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Sign Post Dreams: (Unedited): 14 Oct 2012:

DejaVu is that unexplainable occurrence which happens to all of us and the easiest explanations are listed in the notes below. For the majority of those DejaVu moments Those are the answers.
 For those other moments which do not easily fit into logical, scientific or psychological reasons or responses.  
One still needs to ask very logical questions about this vision or dream. Because that is what it may be, a brief vision, quick dream, snap shot image of time, a sign post, a marker of something in which attention needs to be directed. These genuine  DejaVu events when they cannot be explained by logical psychology. Needs to be considered in an emotionally neutral light. Logic is the rule and logical questions is the required action. It is not wise to ever insert your own assumptions as we all know the street or urban definition of what assume means. It just makes an ...
These sign post dreams/Visions are and have significant importance. Even if it is as mundane as a simple emotional reaction or event involving a simple happy time. 
Such as: My little girl had a possible DejaVu the other day. She was waiting to do her violin class and I was there. This was my first time taking her to the violin class. Before class we walked over to the swings under the tree canopy and she swung, I pushed. It was a beautiful day and was fun.  But, Because she had not gone through the private detective time after she had the dream or vision. It will be impossible to consider this as DejaVu. But, I think it was as it was a first time and a new event for her, Although not a new place for her, but was for me.  Oh yes, We also, had a flat tire. Which was easy to manage. Since it was her possible DejaVu, the flat tire was probably not of importance. Especially, since she is not the panicky Pete type of personality. 

Private Detective Time:
1): You cannot analyze these small sign post dreams and visions if you do not have in place within your own life a active history and habit of writing your dreams down in your dream notebook.
2): Ask yourself how you felt during this brief dream or vision. A non emotional answer is an answer and is relevant to the logical conclusion of a DejaVu Title.
3): As with any other dream in which you have gone through the logical analysis process. You must do the same with the potential DejaVu dreams as well. It is OK, to analyze these brief dreams and visions before you conclude that it was directly linked to an official scientific definition as listed in the NOTES below. It is NOT OK, to automatically assume that a short dream or vision is DejaVu before all of the questions have been asked. You must include the official psychological and scientific response as well. Yes, it is more fun to assume a short dream or vision is automatically DejaVu. This is a gentle warning for you. The funniness of a DejaVu immediately takes you out of the logical thinking part of your brain and the logical part of your brain is where you should be NOW. 
4): Time questions: Day or Night? Seasons? Seasons can be ascertained by weather and clothing observations. The new leaves, old leaves or no leaves on trees, all indicate a time of season. Heavy snow means heavy snow. Day time, Is the sun high or low in the sky? Can you ascertain a direction for sun rise or sun set? Night Time, Do you know the stars and planetary movements? The phases of the moon?
5): What was the weather like?This is important for time as well as some places only have rain or snow in certain times of the year. The same with fog and sun light. 
6): What and where was the place, city, State, Country of the short dream and vision?
7): Who was in the short dream or vision with you? Are they still living? Yea, This is important for the direction of psychology, DejaVu or both. Did you know the people? If yes are you still friends with them? If not, you have to get psychological with this. You cannot avoid the psychology. It is important and probably not fun at all. Especially, if you have much baggage. Do not get into the blame game at this time. Only the facts and the logical questions do need to be posed.
8): Is there an event, party, gathering, concert and etc.? 
9): Does it seem to be just a regular day or night for you? Regular daily or nightly activities?
10): Alter and evolve this basic and brief list to yourself and to your use. Just keep it absolutely logical. Even when you ask emotional and psychological related questions. All emotional and psychological responses/answers must be directed back into the logical.
All questions should adhere to the basics. Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?, How?,

After, the conclusion of this Private detective Time process it is OK to be emotional and all touchy feel-ly.

There is no ink and no copies made.
This may be confusing as it is my responses to other peoples dreams: The actual dreams are not included nor is the peoples names. For their protection. I will edit this as I have time. There is important information. For your own empowerment. So, That you can learn how to interpret your own dreams for yourself.  
