies. These are not spiritual related prophecies. These are related to the arrival and landing of the Mayflower of 1620. These are related to the Mayflower Compact. These are from the teachings of Jonathan Cahn.


Added on 07 Oct 2020:

Even in the absence of God there cannot even be the appearance o the apparent randomness of chaos theory. C.J.MacKechnie


In the absence of repentance. There cannot be a return, a revival, and there shall not be a reprieve. C.J.MacKechnie


As the blessed people have made themselves absent of God. They will become like the beloved people had become many times before. - Destroyed. C.J.MacKechnie


Nothing can exist or will exist in the absence of God. This does include the beloved nation, the blessed nation and all of humanity.  C.J.MacKechnie 


Added on 11 Oct 2020: 

The blessed Christian people of God who have known the least of any persecutions. Shall know the most persecutions. 



I have been having many signs. Signs to remain on job and I diffidently got that message. The visions of no power and no people at my facility(I'm just a janitor). Stay there no matter what. 

A new sign the other day in which a person spoke the PIN #1103 out in the clear. A number that was supposed to be a family secret. In full hearing of a dozen strangers. But, prior to them speaking all of the other people seemed dull in tone while these two people seem to be highlighted. I was discretely paying attention to them prior to them speaking and they were not do anything out of the ordinary. Nor were they doing anything to attract attention to themselves. Except for speaking their code or pin number. What does it mean? I have no idea except for it being a date. A possible memorable date? For who and for which side? Or maybe a kept secret is realized. 



A red message like this is very troublesome. Because how do you now repent without appearing like your trying to save your own skin? One should repent because they suddenly realize their wrongs, their evildoings, their sins. From this realization a desire to become righteous and holy in the accepting eyes of God only. Then the beginning to love one another as in all of the worlds population. For all of humanity is your brother or sister. 

But, just in case Americas window of opportunity is closed. Are you still willing to repent knowing that your life will still be forfeit in horrible ways? Are you willing to repent knowing that if you did and professed those things necessary. That you will be abused and tortured and killed for your faith. Are you willing to die as the prophets had died, the disciples, the saints, the early Christians and Christians of today who shall not ever be remembered by any human being but God will remember them all.


I'm just typing and do not know why I'm even entertaining this. Because of the lack of repentance of Americans, Denominations, Churches and Church leadership. The USA may become like what has happened to Israel many times before. Destroyed and enslaved. With no identity. I'm still trying to rationalize the meaning of pin #1103. Maybe it was just ignorant people doing a dumb thing in a public place and that is all. This action can lead to theft. Is that what the democrats plan on doing a theft. That is the only way they can win what they need to win. The democrats must win 67/290/1. When that happens. The USA ends. 

Added on 12 Oct 2020: What would an American turn around look like. 67 Senate seats plus 290 Congressional seats plus 1 President equals 358. That is two shy of a complete turn around for the USA. Can it happen in 11/03/2020? Can the democrats really achieve this thing? 


Added on 22 Oct 2020: Repentance must precede a revival. A person must decide for themselves to change from their evil ways. A person must decide that being a good human being as defined by what the Holy Bible says is a good human being is is necessary to have happiness, joy, peace and contentment in all aspects of life. So far there has not been any evidence of any repentance by the American people. So what every holy and righteous judgements which will come from God will be justified. Even though those who experience these coming judgements will not think the will of God against His own Blessed people is either holy or righteous. In all things that God does is holy and righteous. Even if you are suffering judgement. 


Note: It is important to note that myself and my entire family will most likely be killed or die in some fashion. If and when the judgements of God comes for Americans as only a remnant may only survive. The key is to maintain your faith no matter what kind of coming persecution and endure unto your end no matter what.


Go and sin no more.

To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.

All without any pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy and entitlements.
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US Marines LAW: (Unedited): 23 Sept 2020:

 I can imagine this for the US Marine Corps. I think I already have in older Navy ship writings. As I think about these things I do add content from day to day. So check back to see additions and maybe corrections. 

Please do forgive words and phrases like "spare wire". I know things are much more involved than that. The point is engineering every possible addition into these LAW's. For future expandability. 


Just Notes. 

I noticed that the commandant of the US Marine Corp. wants the LAW to be a warship. I agree to focus on the hull and then adapt the hull for what is suited for the mission. 

This ship must have 8,000 square feet of storage space. It must travel at 14-22 knots for 3,500 nautical miles. The speed should be closer to 22 knots. 

The length should be closer to 400 feet. The width far wider than what has been typically made. The reasons shall be explained. Maybe a catamaran design with standard truly reliable off the shelf engines which is common in the US Navy.

I like the artist rendering of figure 1 by Megan Eckstein. Except for the windows along the side. This must be covered up or removed. This is because of the emergence of RF Based DEW's. This is a tradition which needs to end. 

The new ships of every class must be engineered so that all servicing shall be done within the confines of the ship and no one should be outside. The tradition to be on the outside of the ship needs to end. 

On both sides of the ship. There should be a ramp as well as proper tie downs of additional weapons that are either tracked , trailered or wheeled vehicles which can be utilized to each of their own full functionality. By securing weaponized vehicles to the sides of the ship inside their own channels. You now have weapons at the ready. The hard part is to network and integrate all of the weapons into the whole network of the Navy. Which also includes all telemetry data for use to send off missiles or bullets more efficiently than with their each own stand alone RADAR and sensor packages. The RADAR and sensor data should also be added to the whole Naval network. If this has not been done then it should be done very soon. No you know why the ship needs to be wider in order to offset the added weight on the sides of the ship. Then when you have landed on some beach. All of the gear and supplies which are in the 8000 sq. foot area can be offloaded and then the weapons which are tied down in their own channels can then be off loaded. Or either one first. 

Think about this on each side of the ship a HIMARS, Centurion C-RAM, M1, You get the idea. The point is what ever is in that channel on each side of the ship has to be able to shoot at something in the most widest arc possible. While designing the inner wall to have the most protection for the inside of the ship as possible. While also not causing the ship to be top heavy in rough seas.  

Near the front of the bow of the ship and on the sides install MK 57 VLS Missile cells. Installing the MK57 VLS Cells would cost a lot of money. But, engineer them into the design and then when you find some extra MK57 laying arounds with spare wires. Add them. 

There is your warship. You have the empty hull. You fill it with the off the shelf tech you want and it is more than wide enough. You can make it mission specific. 

The top helicopter landing area is upgraded for F35 use.

Below deck. There will be ample room for new larger engines and added generators. For those up and coming new weapons systems. 

The central RADAR communications mast should be of ample size to add more technology and other gear.  Even though they may not be budgeted. If a destroyer or some other ship has no use of a particular tech gadget and if it fits then install it. This ship will be wide enough for extra gadgets. Engineer routing and added cooling into the hull even though none of it will be present at the onset. 

Include space for the capability of launching a swarm of drones of various sizes and capabilities. Again, these things wont actually be incorporated into the ship until the monies are allotted. But, the space and ability to power, comms and cool will be in place. 


China make lack the sophistication that Russia has in regards to networking and integration of everything. But, China will be shooting every available missiles and bullet at all of your ships. To the point that when your weapons have been exhausted. The Chinese will decide to either sink your ships or capture them. The Chinese will capture many when they figure out that they can exhaust your weapons stores and cause you to become a helpless warship. So you may think what I write is excessive. I right with the mindset of not losing and saving lives while killing as many of the enemy as possible. In which China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Turkey and maybe India are enemies. The Turkey and India are future possibilities of possible human decision. Turkey will most likely turncoat and you already know this. Please read my other Naval ship classes writings. My writing style should not be judged. It is the ideas I put forth which matter. 

