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China Visions and Prophecies: (Unedited): 17 Feb 2012:

1): China unifies humanity as one singular family. China's leaders embrace their incredible history of wisdom and spiritualism. They abandon the insanity of complete communistic control and authority over people. China first unifies all Asian peoples and then the rest of the world through the American Natives and Mayans. The American Government and all of the International laws and treaties. Becomes forfeit. China acquires the western USA and some western parts of Mexico. The transition is orderly. The former Americans are allowed to stay. So as long as they follow the new ways. China must exercise great patience when dealing with those who still control the Americas military secrets. Even by accident or misunderstanding. The doomsday device will detonate and humanity ends. China's leads the human race to the edge of a solar system. In peace, unity a celebration. C.J.MacKechnie
2): China's sparks humanities extinction. Without a single shot the former USA's military assets and personnel are surrendered over to the United Nations. The military personnel are given entitlements, pay, benefits and perks for their sworn service in the United Nations. No service. You become a non person and must pay your share of the debt. China negotiates fiercely for their fair share of the North American Prize. Russia seizes Alaska and parts of Canada. China military takes California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Nevada. China's military forces all non Chinese out. With only what they can carry on their person. This is seen as cruel. The American COG's in hidden and secret bases attacks china forces. With terrible unused weapons. Over time they lose. Colorado, parts of Montana, parts of Wyoming fall to China. Nevada's secret bases hold out. Until, it is decided to use the doomsday weapon and in their insanity. They do. Within seconds of detonation. An incredible hole opens up. Humanity dies.  C.J.MacKechnie
 3): China is the spark that murders humanity. As with China 2 Vision. Very similar. China seems to be focused on Nevada. The war is fierce. China does 1 of many incredibly aggressive actions. Which is the "+" after 3. In which they all accidentally triggers the doomsday weapon. Apparently there are a variety of triggering mechanisms. Which upon sensing the various ways of extreme attacks. The doomsday device self detonates. Humanity dies. All of the secret underground government facilities around the world. Become crushed coffins. Humanity dies in less than five years. Probably sooner. The doomsday weapon is Geo-thermal powered. If the occupants commit themselves to death or even die of old age. The threat doesn't go away. If there is an accidental system flaw or failure. Humanity dies. When and if China assumes control over those parts of North America. They still have to negotiate with those inside. Their dedicated and committed deaths is not a viable option. Humanity still dies. C.J.MacKechnie
  I think this is a repeat. Posted last year sometime. I have not checked to see if the content matches. This was copied from Mocospace. 
This explanation is for you to learn how to understand prophecy and how it works.

Imagine the Infinity symbol.
To the extreme left of the infinite symbol is the absolute wrong decisions made.
To the extreme right of the infinite symbol is the absolute right/correct decisions made.
In the center of the infinite symbol is the place of nothingness or no decisions, no actions, absolute apathy.
From the center point and extending outward toward the illusion edges of the infinite symbol. You have the varying degrees of infinite possibility. This is where your intention, attention, action, confidence, pride, humility, compassion, apathy, peace, harmony, hate, war, truths, lies all have an impact of an unknown certain outcome. All of it has a direct impact on how, when and what happens.
China News:

To the leaders of China:

Look up into the stars. Blaze the trail in which the rest of humanity will follow. In focusing your collective will. Humanity thrives which is greater than just surviving.
Look across the water and know that the evil ones are merely survived by their children. Become the wiser brother and forgive the crimes of the Japanese ancestors.
Look at the minor island of dispute and know that there a vast number of heavenly bodies which can be exploited by your manufacturing capabilities. Look up my brother, look up and see something which is much greater than an island and old sufferings from a dead enemy.
Embrace your deceased enemy as I have with my deceased adoptive mother who abused me greatly. Because, Just like your great nation is what it has become because from what was endured by your own deceased ancestors. So have I. Look up my brothers and become the leaders for all of humanity to follow.
The Holy Bible and a variety of other prophets has already predicted the outcome of your aggression's and the aggression's from the rest of the world. Changes in your intention. Can have a profound impact on the outcome of life on this planet. If you just look up and point the way for your people to go. Then maybe, We all can live. That's the point of this message. So, that we all can live to the greater degree of the infinite right choice. C.J.MacKechnie
Added on 27 Aug 2013:
News about China's space race to the moon.
China is set to become the world's new super power and a good hero. While at the the same time creating a possibility that the western space fairing nations including Russia are the evil ones. The revelation of space archaeological secrets will prove the honesty and china's commitment for all of humanity. China would become the new leader for the whole of the world. China must begin a re-unification process with all of the Asian peoples and then with the whole of the world into a singular human family. China must not pursue the anger and hatred of a state of warfare. To do so begins the extinction process of humanity. In truth that extinction process has already begun and China would be the foremost participant.
By attracting the worlds foremost leaders of space. China will assimilate all of that experience and thinking how to's.

