Thursday, February 28, 2013

Godless Men: (Unedited): 28 Feb 2013:

Godless men in charge of religion will bring in wealth and power from the common people, while putting out misery and suffering into the general population.  C.J. MacKechnie
Common people seem to always look towards the politician for physical leadership and to the religious leader for spiritual leadership. The evidence of their collective evil can always be seen in their glorious buildings and in the impoverishment of the people. Every time.

It is easy to see a godless Church, Mosque, Temple or Synagogue. Look inside and witness their self prideful glory. From here on in this blog the word "Church" is all encompassing.

Look at the physical location of the church. Was it planned in the affluent neighborhoods? Where is the teachings of the actions and life of Jesus Christ "Friend of sinners".

Look inside of your church. Is their exclusion, separation and division within. A club member mentality. Such as all white, all black, all Latino, all Jewish, All Islamic, All Indian.

Look outside of your church. Is their starvation while the religious servants are fat and happy. Is their wars. Is there the lack of responsible freedom via through the threats and fears.

Look outside of your church and see the level of educational freedom, quality and equality. Is there only educational freedom, quality and equality for those accepted persons and their families? While those who are unaccepted must learn only which is told to them by the church. How to think and what to believe. False teachings begins here. To love one another but to hate those who merely appear differently than you. To live in peace but go forth in war. To rejoice in every life born but to seek out a death which involves the murder of your brothers and sisters, which have been identified as infidels by the religious authority.

Look inside of your church. Has it become an entertainment mecca? Where the tithe plate is really admission paid. Are your performing church members paid professionals? The actual unpaid volunteer members of your church, do they number less than 10%, 5% or even 1%? Yes, even if the membership of your church is greater than 1000, 2000 or even 5000. The evidence of each individuals faith is in the works they he/she does.

The new concept for large wealthy churches.   Their collective works of faith.

End poverty through education and housing. This idea is much more meaningful than the handing out of Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Having your food and clothing pantry open only a few days per week.
In the wealthy churches local area. They can purchase duplexes and triplexes. Then house those promising young people who have been unfortunate enough to be born into undesirable families and placed into the foster care system. As a former foster kid. There are relatively few options for them. except for the pursuit of immorality and crime. Study the F.B.I. Statistics for yourself.
Pay for their schooling with a level of expectancy.
Counseling within the church.
and other necessities as required.
Also, expect a number of hours to work within the church each and every week.