Every class of ship building must incorporate the maximum number of missile cells onto each new modern class of war ship. The idea of networking and integration must also be built into the systems of every ship. To a degree more advanced than it is today. Real time data sharing incorporated. I see these things in your gray world. I see a commander of some type launching missiles on another ship from a command ship and the crew who launched the missiles didn't do anything. I think. This will save missiles and use the best choice missile on a select ship. Instead of several ships firing on a single drone with 4 missiles and 10,000 rounds of ammunition. You cannot do this. You will lose against China. Efficient use of missiles is paramount. 

But, the best military advice is to communicate with every marine, soldier and sailor to stop buying any products made in China. China is using their profits given to them buy us to build every aspect of their war machine. It is we who are paying for the missiles, bullets and bombs which will or may eventually used against us. Then ask every marine, soldier and sailor to communicate this to their own civilian friends and family members. Oops. I forgot airmen and spacemen. Spacemen? Oh Yea, Mr. Spacemen, I heard that Russia now owns or has had claimed ownership of Venus. I hope you spacemen types are ready for China to own Mars and the moon or any other celestial body they look upon. Because, China does not care about international law or any other space related agreements. 

In the beginning This will most likely look like a big empty ship with lots of space available. But, when you commanders need one of these ships to do a thing. The future capability has already been engineered into the hull. But, if you use the cheapest 200 foot hull and you send it to a full armed Chinese Island. They won't make it to shore. All warships must have their compliment of missiles and capabilities which can add to the fight and not have to be under the protective umbrella. Yes, they will be under your protective umbrella but they will not be either helpless or defenseless. 


Added on 25 Sept 2020: Careful consideration should be taken with all classes of US Navy ships. They should all be weaponized and be adapted for nuclear power from Small Modular Nuclear Reactors(SMR) which are becoming available. Hopefully they will be able to be orientated more than one way. Hopefully they can be laid horizontal with degrees of movement in a variety of directions and still be able to function.

The idea of diesel electric submarines may just die out due to the advancement of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors. 


Today's vision: I have been thinking about SMR's for some time and I have written about nuclear power at every military base/post with the USA. I just did not know about SMR's.  Every military base/post being able to sell their power to the grid. I think I even wrote about how each military base/post was able to expand there power systems. Then every military base/post would have the needed power to operate very high powered RADAR equipment as well as have defensive missiles at the ready. 

These new generations of small modular nuclear reactors as positioned on every ship. With consideration of easy removal and new installations of the small modular nuclear power plant. I can see the placement close to the keel and proper centered on the keel. I can see a re-engineering of the Keel to adapt the weight more evenly. 

The next law should have this consideration of adding a small modular nuclear reactor. Then this ones ship would be able to produce up to 80 MWe. If these can be transported inside of an American big rig 40 ton truck. Then they can be engineered into a new generation of ships. One of the things that need to be done is to engineer the added displacement into each smaller classes of ships. Then you run the ships for 1-3 years and then replace the SMR's. 

I also saw in another vision three SMR's all very close to the Keel and in the "V" orientation. I did not see anything else. So now you have a ship with about 120,000 pounds of nuclear power added to the size of the ship. But, the ship will also have 240MWe of power available. 

With this kind of available power. You now have the option of adding both RF and other commonly known DEW's. Then be able to add secured marine ready THAAD's or Patriot's or both on board your new LAW ship. Along with a couple of Centurions CIWS. (Deleted CommentX2).

If your going to create these LAW's to contend with the built up military islands of the Chinese or should I say naval pickets. The Chinese knows what you have in regards to missiles, planes and bullets. The Chinese knows all they have to do is saturate your defenses and then go in for the kill or the capture. I have had visions of American aircraft carriers being captured with blood being drained from the ships. The Chinese will use ten thousand men to board one air craft carrier in order to take them and they will when you run out of bullets. I did see the Chines use an energy like weapon to knock out all power from the carrier and then go in for the capture. I wrote this down in some older blogs. 

If you do add nuclear power to the new generation of LAW's. Then they can remain on the beach giving needed power for the newly established beach head and/or offload a trailered mobile SMR.


PDF Coffee time. Fix your reading chair.








Added on 28 Sept 2020: I still like the image as written about above. 

I wanted to stress the amount of exterior automated weapons on the every new warship. While still being able to maintain a 10 foot draft. All weapons firing from the ship as unload begins. Thus, saving lives and taking a beach head. Being able to launch various kinds of drones. While launching missiles from their own VLS system. 

I also want to further explain the remote operated automated weapons systems. I still want to stress that all sailors should remain inside of the ship. But, I also know warfare is a dangerous business. Sometimes or often men must man the guns. This should also be the case. All remote operated guns should also have a manual function. Just in case or when the sensor and RADAR functions are disabled. Then somebody has to go and shoot those guns. 

I speak of keeping bodies inside of the warships because of the advent of RF DEW's. This is still very classified but it is or will be a weapon system you will see in the future. Whether it be from 200 miles away or over the horizon from 1500 miles away. Maybe, even from ship to ship. You may be able to see defensive measures in the new construction of enemy warships. With odd materials added. When you see odd materials added to enemy warships. They are beginning to protect themselves from the use of RF DEW's. Think about how a microwave oven protects the user. Except way more complicated. 

New software and hardware upgrades to these remote operated guns need to be done. Especially when using these guns in rough seas on smaller warships.  

All new warships must be wider. Yes, I understand the limitations of the Panama Canal. Still, new warships must be wider. This is to offer more displacement and stability for the addition of new remote operated gun systems and on larger ships arrays of RF DEW's. In which when the RF DEW's are added to ships. You cannot have humans outside. It is just like standing in front of a RADAR emitter. How long does it take to cook popcorn in the range of a Phased Array Panel? Then think about the gray material inside of your noggin as well as your other essential parts. 


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Plant People Dream: (Unedited): 27 Aug 2020:

I awoke this morning after a dream about plant people. These were humanoid looking plant people and they had actual plant like protrusions coming from their bodies. This appearance looked thin. I saw these plant people taking up positions in high places. Seemingly shaded from the sun. These plant people did not move much and were typically quiet. By our perception.
Humans like us found or discovered them and moved some of them to our Earth for study. Which is basically medical torture. The plant people may not have had a choice in their taking as time for them and time for us was perceived differently and yet we each reside in the same kind of time.
What is interesting is how these plant people were found. They were on what seemed like a deserted planet. Which had buildings, roads and bridges. There did not seem like there was any other life. But, there was a sense of danger and this was the reason for the saving of this one group of plant people. They were helpless in compared to us human beings. So the humans who traveled to their planet brought them back to Earth. The humans caused them to be of use to them in many different ways. So I would guess the plant people had some kind of special gifts that were of use to the human beings.
Then something happened and they needed to be taken back to their planet but the certainty of that endeavor was gone. They were returned to a place that looked similar but may not have been. That place and time was kept secret or classified. This could have been a time thing or a dimensional like difference. The human beings who actually tried to return them would get into trouble for doing so. The kind of trouble that does not include the court system. The plant people were returned and the evidence of where and when they are was erased.
I have no clue what this means except for the idea of how far human atrocities can go even against intelligent human life which is different than who were are today.
These plant people seemed like some kind of genetic amalgam. Maybe natural are were of some kind of genetic creation. This seemed like an actual event. But, then again are not most dreams?
Maybe, this becomes a state of human genetics and the absence of human life is the evidence of what happens to humanity by their own hands.


Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Americas Time Is Short Prophecy: (Unedited): 11 Aug 2020:

This is an ongoing blog. New content at the bottom and dated. Some days I do add more content throughout the entire day. Typically, the more quotes I write the more accurate the writing seems to be. Most of the time I high light the quotes but, sometimes I miss them. So if you see them. Then that is more and maybe for you. Repeat quotes is also important. 
The blessed nation has turned away from God. Just as the beloved people of Israel have done many times before. Your time is short America and Americans. You must repent and retake the nation I have given unto your ancestors. If you do not, then your nation will be yours no more.
Great suffering shall come to all of you and each of you must endure unto your end. You will be forced to be jobless, hungry, thirsty and homeless. You will become criminals as it is already a crime in many places to be homeless and to be fed while being homeless. You will become more criminalized because of my name. Many will endure much greater sufferings, many shall die. While many shall no longer choose to be Christians. They shall take the mark of the beast so as not to watch their own children suffer and die. The persecutions you have heard of in far away places shall be lived and experienced by every caught Christian. Your non Christian family and friends will only see you as a mentally ill criminal who is a threat to each of them personally. They will smile and welcome you as they call the new police forces who shall take you away for crimes against the new emerging nation. Christians will be known as actual traitors and active terrorists. Even though no Christian will know of anyone who has committed a violent action as reported by the new media. The whole world and everyone will fear every Christian. When Christians are killed in the streets. It will be celebrated by all.  No matter how bad life becomes for each of you. I your Heavenly Father shall always be with all of My children even in your own darkest and loneliest of time. As you are about to fall asleep for the last time be in prayer and sing praises. For when you wake up, You shall be with ME in glory.
for if we live, we live for the Lord, or if we die, we die for the Lord; therefore whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s.
The great bait and switch of the American Presidential campaign has a name. Kamala Harris. It is she who will be the President when Biden becomes to ill to perform his duties. The democrat party has already been destroyed by the Marxists. If Biden wins. Then the next elections must fill both the House and the Senate with a super-majority of new democrats. With this super majority. A complete change of America will take place. The end of freedoms and rights. The end of the constitution. . That may go by a different name related to socialist but will be exactly like any other communist-Marxist regimes.  Those who go against the new party shall be a traitor and deserving of immediate death and they all will die on T.V.
A nationwide police force will be created. A nationalized police force full of battle hardened mercenaries from other nations like Russia, China. A police force which is beholden to the new American Communist Party. They will begin their hunt for gun owners and attack them violently on an individual level. These violent actions will be a great show on TV. What actually happen was a quick killing spree of the civilians. But, the orchestration will show lots of shooting with explosions and fire. The new police forces will report many dead officers when in reality very few or none died at all. While all of the people inside died. Fake neighbors will report on their crimes and how fearful they were and how thankful their nightmare because of those Christians is now over.
Added on 13 Aug 2020: The plan Democratic plan to take the White House and all of America. The Democrat Party is no more as it is now a Communist-Marxist political Party. They are all traitors. The rising of the Rainbow Tsunami is rising higher and higher.
1). The ramping up of more health fears within the Christian and conservative American civilian. This will cause the elder Christians to not Vote. A new strain of a possible more deadly virus will come again in a couple of months.
2). The Democrats own all access to the computerized voting machines. In which a certain number of Republican votes will be deleted. While other votes switched. Democrat votes may be duplicated. So as long as maximum expected numbers are not exceeded.
3). Early Mail in ballets will be redirected from pro Republican states and new votes recast for Democrats. Added on 14 Aug 2020: Postal service drama with threats. This is a partial hit to early  for now. See below. 
4).The news media outlets will all declare lower turnout expectations and fewer than expected mail in ballets. The news media will show lower turn outs by Republicans and greater turnouts by Democrats.
5). The news media outlets may begin embarrassing news reporting about Christian sins, crimes and immoral wrong doings. Old news stories will be continued to fill the airspace. This news blitz will result in protests of churches all over the nation. Christians will be attacked, mocked and ridiculed while going to church, while leaving church. Christians will be followed home and to after church restaurants and stores. Where they will be continued to be harassed wherever they may go. Christian children will be brutalized on the way to school, in school and going home from school. Christians will have so much fear of their own safety that they will forget to vote and just hide.
By changing everything which can be changed. It will be difficult for any one issue to be searched for. The democrats will win everything by all that they have done.
But, God likes to ensure that when He does a thing it was not by any human intervention or by any human part which was played. God will do His will and no human or any fallen angel can prevent His actions and His desired outcomes.
No matter what comes or what may happen every Christian must vote in every election cycle. Especially if you the Christian want to have a say in this Country God has made for you. Every capable Christian must run for every elected office and Christians must only vote for those Christians which have a proven history within the church. Do not believe the lie that a Christian has no right in public office. Because, once the house and Senate has a super majority. Once the evil doers hold the white House. You Christians will be criminalized and denied access to any public access. Which includes work, banking, Internet, schools, hospitals and this list goes on.
The Democrats are doing everything they can to prevent the Christians from taking away their government again. So everything that can be done will be done to ensure their collective victories.
Once the democrats win the majorities that is sufficient. The police forces of the every community will be replaced. The men and women who shall become the new police forces will only swear allegiances to those who hold the power. This must be done first and anyone who refuses this change while upholding The American Constitution, The American flag and the American ideals. Shall be harshly dealt with. So how to Marxists Communists conduct themselves when then begin to purge all threats out of their country? They kill and murder in secret. So all police officers who have actual honor and honor their nation with their oaths. Shall be killed. This goes for all former military personnel. Former special forces personnel will have no choice and they will simply be hunted and killed. The doomsday prepper types, the survivalist types all will die as in entire families. The bodies will disappear. News stories generated to establish terrorist attacks were being planned and the treasonous prepper group put forth a horrendous firefight and killed many new police officers.
Under the newly established government. In which none of the news media sources will report that the USA is no more. All manner of military weapons will be used against the entire civilian population on American soil.
Those rioters shall become their soldiers and police forces. The law that they each shall enforce will be as they each define it. If any civilian wants to be left alone or protected. Then they will have to pay the officer a bribe. But, this will be tough to do as any person with any kind of wealth will become hated in their new society. The wealthy people shall be brutalized.
Anyone who has guns or has been trained with guns. Shall be killed as it will be reported that every gun owner is a criminal terrorists. They will be easy to find.
So do you remember God? Well He has the final say and what He says and does cannot be prevented. If President Trump is His last man for America. We all will soon know in November. But, if God allows President Trump a second term. Then a short delay for Americans as the Democrat led states will begin to implement their last chance plans. It will take some time. Because the democratic state governments need to pass laws and to implement their plans.
Those democrat led states and cities will plan their secession of the USA. Thus, legally forming their own nation. If you as a Christian reside in a democrat led state. You must sell all assets and move out. The entire economy will collapse. Every nation and every person of the entire world will demand the sale of all of their stocks, businesses and properties.
The civil war begins. Foreign military's will align themselves with the new government. Mercenaries from around the world will also become police officers. In which they will just either beat you or kill you.
More than 200 million Americans will die over the coming decades of the new government. Assuming Russia and China do not invade with their own peace keeping forces.  When Russia and China do invade. The American death toll will reach 300 million and there won't be graves or mass grave sites. Which can be used in international courts of law.
Added on 14 Aug 2020: I just found news about the US Postal Service and so it begins. To Blame President Trump for what happens in the future in regards to the mail-in ballots.
The complicit nature of the Republican party is a crime against all Americans. Joe Biden is not fit for any public office and the entire Republican party knows it. Yet they say nothing officially or make Joe Biden health issues a blocking point for the election. The Republicans can still maintain the HIPA laws in regards to this. Because of this it seems that the Republican party is in collusion with the democrats as the democrats are no longer democrats as once was known. The great American bait and switch which means Kamala Harris may be heir apparent. This is troublesome to think about.
I have written this before. I was in Tampa when the Republican National Convention was being held. I witnessed many prostitute looking women with three security badges enter into the arena and they are supposed to be believing Conservative Christians. I saw the falsehoods, the deceptions that the Republican party was playing with the American people. Maybe, God does need to end the USA since there is no more morality or honor and legalizing sins in the American government.
15 Aug 2020: I saw just now in a vision. The media showing the huge numbers of democrats proudly and happily voting while in comparison showing maybe less than 10% Republican voting. Thus the perception is that since so few Republicans are voting as reported by news outlets, Any large voting numbers can be used as a criminal act by the Republican Party.  The media reporting the huge numbers of democrats voting is or will be a lie but believed by everyone.
16 Aug 2020: The rise of the false prophets is now evident. Mathew 24:24. The false prophets will be everywhere. Their evidence will be without cleanliness, righteousness or holiness. They will tolerate all manner of any sins. Especially those sins which have been legalized by the laws of men. While all other aspects of their life will be held secret.
So who will begin to teach that we are all Messiahs? or little messiahs? and we must all become our own self professing Messiahs. If we are all the sons and daughters of God? Then are we not all just like our big brother Jesus Christ? So do you this how this falsehood can spread. I bet you can even pick and choose in the Holy Bible in order to prove the validity of this little falsehood that I just wrote.
Major power outage and lost all data in this section. Today's writings have been a struggle. Should be noted by you and also tested. Well, everything must be tested. 