If China ramps up their financial and man power investment to that which would be greater than 10 times that of all of NASA back in the early 60"s and 70's. China's leadership would become assured. This must be coupled with truthful revelations in the time of their discovery. Not to become politicized. This is necessary for the unification of all of humanity.

Update 17 Sept 2013:. Chin space news.
Update 17 Sept 2013: Chin Space Station.
 This endeavor of China seems very meager to the vision I see for China and the whole of the world. Around 2020 their space station will begin around 2020.
CMSE additional design requirements.
1).  Needs to design the space station to have the ability to evolve to unknown future mission requirements. This means that every module can be assembled any way that any child decides and every module will function perfectly. In other words easily modifiable, adaptable.
2). Needs to design a myriad of universal connecting joints. Which will agree with #1. These connecting joints will enable the space station to be re-configured any way necessary in order to meet the demands of space travel or other unknown mission requirements.
3). Needs to evolve into a movable space station. Capable of gaining orbit around moons and other planets. The first test would be a trip around the moon and the back to earth. Then the second trip to gain orbit around the moon. This will happen only after the second space station is created and can assist in case of an emergency.
     A). Space station will need to carry with it a number of moon landing vehicles with necessary mission required gear and toys. Well, Not really toys. As well as necessary other satellites which can be launched as a mission requires. 
      B). After the third, forth or fifth space station is created. The journey to mars begins. The third and forth space station can be re-combined to form a larger vehicle. One space station will need to be permanently orbiting the moon. Two will need to be orbiting the Earth.
The mars vehicle, must carry with it numerous redundant mars gear. The word gear implies all of it. To much gear to list. The word gear does imply all buildings, vehicles and etc.
The mars vehicle will also carry with it the GPS, Communications, Observational, scientific satellites needed for mars. To be launched once in orbit. Then when all of the gear has been deployed. The directive is given to walk on mars. To remain in orbit until the automated systems on mars can sustain human life, wait for the second mars space station or return to Earth.
     C). Time frame is 10 years from start to Mars.

     D). Need a Space Shuttle fleet. At least 20. Five teams of ground crews. All Launching at their own launch facilities. Nothing wasted. Not even the large fuel tanks. USA needs financial forgiveness. I bet they will make a deal.

You leaders of China. This is possible for you. All you need is the will to focus on peace and life in this great journey. A person is not typically a leader by a simple popular vote. A leader is one in which the people choose to follow because they are free to follow. The leader may not even believe they are a leader and the follower may not even be aware they are. But, Still it happens. You leaders of China are the new leaders of the world. It doesn't really matter what you think or want. It is as it shall become.  As soon as you make the first space station capable of going to the moon. Everyone will follow you and join your band wagon.

Before the leaders of CHINA can achieve anything as marvelous as this. They must do these things.
1). Re-unite all of the Asian peoples. Which means forgiveness. To re-unite the Asian family. How can that be a bad thing. When any family member is lost and then returns. Is there not celebration? This must happen before Mars. Maybe even before the moon. If the attempt is made without re-unification. Disaster and world wide mockery. Then we all die.
2). Conclude all old arguments before the setting star. Even if it means giving up islands. Give up an Island in order to go to Mars and beyond. An Island for Mars? Which is the lesser? and which is the greater?

Prophecy is only that which is probable.