Why not remembering dreams.
There can be more than one reason why.
sweets, alcohol, (unspeakable topic) and caffeine before bed a NO-NO.
(My opinion. No not drink any alcohol or unspeakable topic, Ever. If you do, Stop now.)
Stop all energy drinks at any time. 
Irregular sleeping patterns. No good either.
Light pollution. Not helpful. Block all light.
Noises. Causes fight or flight or just paying attention.
Bad bed. Basic cause. Water bed is the best for men. Really...
Not a comfortable temperature for you. Cant get to REM.
When waking up do it slowly and without shock and awe of blasting alarm clocks.
Get your 8. Just get it. Same bat time and same bat channel. Gotta create that sleeping habit.
No technology allowed within the bed chamber.  Really... No tech.
Creating a habit for remembering dreams
Before going to bed. Mentally prepare yourself for dreaming. Give yourself permission to dream, to remember your dreams. Meditate and Pray, make the time for this. Be calm, relax.
Go to the store and buy a special bed lamp, a special pen and a special notebook for your dream journal. The bed lamp cannot hurt or cause discomfort to your eyes or make loud clicking on/off sounds. Must be easy to operate as well. easy on-easy off. No clap on and clap off.
Create a dream journal habit. Every single morning just as you wake up. Don't move and just remember. Then move slowly to gently reach for the light, pen and note book. With minimal movement of your entire body.
Then write down the entire dream. (begin debriefing process). OR
I had a dream and am not able to remember. Yes, write it down. OR
I do not remember if i even had a dream. Yes, Write it down.
Gotta create the mental intention of a physical habit.
Always include date and time of dream occurrence or wake up.
For prophetic dreams. One should get into the HABIT in their awake daily lives. To have calendars all around and digital clocks as well. When something interesting is happening in your awake life. Always, ask what time and what date it is.(yes, really.). Even point it out on the wall and look at the clocks longer than normal. When you create habits. Hopefully they will translate into your dream state. We are all creatures of habits. Creating good and positive habits are very important.
Write it all down in the best way for you to grow and evolve your dream state relationship. No vacations or holidays from this self created habit. Even if in a motel, hotel or tent. The prayer and meditation process is crucial in every aspect of your life. Even in your dream life. Make the time.
------------------------------------------------------------  ( I like some of the info, Just not the god, It is up to you to define importance).
Your bedroom or sleeping room or dreaming room:
Oh yes. I forgot about the technology contamination. No excessive technology in the bedroom. In other words no TV or Computer. Calming, peaceful, relaxing, Spiritually uplifting music OK. NO rock and roll to spur your soul. No country music to sadden your soul. No hate and anger music. Get it. Ive heard but have not used products such as magnetic bed sheets or the grounding of the bed or the combination of everything. What works for you is what works. If you have high intensity power lines close to your home. Then MOVE.

Research "Home EM and RFI shielding". Youtube.
Dream Dictionaries
Dreams are very revealing. Dream dictionaries can be very accurate in general. But, Specifically they can be way off. Such as dreaming of a thousand alligators and they are all looking at you. Probably not a good dream for the average person. But, For the person who sees money and food in Alligators, it is a very good dream or omen. You have to account for your own psychology, your way of life and how you think and feel about things, when interpreting dreams.