You false Christians and unbelievers will not hear the intelligence in the coming global thunder. You shall not even be aware that a prophetic event has even occurred let alone be accepting of the news. Which will not be played in any news media organization.  You shall not even be aware that the chosen ones are even gone. For you most likely never had any real relationship with any of the devout. Other than you thinking that they were weird, odd or insane.
For it shall be those professing Christians who have run back into the immoral and sinful world after they have been made clean. For it shall be those professing Christians who have refused to become holy and righteous as determined by God alone. You shall not know that Christ has already taken His away. Who shall not know that the second coming is at hand and has already occurred. You false Christians shall endure unto your own ends and then you shall hear from Your God that He never knew you as you are cast into one of the hells. You generational Christians have rejected wise, holy and righteous teachings all your life. You social Christians who only want to feel good and to be entertained. Shall not be invited by God, His angels, By The Holy Spirit or by our Lord Jesus Christ. Just like only 8 adult souls survived the great flood. About a billion souls died in that flood. This is how you define what a remnant is. 8 out of about a billion is a remnant.
There is still hope for each of you. Repent. Repent. Repent. Then remain clean. Pursue holiness and righteousness in all aspects of your lives.
2 Corinthians 7:1 (NASB): Yes read all of chapter six and all of chapter seven.
Therefore, Having these promises, let us cleanse OURSELVES from all defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.
Christians should only have exclusive business with one another as indicated in 2 Corinthians 6:14-16: From this it is very important to begin the creation of exclusive Christian Church clubs and their own micro economies. Thus creating employment and service opportunities with only Christians. Regardless of what the laws of men dictate.
14 Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? 15 Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever? 16 Or what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; just as God said,
Added on 21 Aug 2020: Is there any evidence that Americans are returning to their God? Especially since the early 1970's and the events of 09/11/01? I do not think so. In fact I think that the American departure from their God has only been hastened as well as the American departure from the form of government which was created as a template for the whole world to freely choose to follow if they each so decide. So, I have been writing this since 11 Aug 2020 and I have delayed adding some critical information in a timely manner. It seems that Perry Stone is being spoken through by God as well as Jonathan Cahn. I probably should view them more but I do not. I find it interesting that they each come to similar conclusions without conflict. From what I have seen that is and that is all I can do as I cannot spend any money or travel. But, Jonathan Cahn has now revealed just enough information in order to be predictive as all of American is lost and Americans become no more. That is the point America is gonna be destroyed and maybe hundreds of millions of Americans are gonna die. Most likely within the first year of an initial event. If that event is EMP or RF DEW related. I think there will be an American Tet Offensive. I think Russia is going to retake Alaska. I think China will invade The USA. In the evil world view. America must be neutralized in order for the worldly evil doers can do as they want without interference from those busy body Americans.
In the Holy Bible. All of the stories are dimensional. Meaning a pastor who has thoroughly studied the Holy Bible can teach a story like the one about Jonah a dozen different ways without ever conflicting. I wonder if God is using men like Stone, Cahn and others in a dimension manner? I think God would in order to distribute the whole picture like a puzzle box and each individual person has their own realized puzzle piece.
So About Biden. It has been suggested that Biden is to old and his cognitive function is greatly impaired. If Biden has age related health issues which diminishes his cognitive function. Could that be a misunderstood prophetic sign that if Biden is suddenly healed that he would become one of the evil ones as foretold in the Holy Bible or even Nostradamus?
I think either way the left, liberals and the Marxist Communists will mobilize in order to hasten the change from the freedoms of what America has always known into a socialist and Marxists Communist society. If the liberals, left and Marxists Communists lose then terrorists attacks will begin. Which will include causing food poisoning to those customers who appear to be on the right or Christians. Besides so called evile rich people own restaurants. So causing the entire restaurant industry to become untrustworthy. The Marxists are against the rich and wealthy as they will demand that the rich to pay even more in taxes. They will close down as the common American will stop going out into the public.
Added on 28 Aug 2020: Christians must begin to decide to home school their children. The public school system cannot be trusted. The teachers can no longer be trusted as they teach socialism and marxism to your children. As they teach all manner of sin as a fundamental right for all. Christians must begin to live as they were Christian and not believe that they must tolerate sin in their lives. Sin cannot be tolerated. Your time is short. Your time to prepare may be too late. But, you should prepare anyway and if you have to move. You should move. Repent. Repent. Repent.
What comes again in this later part of 2020, may yet be another hard lesson reprieve or it may be judgement. Time is short. Make your final decisions now and live your lives accordingly. Be more than just a professing Christian for 1.5 hours only one day a week. God sees through your own self created deception. Even if your own deception is more than 50 years old.
Added on 29 Aug 2020: Before you read the books or view the video shorts. You must repent, repent, repent. You must remain clean or become clean. You must turn away from all sin. You must become holy and righteous as which is only accepted by God alone. You must do these things without pride, ego, arrogance and supremacy. You must pray always and read the Holy Bible always.
If you have not done the above for this day listed. Then when you know what will happen from below. The outcomes may be different for you as which will only be judged by God alone.
You need to know. I'm not affiliated with any aspect of Jonathan Cahn and he most likely is not even aware that I exist or who I am or has even heard of me.  I cannot read the books or even buy the books. Yes, I'm that poor. This is not advertisement for me. All thanks, praise, glory goes to God alone. No need to acknowledge me in any way - ever.
Jonathan Cahn: Harbinger II: Your required to view all of the videos. Your required to buy both books. You need to study this evidence. You need to prepare and get all of your business in order. You will already know if your required to move and that is something you already know. The angels are not gonna drag you or beg of you. You either go or don't. This window of opportunity may already be past. Unless another reprieve is given. Your decision will be as you will it. I highly recommend that if you give to churches and to people of God. Please consider Jonathan Cahn and yes of course Jim Bakker.
I use copy and paste for your safety and security. What you see is what you get.
Added on 29 Aug 2020: If there is a Reprieve. It may be the result of this Return. www.thereturn.org
Christian families must remove their children from the public school system ASAP. If you must financially reorganize your life then you must do so now. If you must leave the state you reside within because of this one lack of freedom. Then you must move. Your now adult children must attend Christian related universities and stay away from the now traditional college institutions.
If you have been blessed by God financially. Then you must hire only Christian people and begin to learn how to only do business with other Christian entities. From Christian related micro economies. You must remember the prophecy in Revelation that there will be a war against all of Christianity because of the name of God.
R words key in this writing for today
Added on 30 Aug 2020:
This is for your Christian preppers and Christian survivalist types. This is another one of those coming events in which you have and are preparing for. Use this time as a test tool for your final testing, preparations and evaluations. Just in case there is a reprieve. If there is no reprieve from God. Then this may in actuality be the real deal where courage and faith are extremely tested. As with other times before which have come and gone with fear and anxiety. This to may be also another time but it may not be. No one knows except God alone who has judged His beloved people Israel many times before. The USA and it's Americans have fallen away from God and God may very well bring judgement to Americans especially after it has been 19 years after 9/11/01. This is a fearful time coming for all Americans as we are all "We The People...". We are not them's,those and they's. So any judgement which comes for America will come for all Americans even to those who have not taken any vows but have led an American life. Hope and pray for whole hearted repentance for the entire nation and her people. It would be a good idea to begin now and continue on until the end does come however that may be for you-individually speaking. Pray and hope that a reprieve comes for America as it had come for Nineveh in the days of Jonah. That reprieve lasted for forty years and then Nineveh was destroyed and never was again. Mosul is where Nineveh was. The improbable reprieve for America may not last for forty years and may only last a few years. Only God knows and will be defined by what The Americans actually do in their lives.