If you do not like that which has been prophesied by any prophet or prophetess in all of human history. It matters not if you approve of them or not.
1) Then change your ways. You know that love, peace, harmony and life stuff. Embrace the truth.
2) Then create plans and technology to manage and mitigate undesirable events. For everyone and not just for your own selfish survival (COG).

Altering and changing the certain outcome to any prophecy is really that easy. Refuse to hate. Refuse to war. Refuse to act chaotically. Refuse all aspects of death. Refuse all lies and deceptions. Refuse Racism.
17 Sept 2013: 
Words of positive prophecy is to be met with Gratitude, honor and your continuous intentional efforts.
This is where hope resides, a little less than the exciting we are all gonna die prophecies. There is hope. It is and always shall be within you. Even when you have forgotten it.
Important news that China is turning away from bad and sad prophecies.
This is necessary for China's leadership. Clean your house before you begin to lead the world out of this solar system or at least to the leading edge. You must regain your honor, loyalty and respect.  With corruption you have nothing good. When you have nothing good then all you have is bad. How is a future full of bad any good?
18 Sept 2013: Update:
A human being is like any other. It matters not whom you were born to or where you were born. We are all one singular human family which reside upon this one planet. Even if and when we meet other human beings who will be much taller and much shorter than we are. We will still be relatives.
So, when a person who attains a great position and responsibility begins to equate his human brothers and sisters as a pig who should be happy with their governmental portion of rice and pork. He and everyone with that similar attitude is what leads to the eventuality of abuses, cruelties and wars. Wars is not just wars with other nations it can be civil and revolutionary wars as well. The entire leadership of China must regain the trust of their common people. The entire leadership must truly realize that the source of their authority and power is in the common people. Their duty is to the common people.
Clean your house. So, that you can lead the world with honor, integrity and righteousness.
This is crucially important for the whole of humanity. If the leaders in China do not clean their house. All of the old prophecies will manifest and humanity may perish. If the leaders of China learn how to hide their excesses from the common people as the western elites do. Then all of the old prophecies will manifest and humanity may perish. Even though this is public embarrassment for the Chinese leadership. It is necessary. Keep it all public. Keep all of the disciplines harsh. When the Chinese common people see this. Their trust in you will grow. Also, The world will see that China will not tolerate worldly excesses. Thus, those who visit China for business or personal reasons will need to control their impulses. This is a good process so as long as you keep it all out in the open and immediate action taken.
Added on 10 Dec 2013:
China goes to Earth's moon. This should cause great excitement for the people of China as well as the world. China's space program should see itself as the replacement to NASA. Which I think basically only exists in name. 
China will make their own discoveries on the moon and will probably keep those discovered mysteries secret. I would urge China to reveal all they discover in a basic format as possible. What this means is secrets kept and maintained by the western nations. Should be revealed. China can basically reveal these discovered secrets to their own people. Thus, spurring on excitement and purpose within their own people. While at the same time. The politically controlled western media will not reveal anything their perspective governments disallow to be known.
I personally believe all that China discovers should be revealed in a basic format. Such as any evidence that the solar system has survived a great war a long time ago and the evidence still remains in the relics seen. If the leaders do reveal everything they see. It will cause the peoples of the world to support China in their space pursuits. It will also cause those civilians who are very intelligent and skilled to migrate to China and offer their experiences. Thus, boosting and leap frogging China's abilities. The end result of revelations for China. Will be a Chinese foot print on the red soil. This is positive for all of humanity.
The negative approach. The western allied nations will bring political pressure onto China and actually make very real threats which would lead to the extinction of all humanity. China is only the trigger. If China removes their finger from the trigger. Then nothing happens. But, right now. China's finger is on the trigger and they are pointing their guns at anyone who will cross their self defined lines. Conflicts comes to those who seek it. In today's military technological advancements. War harms everyone. Including those who did not seek it or offend anyone (Innocents). This is dishonorable.
Just think about this for a moment. Those islands are not going anywhere. Well, actually they might go bye bye. Japan may see yet another disaster. One in which destroys their Island. It would be very important and seen as very positive (Not the right word). If China begins to accept the Asian peoples as their family reintegration.
By walking away from land disputes and water way disputes. China can focus their energy upon the solar system. The rewards are far greater then a few islands.
With the success of China's landing upon Earth's moon. This should be the catalyst for China to multiply their space efforts by at least 10. If China does this. It is one key aspect to humanities survival beyond near suicidal extinction.
The Chinese leadership really needs to think about their CNSA logo and focus upon this mission. I believe in the meaning of this logo. 
The meaning of this CNSA logo fully expresses the positive prophecy of China. To focus on the exact opposite of this CNSA logo leads to extinction. Before, extinction can occur. There will be much Suffering, Misery, Chaos and Destruction. A final fitting end to a solar system which has known much war. But, by our human perspective we end and the solar system continues on. To be replanted at a later time when healing has been completed and humanity forgotten to archaeology. I also, find it interesting that the symbol for humanity also is similar to a part of the heart beat rhythm. Way cool.