Will be adding to above content:
Still working on below content:
  I hope they inspire you to become the detective of your own dreams. First be the detective on each individual dream. Ask yourself a whole host of questions. Such as Day or night? Clear skies or stormy? Seasons? The age of you and other known people? Age, condition and cleanliness of man made objects?I see common themed messages in each of your three dreams. Each dream has there own key words. They should be found. These dream discoveries that you make will empower you. They may even re-enforce your own resolve.I do see all three dreams as positive. Even though trials may be evident. Trials and tribulations always prove we are stronger than before the trials and tribulations began.If you Have any questions about these dreams. Please read my messages for other dreams in this group. Then message me anytime with any other questions.Dreams can have a great depth to them. Within one story There can be many stories and many lessons with in each.The first one seems to be about history. How focusing to much of your attention on your history can lead to disaster. Which could have been avoidable if you were just paying attention to the here and now.All of the war memorials is your history. The boyfriend is you and isn't.The here and now is you in the war machine vehicle. Which may indicate that you are currently still in war. Why else be in a vehicle of warfare?The boyfriend ends up dying in the war vehicle. The war vehicle is you. So, your current state and your history kills the boyfriend, ends the relationship might be better use of words.Superficially you can see and experience the beauty of each day.At the end of your relationships you do your best to ease pains with warm goodbyes.I may add more later, Unless you message me not to. Dreams can be incredibly personal and revealing.Naw, probably only symbolic.As the truck was falling down. You had to be up high and the husband was still in the car? 1. A species which is stagnant. what happens to them? 2. A species which devolves. What happens to them? 3. A species which evolves. what happens to them?The word species can be replaced with the word person.Your position of being higher represents which of the three statements?The trucks position of falling which is an aspect of you and your history. Represents which of the three statements?If the husband was still in the truck as it plummets. Which statement would he relate to?You have to know for sure if he was in the truck. Because your husband is who he is in the dream but, he is also an aspect of you. Which means? whatI think your stressing.... I think your trying to connect the dreaming and abductions. Not good.This is the deal. all of the things in which you are truly interested in. The probability that you will dream about it is much greater than average. Most of the people on the planet only have a taught faith in the space aliens, spirits, ghosts, Angels, demons, GOD or gods, Devils or Satan.Human Beings as compared to most of that list of other worldly or other dimensional or all of the above/below. They are very powerful. Some or most have the ability to turn you off like you can turn off a light switch. They can add, delete or alter your memory by their will and desires. The bottom line is there is nothing you can do to stop them. Like I said, It is by faith that most people know this. As a matter of fact you don't even have to have faith or even believe. Which are you/ A non believer? or a faith believing? or you absolutely know? or are you transitioning from one level to the next? There is much fear to overcome for each of us. Yes, it will affect your dreaming. The key in any next step is the quality time you put into MEDITATION. Please understand its not just me telling you this. This is from people who are way smarter, better, skilled, gifted and more Than I am.If your interest in a thing is causing you to have great fear and is an element to your stagnant growth and evolution. Then stop it. Stop looking into alien abductions. This is a distraction. Which ultimately keeps you from Meditating. So, meditate when you want to look or read about aliens.When you can not or know not?You have not.When you have not?It doesn't mean you can not or know not.It just means you simply have not. Keep It Simple Sir/Senorita.When you have and knew not? It Simply means you always have been able.When you have and thought you could not? It simply means you always have been able. ======================================================
Look up on YouTube, Facebook and twitter. First YouTube though. Look up this helpless and pitiful kitten who cannot and cant. A kitten with a serious disability of being born with no hips or back legs. Will you Bring tissue? or will you celebrate? Watch all of the videos and read the story. What is this Cats message only to you? "Anakin the two legged cat". Every dream is a message and vision just for you. In every dream there is a duality. Meaning for every person, every creature and everything is what it as well as an aspect of you. Each an every dream is a new Nancy Drew mystery or a Hardy Boys mystery. Waiting for you to search, to ask questions. Don't ever feel bad or discouraged when one question leads to a single answer. Which then leads to many other questions. A persons dream is never two dimensional. There is great depth of meaning and understanding. Do not be surprised if your dreams are about losing a part of you while gaining something new. A duality in a dream such as an incredibly clean space alien which is attacking a dirty smelly me without end. Well, maybe I should take a bath and wash my clothes. Do you see this easy duality. The clean space alien is what I should be. While the dirty smelly me is what I am now. Once you understand this dual nature of dreams.What's next? Your action. Meaning. Soap, scrubby, water and nakedness. If you take zero positive evolutionary action for your own personal betterment. Expect repeat dreams with an amping up in volume and intensity. =====================================================
Spooky visions. When you cannot apply the awake real world understandings in relation to you.Then maybe the spooky description can apply. Which will still require debriefing and investigated. By others who are both friendly to you and who are not.