This is not a posting which demands war or conflict of any kind. This and any other of my postings are not permissions for anyone to commit any kind of violent act, strife, chaos or even war. We are all to love one another and to be at peace with all of our human brethren. You should not take part in any violent action. No matter how much it is your legal right to do so.
#USA #America #American #Judgement #prophecy https://www.quora.com/What-would-happen-to-the-land-of-the-US-if-the-government-collapsed/answer/John-MacKechnie?prompt_topic_bio=1
Added on 31 Aug 2020: Be warned of politicians in which you already know this truth Christian and yet you still continue to play their games of lies and deceptions. Even the Republican party is not a political institution for the conservatives. They are self serving just as the democrats are. This is why the Christians must retake all aspects of government through the election process. Assuming there shall be a reprieve of judgement from God. I hope and pray there shall be. If there is a reprieve then all Christians who have a long history in the Church must run for every elected office in the city, county, state and federal government. In doing so may America see a continued reprieve as which was seen by Nineveh in those days of Jonah. Those of you who have studied the Holy Bible know that God has sent judgement upon Israel His beloved people many times and many times God has also caused Israel to be reborn and continue on with great blessings. So to can America regain their blessings again in the world. So to can Americans regain their honor and respect from the whole world once again. But, Americans must repent and turn away from their sins. Americans must become clean in mind, in heart, in body and in spirit. Americans must begin to pursue what it is to be holy and righteous and then walk that path. In doing so then maybe America and Americans may see their reprieve. If enough numbers actually make the turn away from sin and evil and turn themselves towards God once again.
Note: I do not think a reprieve is possible or even probable. Only God knows. Because, I still see the depopulation of all of America and I see the people of the world not knowing what happened to the Americans or the suffering of the Americans. I see no one asking where are the people? I still see the depopulation of America to occur within one year of events. The goal is to preserve all of the infrastructure while the Americans are allowed to suffer and die. All of this happening while the civilians of the world know nothing and do nothing. America and Americans will lose badly in every way and yet no one outside will know this truth. Many in the world will say they(Americans) deserve what has befallen them with hatred or apathy. Yet this anger and apathy for what has become of America and Americans will not be seen as a sign for what will also come for them as well.
Do not acknowledge me or give me any thanks in anything. All glory and praise goes to God alone.
Here is some Perry Stone videos. I recommend that you view and study what Perry Stone says. Being a different part of the prophetic body. Just as Jonathan Cahn (Scholarly Puzzle Master) is who he is so to is Perry Stone(uk nickname) is who he is. I see them as equal and yet they are not equal to one another. But, they are equal in the Glory to God. Just because there is only one video. Only means I have to go to work. this is a progress or you can just go to Perry Stones YouTube page and view for yourself. If you give to churches and to people of God please consider giving to Perry Stone.
Added on 31 Aug 2020:
Modern day prophets are like parrots repeating that which sounds good.
What is the difference between a good prophet and a bad wannabe prophet? A good prophet is one who offers an option to either mitigate or prevent his/her own words from becoming real and valid. The bad wannabe prophet only cares for their fame, fortune and the pride of being right or first. Besides what kind of insane person would speak or write bad and sad words without ever offering up a way to prevent or mitigate.
This is what has happened to humanity because when a self professed prophet speaks he is only telling what will go wrong and when that event happens or not happen.
I continuously tell you how to stop the coming judgement of America. This must be relayed to all Americans. We may in fact coming to the time of Nineveh and God may not send an actual prophet so that we have an opportunity to change from our evil ways. If we do not and begin taking over the responsibilities of this great nation under God. Then God will judge all of American and every America. This may in fact be our last call to return as one of the children of God. If we do this in sufficient numbers according to what would be accepted By God only. Then maybe we will have our reprieve. How long that reprieve will last is solely up to God. A reprieve can last 40 minutes, 40 years or some other time in between.
Have you read my lessons on prophecy and what they actually mean? Any true and real bad and sad prophecy is intended to be either mitigated or prevented. This is crucial to understand. Prophecy is not supposed to be I was right or I was first proclamations. Can you see the intense risk for someone to speak prophetic words in order for all of the people to cause mitigation or prevention. If a prophetic word is prevented then how do you know if the prophetic word was ever real. In the Holy Bible a very real living word of God. Any good and positive changes we make in our lives will alter our fate. Not just American lives but all of humanities lives. Then something interesting will happen. The entire Holy Bible will be altered to reflect those changes and we will not even be aware of it. This is also because the Holy Bible is also a timeless life form. A incredible life form which was God, Is God and became the Son of God. The Son of God who lived and died and still lives forever.
31 Aug 2020: Vision a few days ago. Trying to understand it.
A saw the reason why the Republicans stopped any additional funds for American citizens. The democrats did not even put up a good fight in relation to paying Americans any kind of funding once it was discovered how many guns and unnecessary stuff was purchased. This is because a large number of Americans bought guns and bullets. While others bought T.V.'s, game platforms and lots of other unnecessary stuffs. How many actually use the government funds to actually pay for necessary expenses and bills? I can only say for my family. We spent the majority on necessary things like bills and food.
But, that is what I saw that the republicans do not want to give money to Americans so that they can buy more weapons and ammunition. The republican party as well as the democrat party as they are now must end and stop. This is why actual Christians must run for every political office at every level of government. Every professing Christian must only vote for actual Christian candidates at every level of government.
I stopped being a Republican right after I went to the Republican National Convention to do some work. The number of prostitutes I saw with three security badges was a very large number. To know the Tampa cops and myself could not even get through the first security check but high class prostitutes can be approved by the Federal authorities. So the republican party is not the party of the conservatives. The republican party is the party of self serving individuals. Very similar to the democrat party.  The level corruption and treasonous people is on both sides. This must be stopped by sending them all home or to prison or the the execution chamber with every single election cycle. This must happen by the actual Christians. If this is not done then all of America will be lost.
Added on 03 Sep 2020: The 2020 American Election may not matter at all. It will not matter if the Republicans win or the Democrats win. In this window of opportunity through the near end of September. If the American population does not genuinely repent in sufficient numbers as which would be defined by God alone. If the American population does not remain clean, pursue holiness and righteousness. Then the USA will experience judgement as which Israel has endured many times in history. This Judgement when executed will depopulate the land mass of The United States. The USA will experience invasion by many military forces. Which will include Canadian military forces and they will kill genuine Americans who will in actuality be defined as non peoples by The United Nations. While those whom were considered illegal immigrants will have full human rights guarantee as which is defined by The United Nations.
Added on 04 Sept 2020: Expatriates or soon to be expatriates.
