Tuesday, July 10, 2012

American Exodus Vision (unedited) 10 July 2012

Persons of Wealth, power, Fame and Intellect will Leave the USA. The numbers of them will become thousands per year.
The United States is the Titanic. Those who have the ways and means to abandon ship. Will do so in order to save themselves. While those who will suffer the most will have no avenue of escape. Just like before the hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Louisiana. Only those who had nothing suffered the most.
Those persons who merely have name recognition (Fame) will cause little harm over all in the grand scheme of things. Because, they publicly make the news of leaving the USA. They will fuel the exodus.
Those persons who have power and wealth to leave the USA will cause much financial harm in the short term as well as the medium term.
Those persons who are the geniuses, the brilliant, the gifted, the skilled, the intellects, the leaders, the managers, the strong of will. When they leave the USA. The medium and long term effects upon the USA will be massive.
China will quietly seek out and encourage the geniuses, the gifted, the skilled, the brilliant, the intellects to leave the USA for China. They will quietly leave the USA. They will remain Americans even while watching the demise and dividing up of their former Country.
This is of huge importance for CHINA and for all of humanity. Assuming if China moves away from their evil ways.
Those who are leaders and managers will not be sought after from China. There will be exceptions as China may seek out the retired managers and leaders from the American aerospace industry.
China may not accept any former American politicians or persons of wealth and power. As China already have those in Spades. Besides,
Serious warning for China.  This will cause ruination in fifty years after acceptance of apathetic people.
 Anyone who is unethical, immoral, and have a blackened heart of APATHY. Will become a great poison to every aspect of China.
Those who are powerful and wealthy will migrate to Europe and Asia. Those who have political power from the USA. Will see this power fade as the demise of the USA ends. The politicians of the USA will need to move and keep their wealth throughout the world secret. Even now, American politicians are negotiating private deals which benefits their own families. While selling out the USA. They are traitors and as such. They will be looked down upon. When the USA ends. They will not be heroes even in the new country of their allegiance. They are self serving. Their promises mean nothing if they cannot profit from it.  In just one generation. They will be just common Europeans. Even their names will become forgotten. Some will even be murdered in streets and other public places.
05 Feb 2013: News Update for Tina Turner.
 16 July 2012. Tampa Tribune reports today on the unemployment and underemployment of former NASA workers.
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Added on 02 Nov 2015: As the US Presidential elections wind up for 2016. Hillary Clinton or what ever is her name this decade. Is making Expat news in Europe. The very wealthy are keeping their identities out of all expat news sources. Well, I cannot find them.  Why would the top aide of Mis Clinton go to Europe to ask for campaign donations? If there wasn't substantial American monies abroad?
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