Be warned there are people who are psychics for profit. Who have learned that if they are rough and tough with you or anyone else. Then you shall not be a repeat customer. 
Anyone and everyone can be an advocate or a prophet.
A prophetic vision which benefits or is catastrophic to humanity. Must involve action by all involved parties. A bad and sad prophetic vision. Must be averted or mitigated if it cannot be averted. My reference for this is the story of pharaoh and Joseph in the Holy Bible. A prophetic vision which is good and promising. Must also be looked into and planned for if decided to be of importance by the body. Your brain is a permanent memory device. All and everything which you have ever sensed, thought or experienced is permanently stored within your own brain. Assuming no illness or damage to the brain. Also, if your brain is clean......
Creating awake habits. Such as preparing your bed and yourself for a wonderful night of dreaming. Such as creating a non disturbed and non offensive to all of the senses atmosphere. Creating a special place where minimal movement is taken to reach for your non offensive dream journal nite light. A special one and only used for this one purpose. A special notebook and a special pen. Again only used and placed in this one easy to reach place. If you have to get or add lumber to your bed to create space. Then do it. Your alarm clock cannot startle you. Create time to pray and meditate. Prayer is You talking. To meditate is you listening. Before bed give yourself permission to remember whatever it is you want and give yourself permission to dream about whatever it is you want. Do not drink or eat stimulant food and drinks. Keep your mind clean.....When you wake up. Wake up slowly. Without moving a muscle. Remember your dreams. Give yourself permission. That its OK to remember and to learn. Slowly reach for your light, pen and notebook. Write down the date and time. Then write the words of your dream. If you do not remember but had dream(s). Write that down and the number of dreams. Everyday you write in your notebook. Everyday.Pray and meditate. Tell yourself it is OK that you remembered or not. Give thanks and gratitude. Its all OK.Then repeat daily. No vacations or holidays. Keep your mind always clean...How did you feel about the dream? during and after?Why did you use the word ineptitude? Do you think you were lacking?what were the symbols? what color were the symbols? Where were they positioned on the robe? what side? front or back?what color were the robes? were they single color?who was the person in the hooded robe?why do you think you were not ready? what must you do in this awake part of your life to become ready? Do you want to be ready?why do you think you were not supposed to be there? Did you not belong? were you not wanted? Were you not ready? were you not prepared?why is this not your time? Do you want it to be your time?Why did you have to go? what is your feelings and meaning of "feeling a warmth all over"? Was it in the day time or night time?The questions. Is both a teaching method as well as an empowering method for you to define your own dream.In dreams. All persons, all creatures and all things are different aspects of you. The story in the dream is usually about what is going on in your life in what ever time of your life. Dreams are incredibly revealing about your true nature. Be careful about who you reveal them to. Read my previous responses to dreams here. So, as not to repeat myself. Learn this process. This will empower yourself and when you correctly interpret your own dreams logically and objectively. Your self correction, your growth, your ascension, your evolution. Will be hastened in your own self defined time frame. My questions and comments are not to insult and I do not require any response. Unless you want to continue conversation. As your answers are for you and not for me to know. OH YEA... Reading a dream dictionary may do more harm to understanding your dreams then good. As you are already fully equipped in interpreting your own dreams. So, you really do not need anything else. Except a how to.
Lion Time... Only lions on your mind.....Symbols. A stone Lion may be of reference to the Christian Faith or to which ever religious faith you are into. A stone lion is never changing. What kind of pyramid building was the stone lion in? What color was the stone lion? what kind of stone was the lion? How was the stone lion living? The stone lion as a source of information? or a source of more? What kind of information? Why were you not supposed to be there? Why was it not your time? In every dream you have. Every person, every creature and everything is you. The following questions is for you to answer. I do not need to know them. Unless you wish to discuss them privately. This is the detective and debrief part. All questions are not intended to insult or demean you in any way. It is a part of the process. That is all.