Your time to act is now. Your time to move is now. I do not foresee that Americans will do what is required of them and that is genuinely repent of all of their sins, Remain clean and pursue holiness and righteousness. Although, it is still early in this possible last window of opportunity. A reprieve from God may not come. So in order to save yourselves you must move to your already research safe locations. One possible new and emerging new location may be Russia. The only real threat which is against Russia is the USA and when the USA has destroyed itself from within. There will be no real threat to Russia. So Russia will become a safe place. That is until China has sufficient military strength to finally go after every nation who ever was a threat and enemy to them. But first when the USA ends. China will utterly destroy Taiwan and Japan. While at the same time conducting invasion operations of all deep water ports in the former USA. There will also be a great panic by The United Nations to secure all nuclear weapons of the USA as well as negotiate with all Naval commanders to surrender their ships and submarines to approved of nations. There will be a time limit on this and when that expires all military ships and submarines from the entire world will hunt all of the former American ships and submarines down. So yes, If you have already thought of leaving the USA. Your time to get all of your finances and businesses in order and making that move is now. Your time to move retirement accounts away from American assets is now. I cannot advise on financial anything. But, it seems like the next financial down turn will be in the Fall of 2022. If the fall of the USA is timed to this 2022 event then having direct access to your wealth in some fashion may be preferred. You need to understand I have no idea what I just wrote in regards to financial anything. One more thing. When you leave the USA your intention must be to become citizens of that nation you relocate to. If that option is not available to you. Then moving to that nation which will not allow you to become a citizen may not be a good idea. Like I wrote yesterday, If the Americans do not do as required by God. God will send judgement as has been done to Israel in history. If God does not offer a reprieve. Then the coming judgement will be very harsh as in a near depopulation of the USA. I'm not talking about moving or escaping. Once the judgement begins it will conclude, there will be no escape even for the actual prophets of God. Who they themselves must endure unto their own endings.
Another point in choosing a nation to move to you is one which does not have USA protections or agreements. Moving to those nations as an American will be very risky but you must have the intent of denouncing your American citizenship prior to moving and becoming a citizen of that nation. But, you have have all of your finances, business and personal effects in order first and legally moved. You must do these things quietly and only mention these things to only your best friends that you actually care about and want to encourage them as well to do as you are doing. So no matter how the election goes. It will not matter if the Americans do not repent. Because, it is improbable that Americans will go back to God. Judgement will come for all as we are all "We The People..." But, it is OK to save yourself and to save your like minded family and friends. There is and will be a time limit as which is only known by God. The economy should progress in 2021 and you should receive sufficient real estate profits from any sales assuming those holdings have matured and your not upside down. You must contact your own financial advisor for proper and legal advise. In accordance to your own situation. 2021 is the time to renounce your American citizenship and to move to the accepting country of your choosing. Especially if your not a believer in any of that God nonsense or the American constitution which only oppresses people.
For in one single moment of time. The wealth of America shall disappear.
NOTE:When I use the word depopulate. I'm being nice. The other words in my mind are far worse and graphic than depopulate. The time for depopulation could be 1 to 3 years from the beginning event. Once the beginning event occurs. All others which follows cannot be stopped, prevented or mitigated. This judgement which comes if God does not offer a reprieve as what happened with the people of Nineveh. Will be far worse than anything which has ever happened to any nation even Sodom and Gomorrah. For the people of Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing and the Americans had everything. This is key to understanding as well as from prophecy.
Added on 05 Sept 2020: There are a lot of prophecies on the YouTube. It is very difficult to ascertain the timing. Especially when you have to account for human decision and intention. America can still have her reprieve and yet America can utterly be wiped out this winter of 2020. The length and duration of any reprieve from God will be as it comes. The Judgement from God can even be nearly immediate after the window of repentant opportunity closes. What I've written in yesterday for the expats is one of hope for them. The expats are those who basically have had enough and the American ideals for whatever reason is no longer suited for them. Those soon to be expats may have a 2021 which may see a financial benefit for their decision. So that they can save themselves and move out of the USA permanently. 2022 is the next projected economic downturn. So in order for you to gain your most profits. Your final sales should occur prior to this coming economic fall. I'm not a financial expert. But the time table is accurate all the way back to before the 1980's from what I'm aware of.
This is one thing that is true. If President Trump is reelected then a response from the whole world may be immediate. President Trump is a laughing stock to the leaders of the world. President Trump is a very real threat to both Russia and China. An American depopulation plan may very well include multiple EMP detonations at multiple altitudes and over multiple places. There are prophetic differences between human plans, decisions and implementation. Just because a plan is in place does not mean that plan will be implemented. In prophecy the more sensitive you are the more you can see. China does have plans for invasion of the USA and their invasion points will be in the deep water port cities. China is preparing for this right now. Russia is planning on retaking Alaska and Russia has been rebuilding infrastructure for this endeavor. Which includes a nuclear powered ship for additional power. Russia needs this additional power to make all of their technology work as well as their new RF DEW's. The RF DEW site east of Carbonera Cuba is nuclear powered and can generate physical effects beyond Atlanta, Georgia. This RF DEW site is already in use against the USA. With correct pulsing and at their power outputs this site may be able to knock out airplanes plus other interesting effects which would not be pleasant and yet very confusing to the civilians to the world.
Because, of MAD agreements. The USA is both at the same time the most powerful military force in the world while at the same time the most helpless and defenseless. Do you remember the statute in Bible Prophecy. How strong it looks and yet the feet is made out of what kind of weakness. This statue can also represent division. In which both explanations do not conflict so they can both be valid. The depth of Bible interpretation is very dimensional. It is just like how many different ways can the story of Jonah be taught? All without any conflict.
Added on 06-07 Sept 2020: All of you church leader at every level must begin to repent. Yes, every denomination, every church, every pastor, everyone. From genuine life changing repentance comes the seeking the face of the Lord. From life altering repentance comes the asking of the Holy Spirit to purify your entire being and then dwelling within always. This is when a very real revival can begin. But, first the old dead you must die and become like ash blown by the Holy Winds of God. This must begin in every denomination, every church, every pastor, every theologian, everyone.
A nationwide revival may lead to a reprieve in judgement from God.
Time is far shorter than you think or want it to be. The end of America is at hate. The enemies are already within our gates and virtually no one cares or is taking action.
What is next? The time and days of Noah was also of knowing of certain things in which we know not of today with certainty. For in those days everyone knew of the angels and about the angels. They knew about the angelic war and of the abuses that certain groups of angels perpetrated against humanity. Today, we know not with any real certainty. This will change as humanity of today or within the next few *decades will come to full knowledge of the existence and realities of space aliens. The word has changed from then and now but not the meaning. Humanity will be humbled by their presence and the immediate realization that we are truly sheep in comparison to any of them. Humanity will all know that we as a species is not the pinnacle of life and that we are more likely compared to that of whatever is less than maggots or worms.
NOTE: *I do not think longer than a few decades. Most likely much sooner than that.
If humanity and Americans are to have any kind of reprieve from judgement against America and a judgement against the whole world. The people of the world must have a genuine, meaningful and profound repentance of doing evil in life and entertaining any sort of sin.
If Americans do not repent. America will become a sign for what will become of the whole world.
As the evil doers demand justice for themselves and to do away with cops altogether. They are doing the will of God. For God will have his own justice and judgement. This protesting and rioting is a sign from God. Think about it how can criminal evil doers who hate want justice? They want to be able to do whatever they so please without any repercussions. Isn't that what all sinners want to be guiltless and if you sin often enough you will not have guilt any longer.
Remember Lot and those men who came for the angels to have intimate relations with. Then they threatened Lot but threatening Lot as it was their right to want and get what they want.  No matter how evil it is. God is using this to communicate to America and no one is listening or acting upon this coming closing window of opportunity.
07 Sept 2020 early AM: The evil doers want justice. But, not the kind of justice a normal person thinks of. Think about the deeds of the protesters and rioters. What are they actually doing to their communities? violence and destruction. This is the truth even though their truth is based in lies. Yet, they have chosen to believe lies as truths because it feels right to them and they can be violent and destroy without risk of arrest or incarceration. The evil doer finds joy in chaos, hate, conflict and death. While at the same time denying the right for anyone to cause them any sort of suffering or pain.
