Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Steps. (unedited). Unknown date and unknown title.

You cannot begin to take the first  steps on the path towards holiness. When you continue to cause pain and suffering. C.J.MacKechnie
NOTES: It doesn't matter if your the pope, Imam, pastor, theologian, preacher, clergy or in any other/self appointed position of  claimed holiness. Holiness comes only from GOD/ALLAH and not by any human decision, appointment or agreement. Holiness comes from a life of the fullness of prayer and right living as expressed by all of the laws and commandments of GOD. A common human man or woman can be a Holy person as defined by GOD/ALLAH. He or she will be of more importance and power than any clergy or politician of any religion.
A holy person will live by the laws and commandments of GOD/ALLAH. Not because of any threat or promise of everlasting hell's torment. Not because GOD/ALLAH is the One true GOD and following HIS laws and commandments is mandatory. Because, It is the right thing to do. Because, there is logic in following the laws and commandments of GOD/ALLAH. Because, From insights provided from GOD and from Knowledge of human history. There is great wisdom in following the Laws and commandments. Holiness is not exclusive to any single religion. Holiness is exclusive to GOD and thus can only be given from GOD. This award of holiness is given daily to the person who devotes their life in a complete holy manor. C.J.MacKechnie
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