If you have studied any dream dictionary and believe it. Then you will need to refer to it as well as your own psychology in life. Then you have to figure out which is the best answer that benefits you best. For your growth. For your evolution and not for your agreement because it is enjoyably.
What does green mean to you? and how do you feel about the color green? What is the meaning of a parakeet to you? Or your history with pet birds? Or a desire to have pet birds? What was the dog trying to do with the bird? Before it harmed it? This could be a message for you to be careful when trying to help people. Unintentional harm can occur when helping others.Then when you discover your error. The broken bird cannot be repaired or fixed.the bird crashes into the house. So, even if people come to you. Some may even desperately crash into you.How do you feel about the particular house in the dream? Of course you are also the bird. Who has been harmed in some way from the home your in. Why do you feel like you have a broken wing? This is symbolic to you in a way you can only define. This is a psychological dream. A message from you to make those needed corrected actions in your life. What aspects of your dad is within you? The good, the bad and the ugly. The bad and ugly. You must weed out of your life. So that the precious flower that you are can manifest into your defined beauty. The mountain lion is you. You are you and the message in the bottle is you.You are the one preventing your own message to get through. The unknown message in a bottle may be prophetic. Unless the bottle is a reference to alcoholism in some respect.
A man had a dream of fat cows and tall grass. Beautiful days and starry nights.
How would you define this dream? It seem like it would be a wonderful dream to a cow farmer. It might be a dream where a vegan would vomit. It might illicit anger from a PETA person. For a city dweller he might be confused. For a man new to cattle farming. It might be prophetic and hopeful.
The point is. The dreams that you have cannot be defined by anyone or any book. This includes me as well.
The best and most accurate methods of dream interpretations is learning four things.1. Learn how to debrief. This is a skill which you can self learn. Then you can use it to help yourself and others.2. Learning how to be a detective. This is a skill which you can self learn. Learning how to see things and questioning everything. Like gathering puzzle pieces for an unknown puzzle. Often times. When many people get involved. They each bring to the table their own puzzle pieces or insights. Which seem to just fit together.3. Learn your psychology.This is important and incredibly revealing about your true nature and your internal conflicts. Learning about your own psychology. Will aid you in understanding your own dreams. What you learn about psychology in general can be used to help others. This I believe is the first step in dream understanding. Always, the first step.4. Prayer and meditation. You can end with three and not do this one. If you choose. Sometimes, all of the above can fail, or ego won't let go, pride just won't accept and etc. You can consider prayer as telepathically talking to the source. While meditation is telepathically listening to the source. You should have a heart of expecting revelation. Which is followed by contemplation. Four parts each which will require dedicated time on your part.5. The spooky. I said four didn't I. The broadest definition of what is spooky applies. This is the last term which should be applied to any and all dreams. This is when nothing else in our daily world applies. Once you give a dream the spooky term. You get to return to debrief, detective, psychology and prayer/meditation. This step by step plan. Can be altered and revised as you see fit. I forgot a critical component. During the entire process. You must be like a vulcan. Absolutely logically objective. Then after you have found all of the puzzle pieces to that obscure dream of your. Then you can be emotionally subjective. It was meant to be a little funny. I would suppose the boogie woogie ave. Shows my age. Dreams seem like that old spooky mirror. All you have to do is step through it and learn as you go. Dreams seem to be the door way which leads to other locked doors. Which leads to a lot more questions. The answers you discover and the corrective actions you make in your whole life. Is what unlocks the doors. You are the key and what you actually do, creates those needed keys. Which leads to knew wonders to be discovered and more locked doors. Your emotional attitude, your logical need for discovery, your heart on each of the doorways. Seems to be all in agreement to unlock any door. Kind of like the fictional character Nancy Drew. My daughter is reading me her scarey books from time to time. That's what I tell her. Anyway Nancy would on purpose go into unknown and possibly dangerous situations with a heart of helping, with a logical mindset of discovery and with a spirit of duty. All working together to solve the puzzle. The importance of these books is teaching her skills for when we continue her own revelation of self discovery. We as adults can do our own grown up research into more serious areas. Like how to be a private detective. Researching debriefing techniques use by the military and law enforcement. Begin a general study of psychology. All of this should be done for free from your local library and online with Google. There also needs to be a lot of love, compassion and understanding when doing any dream interpretations for other people. Oh yea and being delicate. Which I'm very weak in. When a person is suddenly confronted with deep emotional issues from the depths of their own mind. They can become angry, lie and deny, and accuse you. So, you should not argue with them at all. Just leave the information to them. So, they can work on it themselves. Its OK.You may not be a BIBLE person. Read the story of Joseph. While he was in prison. He interpreted dreams. He was very frank and matter of fact. Some times after the deed is done. The price must be paid in full as defined by an outside source and not you.