The evil doers may not even know this or even are aware of what they are doing. Their message is clear. They demand justice and if they do not get the justice they want then they are going to bring judgement. Which is their message. The fallen angels and all of those aligned with them know that their time is short. When they to will experience justice and judgement. So while the fallen angels do as they will it against humanity they also bring the message from God without their own awareness of what they are doing is from God whom they have disobeyed and have gone to war against and lost very badly.
Here is something you should know. Even those people who are not clean, holy and righteous do not believe that God judges anyone, ever. God does judge and there is historical evidence of judgement throughout history. Even Israel will be judged again for their own transgressions. Just as the United States of America will be destroyed just as Israel has been many times before. The downfall of the USA will be a sign for the rest of the world. So that they all know that they are next to be judged. But, they may not ever know that the fall of the USA has become a sign for all of them as well. For if God will do as He has to his blessed USA. What will God do to the rest of the world. God will return the Earth back into a pure state with fire. The whole of the world will be purified.
Added on 08 Sept 2020: Go forth and pray. Seek ye the missed meals of holy fasting for a singular dedicated purpose of nation wide and global revival. Come back or begin this day to be a child of your Heavenly Father. Repent and become spiritually clean. Do not allow any entity to dissuade your efforts for the evil doers will press upon you in order to prevent you from becoming holy and righteous. Those powerful fallen beings know their time is very short and they will cause their human evil doers who rule over you to cause you to cease your holy and righteous activities. Find joy in your suffering, incarceration and death. For in your joyful suffering. Revival will come where you are. For in your jail cell. Revival will come to those prisons and in death your victory, glory and reward shall be known.
Before the spirit of truth will bring revival. You must know that God admonishes 5 of 7 churches. So this can mean that 5/7 of the entire church body must have organizational and life changing repentance. As repentance genuinely happen so to revival and the possibility of a reprieve from the coming judgments of God.
Added on 10 Sept 2020: 
The blessed people of the blessed nation may not be given a last chance prophet like Nineveh was given for their own reprieve. 
A last chance Jonah like prophet may not be given to the blessed who have already received every necessary blessing, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
The blessed nation and the blessed people who have already been given a savior as well as every necessary blessing and then rejecting all of it. It will be these blessed people and blessed nations will be turned into a warning sign for all peoples to be a witness to. 
Added on 10 Sept 2020 but written on 08 Sept 2020:
Before the spirit of truth will bring revival. You must know that God admonishes 5 of the 7 churches. So this means that 6/7 of the entire church body must have organizational and life changing repentance. As repentance genuinely happen so to revival and the possibility of a reprieve from the coming judgments of God. 
Added on 12 Sept 2020: The fires are not an accident. They are planned and on purpose.
Added on 13 Sept 2020: 
A life of self sufficiency is not a life isolated from God or separate from a life of righteousness and holiness.  
A life of self sufficiency is a life of full dependency on God and His intimate instructions for each person on a daily basis. 
It is God who wants for all of His children to be wise. Being prepared for trials and tribulations should be anticipations for each of us as we are all about to be tested. Only the selected remnant shall be saved as those holy and righteous souls shall utter those last words of Jesus Christ, Steven and others. 
Except then humanity knew not what they were doing. The blessed people of the blessed nation know exactly what they are doing and have chosen naught. For this they all shall be judged as we the people...
Ye, Christians stop feeding the angry dragons of the world which has come to hate you for my names sake. Begin to feed one another. Begin to lift up one another. Begin to serve one another and in doing so the blind will come to see the truth, the deaf will hear the truth and their now open minds and hearts will become one with the Lord. 
Added on 14 Sept 2020 Post 9PM. : Jim Bakker show segment on YouTube. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry.
The most important 10 minutes in your American life. I thought I knew about the EMP effects. I learned much in those 10 minutes and i'm amazed at what this guy knows.
https://youtu.be/Oj9y7SDw0Fg   47 minute show: Bill Walton. 
https://youtu.be/ISVKsfEyZVs     57 minute show. Jim Bakker show on a different channel. May be deleted if not legal to show. The Jim Bakker website had not updated their viewing selections. 
Added on 14 Sept 2020: All day during my work day and in these last few days and weeks. I have been having led visions in certain areas. Christians are going to disappear but not in ways that you think of. Christians who are called are going to leave the big cities and move to places where they can learn how to survive without any technology or modern day conveniences. How to live without any electricity or gasoline or diesel fuels. How to live without nuclear power. How to live without grocery stores or shopping malls. How to live without any internet, telephones or cell phones, water, sewage, garbage pickup, electricity, 911, police, fire, medical care, pharmacies. 
If you get a dream or vision or an actual strange person or an actual angel who is telling you to leave. Then do not negotiate and I hope you do not reject these warnings. Because, They will most likely be your only communications. You either go or you don't. 
California. God is going to bring the most evil to California. While allowing His missionaries to remain in place inside of California. While also allowing the professing Christians but who are not to remain blissfully ignorant to what is coming. While God send messengers to those whom He wants to leave California to leave and your time is very short as in you need to get all of your business in order and go. Pray, Pray, Pray and then trust and have faith in and then go. Yea, it will be tough with much uncertainty and worrisome. 
If Biden becomes the elected who will not be President but shall be. Will his first actions as President in which it will be others actions who control him in every way. Will one of the first things which are done is to arrest Donald Trump right after being sworn in? Will the arrests be made of many others who supported Donald Trump. Will this be shown as an action to show the world that the legitimate leaders of the USA are now in control. Since the leaders of the world hate Trump. The actions taken by this possible new President shall be Harris. The democratic bait and switch. The great democratic con job on the American people. The USA shall become the United Socialist States of America. The constitution shall be retired as well as all known freedoms cancelled. 
Everything that I have ever written shall disappear in one single day or used as evidence against me or both. 
Added On 17 Sept 2020. Perry Stone Vision explained.
Comment on YouTube.
Pastor Perry Stone. Is not a pearl like a stone? I understand your five pearls vision. I like how your trying to restring the 5 pearls. The string is the gospel and is the Holy Bible strung together in the old days. You have mentioned your an antique man. So you know how the string works in old world book creation(I Think). Your not the one who unstrung the 5 pearls. Your not the one who broke the 5 pearls from their divine connection. But, it is you who is responsible for the re-stringing. Can it be that your more important than any religious leader on the planet? How to you keep yourself free from pride, ego, arrogance and supremacy. Or are you like a Joseph who must save the world? You are correct. You standing back from the crowd and not included within the crowd. While the emergency is ensuing. Your the only one who is doing the important thing. Like restringing the five pearls. Everyone is starving and is desperate need and your playing with pearls. This is the understanding and wisdom of the world. The world is wrong and what you are doing is right.
I will tell you who the five pearls are. They are 5 of seven pearl. Two pearls are not seen or known to the world and yet they are already within the divine nature. The five pearls are the fallen churches as perceived by God and by our own human perspective. There are more than 500 fallen churches and entire denominations. You are the one who is trying to keep the candle sticks together and divinely lit. I see it. Thank You Lord. This is prophecy. So does your nickname come now? Comment saved to my Americas Time is short prophecy.
In your vision you, I'm the guy on the corner watching you and everyone else. I thought this was down town Tampa Florida.
My perception of Tampa Florida is where my own visions occurred. In which I saw the crazy guy doing odd things with his own hands. I was not able to see then as I do now. But, it is a perception of the world. The true prophets are just not right in the worldly sense.
How do you save the world? By bringing together all of the lamp stands of God. While knowing the 5 or 5/7 of the Christians are admonished by God. Is this a valid assumption of mine?
Does this mean that Perry Stone will have a nickname as well.
So how do you restring what was formerly divine pearls on a divine string in which none of them can be perceived by human senses?
אדם המחרוזת פנינים

