Monday, July 23, 2012

California Financial Demise Vision: (unedited): 23 July 2012:

The tax base of California at all levels. Will Decline. This sharp decline begins 2016-2017 and will progressively get worse. Looks like a downward funnel. Where the top of a funnel is large and thus a large tax base. Near the bottom of the funnel is narrow represents minimal tax base.  The tax base of Oregon and Washington will also begin to decline. Washington less than Oregon.
Not sure. I have no idea what the logical response would be. What happens when a USA State hits a hard and unrecoverable bankruptcy? Which was caused by all of the insane politicians for the last 50 years (Not a political statement). Then the event was allowed to happen by all of the current politicians. They all knew it.
The wealth will always be the first to leave. This will precede the event.  The wealthy will also be able to hire their own security personnel to protect their assets and property. The newly unemployed law enforcement personnel will be hired by the wealthy. They will be offered food and money and a place to stay. Those former law enforcement persons who are single. Will be the preferred choice. The evacuation of law enforcement family members will be part of the financial bundle of the security personnel.
The state of California will be a state of no laws. No electricity, no running water, no sewer, no transportation of goods, no fuels.
Impoverished, unskilled and uneducated persons will leave California. This is because California will no longer be able to pay for any food, housing, education, unemployment, law enforcement, fire rescue, prison system, or medical expenses. Death in the California deserts as people move eastwards.
Latinos/Hispanics and everyone else will migrate to Texas, Gulf Coast states and the eastern seaboard of the USA.
Many Latinos will return back to Mexico and southward. When and if genuine state authority and control return. China influence is a possibility. China will want to protect their distribution lanes. China will be forced to protect their freight lanes.Within Mexico states.
The California turn around may begin. With a marketing plan that invites the worlds wealthy to come. New tax base system. New recovery methods of resources. The dismantling of all residential and commercial structures which are deemed unsafe for environmental conditions. Massive real estate clearing projects. Creating new usable real estate. Energy efficiency's, food productions and water productions.
All aspects of state government will be rebuilt and become a state which caters to the affluent of the world. Private, Safe and Secure.
Unemployment rates controlled as people permitted to enter will be limited. They will have standards for entry into this new fully socialist/capitalistic/communist state. From a De-populated position. The new state government will not have many if any problems of to many undesirable people as defined by the states authority.  
New laws governing all aspects of life. Will see early success as people will choose to live under the new laws and rules. Especially for their own safety and security.
The old industries will be maintained and bolstered. Assuming they are deemed desirable.
New industries will be sought and invited. So as long as the undesired element doesn't follow.
Several new multi use military facilities will be created. While the older ones expanded and modernized. They will be tied together.
More law enforcement agencies will be created. A three tiered system for each branch. The State law enforcement agency will have authority over all. The 3 tiers are or are similar to. 1). Visible Enforcement. 2). investigative. 3). Covert.
The other law enforce agencies will be familiar and all will have this 3 tier system.
City, County, Security, FEMA or EMA, Corporate, Agriculture, Transportation, Maritime, Drug. An absolute police state.
There will be also a state military agency to be different from the national guard. They will be deemed law enforcement with a mandate to responding to terrorist activities. They will have full use of military equipment, bases, posts and naval stations. 
This may seem excessive. The protection of all foreign nationals as well as their wealth and personal livelihood is the reason. 

UPDATE: 24 July 2012: The service people or worker people can only live in pre-planned areas (To Be named) outside of the preferred peoples zone. They will only be allowed access into the preferred peoples zones (To be named) via public transportation systems. When in the to be named preferred peoples zone. Those persons who use tools and do deliveries of products will be able to use the road systems. 
All outside the state deliveries will arrive in another yet to be named zone for security screenings. Then transferred to the acceptable worker residents (to be named) for sorting, segregation and the conclusion of delivery.There will be no mixing or socializing between the worker/service peoples and the preferred people. There will be no sense of fairness or justice for the worker/service class of people. If a preferred person complains about a worker/service class person. That worker/service class person may be replaced and evicted. That very same day. Including all family members.


Added on: 08 April 2013:
The new preferred entrants to California after the undesirables have left in a sort of forced De-population plan. Will be those foreign Nationals who have a proven and sustainable wealth base.
Added on: 08 April 2013:
The beginning approximate date will be 3-36 months of the opening of the newly expanded Panama canal.
added on 09 Sept 2014: Panama Canal news Update.
If you are devoutly religious. You probably already have felt the urgings to go. Which means to sell off your assets and move elsewhere. You need to know that all you will probably get is urgings to go and nothing more. God will honor the free will He has given to all of us and that is also the same with those who are devout believers. You may also expect dreams and visions. Even though in today's modern world. Such things are believed to be trivial at best or a bad food combination to close to beddy bye time.  So if you are a devout believer and have had the urgings or the dreams and/or the visions. Then you probably should to leave California. Try Texas.
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