John Dreams and their understandings is all within you. How do you know about crystal skulls? and how do you feel about them in general?Use the information you have personally learned about them. Including the entertainment movies such as the last Indiana Jones flick if you watched it.Since, you have given little information.What was the context of the dream? Meaning fun? Fearful? Revealing? Informative? Educational? In a dream every person, every creature and everything is different aspects of you. So, ask this question to yourself? Why do you think your a crystal skull?  Crystal skulls are somewhat see through? Why are you see through or invisible? Crystal skulls have no body parts and don't move? Why and how is this related to you? Why might you think your going no where?
Become your own private detective in defining your own dreams. Ask yourself thousands of questions or until you get the understanding you want.Also, stay away from dream dictionaries. They tend to confuse things.Just as the dream dictionary and my own questions posed to you. May or may not apply. the author s did not know you or how you live your life and what you know to be important. Neither do I.My questions to you are dual purpose. They directly apply and also teach you how to begin to debrief your own dreams.Interesting. I don't know much about them either. Except from watching and listening to spooky shows.Oh yea, any questions I ask about your dreams. Is for you to answer for yourself and I don't need to know the answers. Unless you wish to discuss it further. Then we can do that in private.The mind is funny. So, if you know nothing about crystal skulls. Then my personal questions apply more.This is probably not spooky at all and more psychological in nature.Every aspect to a dream is crucially important. Including colors and those boring details.The 5 am jolt. get rid of the aggressive alarm clock Everything' everyone and every creature within a dream is you. Before a person quickly jumps to the conclusion. you must first rule out the primary purpose of dreams. Which are. To teach, to unlearn bad behaviors, For psychological revelations' fantastic fun fantasy and a few other. Which I just forgot right now. Then when you cannot assign any of the above reasons. Then you assign a spooky description as defined by you and others.Warning. Revealing your dreams to just anyone. Especially in a world wide or galactic wide public setting as this. Is just like standing before them absolutely naked. Thus' instantly revealing all of your good' bad and ugly aspects of you.