What would the pronunciation be?
Added on 18 Sept 2020: Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away. This is a sign for the Christians in this current window of opportunity. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg was known as a liberal activist judge who voted her political view instead of voting as what the Constitution has dictated. Americans must repent before this window closes. Christians must all vote in this election cycle and each one here after. Until, the only ones who hold elected offices are those souls who have a history within the Christian churches. All denominations must repent and reorganize. All pastors, preacher and all clergy must repent. All Christians must repent. From these actions may cause the Holy Spirit to initiate a genuine revival inside of the United States of America. Time is much shorter than you think it is. This window of opportunity closes very soon.
If President Biden wins. It will get very bad for all of Americans as President Harris will put into Judge positions those who are Marxist Communists or even socialists. These are life positions. Either way a socialist or a communists are enemies to freedom. But, none of this actually matters as if the Americans do not repent. The USA will become just what has happened to Israel in the past. <GONE>.
This could be Americas Nineveh moment. Except a prophet who hates Americans may not come as The United States of America has been given everything. So this could be a time when my first quote I've ever written comes to mind.
"Be Your own Hero and save yourself"
Added on 19 Sept 2020:You each must watch out for the self professing prophets and psychics who have determined a future event. Yes, some may be accurate but if there is no offering of prevention or mitigation. Then their intentions should be questioned and their motives clouded. These are the lessons from Jonah and Joseph. Actually Jonah brought a reprieve. Though the reprieve only lasted 40 years or so.
The reprogramming of humanity changes with every definition change of every word. Think about this your computer is not aware or even self aware as you may be. So when a word changes definition your not told and when you read up a word definition and it has been altered you will not even question it. Such as a Christian word like reprobate. Go forth and laugh about it.
Added on 20 Sept 2020:
From the holy spirit comes the holy wind felt by the stubborn evil doers as a bad wind. For even the wicked evil doers can sense that their end cometh as they continue on with their unrighteousness and evil deeds. The holy spirit brings down the cleansing rains felt by the prideful evil doers as fiery needle pricks on their skin and through to their spirit. The bad winds, bad rains and bad times come for hardened unrepentant souls of this world.
Genuine Repentance is mandatory. A permanent fundamental change in how you live your lives and conduct yourselves in every way is mandatory. A permanent and profound change in the leadership and actions of every denomination and independent church is mandatory. A mourn filled cry of a genuine guilt felt heart must be felt by God by every preacher, pastor, theologian, teacher of any and every church body. Every American must also repent and permanently become honorable children of God. For your days are short, shorter than you think. You know this and still yet you disbelieve what you know. The Lord your God has given you everything and He will cease given you any blessing. For you were once His children and you have fled away. Just like the prodigal son. Just like His beloved people Israel. You are His blessed people. Just as Israel has always been His beloved and so to shall you always be His blessed. But, because of your evil doings and lack of doing and the lack of responsibility in exercising the power over the Nation He has given unto you. It shall be taken away in one terrible day and all you shall know is want and needs. You shall be thirsty and not have drink. You will be hungry and not have a single berry to eat. You will be cold as the rags you wear shred apart because of age. So repent, repent as a desperate mournful child repents of the full knowing of their evil doings to their own human father. From this repentance shall come the comforter, the redeemer, the healer and the full presence of your Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. So repent, repent, repent. Your time is very short. The doors of any good opportunity is closing. Seek ye the face of God.
Added on 21 Sept 2020: Can you see what is happening. The United States is becoming just like Sodom and Gomorrah. As it was in the days of Noah so to will it be also of the Son of Man. In California pedophilia is now a lesser crime with a lesser punishment. Every law amended or passed to enable all aspects of immorality to be legalized. Is another step towards judgement and a step away from God. The more of these steps we all take means a very real coming judgement for all of the "We The People".
I had another disturbing vision today. While sitting by myself at a table in a far corner of the cafeteria. I saw the lights out and heard silence of no people and no machines. I looked up to see the age of the windows and they were still intact. This is like a snap shot vision. I knew the people rushed home the best they could. All of the teachers, staff and students all left in their own direction. The mode of travel was not seen. But, I could only hear silence.
Written on 15 Sept 2020:
Those who have been good at surviving will most likely continue to be good at surviving.
Here is the problem with surviving. It is easier when justice and the law is present. But, when there is no law and no justice. Surviving becomes entirely a different matter. In order for the Biblical prophecies to manifest. All of the people must begin to see every other person as an enemy. Since we live in this modern world where we only go to the store to get what we get. The idea of survival and preparation has been forgotten. When people begin to go hungry all other people who are suspected to have food, water or the opportunity for illicit pleasure which is called rape. These things will happen and far worse than what has ever been experienced for a blessed people who have freely chosen to walk away from God, righteousness, holiness, honor, respect, civility, purity, morality and etc. We are becoming a people absent of any good value and as such will be destroyed. Unless, We The People genuinely repent. This repentance must happen very soon, as in maybe days. Then the countdown ends and the judgement begins. Which may be a ramping up or a sudden attack by an enemy we know as friends. They will invade only to get our secrets and disable our military apparatus. They will kill everyone and the bodies will just disappear. Judgement of America is coming and what must be done must be done very soon as in only days left. Remember this the people of Nineveh only received a reprieve of about forty years before they were lost in the sands of time. So to shall America will be lost forever. It is time to make amends with your loved ones. Seek forgiveness for any wrong doings on your part. Think about how to safely bury your loved ones by your own hands and a shovel. If you own a shovel.
You need to understand. This is really hard to write. The immediacy of what I'm feeling and what is filling by brain. If your unwilling to repent. Then you need to prepare for all manner of harshness where there will be no law, no order, no human rights, no property rights of ownership, no justice, no medical care and no services whatsoever. No services mean no modern day anything. You will suddenly be living in the 1300's and will be forced to fend for yourself. Within the first year about 90% of all Americans will be dead and this is according to the DHS report to the President of the USA, President Trump.