This is a duality dream. A dream of guided revelation.I think this dream started as a fun lucid dream of fantasy and then' something else began. something spooky. Spooky should not be assigned until after verification from other sources.No matter if your awake or asleep. When an intelligent being or person is getting into your mind. Its called "pushing". When they are taking information out of your mind it is called "pulling". When this process is done on  purpose by two individuals with mutual agreements' Its called "Communications". When it is done without  permission by one party. It has an official designation. Its just plain "BAD". But' of course human history seems to tell us. That when one person or a group begins to believe that they are superior. We all know how ugly it gets. ANY SUPERIOR BEING WHO INVADES ANYONE'S MIND WITHOUT CONSENT. IS A BAD SUPREME BEING. No matter how fun and fantastic you supreme beings make the dream content.  My opinion.The message of death underneath and life's continuation above ground. This part of the message which can only be defined by you. How do you feel about life and death. You mentioned Wales. How is this significant to you? Who died there?The church and its meaning to you. Graveyards are often close to the old churches in the USA. Don't know about Wales. Christians are raised in church from birth, baptized, live a life in the church and then die next to the church.The message of going back to the old church. May mean what was taught by the old church. Or the original meaning of Christs message to humanity or to you. The final definition of this dream is up to you.This is a wonderful dream about you. Let me know if I repeat to much.Every person, every creature and everything in a dream is you.You are you. You are the lions and you are the beach.Like your comment said your not a violent person. Which may be why you thought of the fork.Learn how to interpret your own dreams. By becoming your own NCIS agent or private detective.Ask yourself a thousand questions. Question and test your ability to pay attention to details.Like day time. Night time. Summer or winter. Color of the trees and what kind. Time of day. Beautiful day or stormy night.What kind of clothes were you wearing and etc. THERE IS A PURPOSE FOR ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS. JUST IN CASE IT BECOMES A PROPHETIC DREAM.By practising on your psychological, fantasy fun, learning, message and change yourself dreams. Not only do you learn an incredible amount of information about yourself. You learn how to pay attention to details. Which in life is the difference between life and death or success and failure. Depending on the job title you hold.This seems like a wonderful dream. 2009.A dream of fantasy, mission, message intrigue and hope. All rolled into one.You are a leader. Which is obvious. With admin on your pic.What ever which is unknown which confronts you. Your willing to work the problem to attain a functional understanding.You are willing to reveal deep secrets to all of the peoples of the world equally. No matter the effect.Personally for you. You meet those unknowns whom you have always wanted to meet. It is just like you expected.Those unknowns in life. In reality you do not fear. It is more of a challenge for you. What happens after the fact may very well scare you and cause you to run. But, in the end it seems everything turns out OK for you.This is a good dream about your courage and your ability to figure things out. Brother. This is a wonderful dream about your great capacity for courage, bravery and strength.That no matter what happens, good or bad. You will be OK.The imminent part is or may be an indication that something unknown is about to happen to you.No matter how awful it will be. You will be OK. It may suck to be you. But, you will be OK. And as you mentioned. Do not forget your ancestors. For all that they have given in story and in legend. You are the ultimate conclusion and it is your ultimate responsibility to pass it along and to achieve more than they who have made this way for you could ever imagine.
I usually do not write this strongly. I hope you pray and meditate on a habitual basis.Cannot discuss this. Keep your mind and body clean. Do not contaminate it.This dream may have prophetic qualities to it.No its not about aliens.In your dreams. Everyone and everything and every person is YOU.The aliens are eating and capturing people. So, what is it about those people do you not like? Your answer what ever they may be. Is that and those parts of yourself you need to end. Pretty much right now.These are those bad habits and wrongdoings that you do. These are the bad parts of your character. Which you must end now.Not because I said so. Not because the law says so. Not because GOD says so.Only because you see these bad things in your nature and character as wrong. That is why you should change. Because you say it is wrong. Then become like your ancestors who were warriors and leaders. Confront and conquer yourself.You cannot save anyone until you are first your own hero and save yourself..Dream dictionary can ruin dream interpretations.First and foremost. This seems like a very personal dream. So, no answers to any of my questions are expected.How do you feel about your aunt and cousin? What is the relationship like with each of them?In dreams. Each person, creature and thing is a different aspect of you.So, how are you like your aunt and cousin? Or how do you want to be more like your aunt or cousin? Or how do you not want to be like your aunt or cousin? Each question should be answered by you.How do you feel about their back yard? Positive and negative?Why do you want to see yourself or want to have pain? Why do you want your aunt to have pain?Why do you want to be reborn? In your aunts back yard?Yes, answer all questions independently from any other question.All questions are just pieces to the whole puzzle of your dream. Become your own private detective and ask yourself the harder and more personal questions. In those answers you will find the truth of every dream you have.
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