There is virtually ZERO news from the west about this. There is one FOX news report and Fox deleted it.
Well, I think I have been banned from Fox News. Weird. for just trying to access a deleted news report. 10 Dec 2013 @ 0838 EST.

Wow, unable to find that actual fox news report. Although it is still listed in Google search engine.
My search term is "China moon mission" In which the Fox News report was on the top.

Added on 10 Dec 2013:
Hey Important Chinese Leaders. My messages are becoming more important they even I am aware. I have discovered ancient links to my words for you. My message is only for hope, Peace, Harmony, Love and life for all. The negativity I have written is that of a simple message if you and the rest of the world leaders act without wisdom or understanding.  The negativity is only a choice. Just like the suicidal choice to pursue extinction. Keep the focus of your CNSA symbol.
Added on 14 Dec 2013:
Good News China:

Didn't Alice in wonderland have a white rabbit? Weird honeymooners connection that doesn't mean anything. 

Bad China news: Who is provoking who?

The date of this event. 05 Dec 2013:

Is it wise for the good common man to provoke another man who is prepared to fight? NO.
Is it wise for the good common man who has been provoked before by a certain man to learn to defend themselves and then provoke that very same man who intimidated them before? NO.
Is it wise for the good common man to become trained in self defense? YES, But, not in order for him/her to go out and become the replacement bully.

Bully who meets another bully provokes conflict upon one another. The eventuality of the both is violence. One shall stand while the other falls. Where have I heard that before? (Transformers). When fighting, war and conflict is between two groups. There is always harm to innocents. In today's technological advancements. War will harm everyone. Even to extinction.

Note to the Chinese Leaders. Any conflict or war with anyone. Will impede or stop your pursuit into the solar system. Thus, leads all of humanity towards extinction. You China are the trigger and the finger.

Next time China military leaders. Maybe you should try, being nice and friendly. After all, it was in International waters? wasn't it? That part doesn't really matter, really.  Welcome the American ship commander over for tea/coffee. While offering a basic tour of your grand ship. That would make for better news. Wouldn't it?

It is kind of like, here in America. When you have a new and hopefully good family move into the good neighborhood. You go over to their new house and bring a gift basket. Some people even compare jobs, cars, boats and the occasional guns. In your case Naval ships. Heck fire off some guns and launch a few planes/ choppers. I would enjoy that with some green tea and honey.

Added on 14 Dec 2013@2114 HRS.:
China makes the moon. Rover launched. Had new visions of China. While working.

!!!Congratulations China!!!

China will populate Earth orbit. China will be the first to achieve the most people in orbit at one time up to 1000 persons and beyond. China will be the first to populate outside of the Earth and moon orbit. (???). All new space records will belong to china until (???).

China does not reveal any discoveries. Except for mineral contents of soil related to the deep penetrating RADAR.
What this does. By keeping all of the very real discoveries secret. No other countries will pursue a serious space program. This will also placate the American politicians of power. Notice I did not mention the common American. I guess for right now the status quo will remain.

China does reveal most geology, mineral, chemistry discoveries of the moon. If revelations are too slow in the coming. China will report the tedious nature of how to use the equipment that far away.The whole of the world learns a huge vast amounts of useless information about the moon. The word useless is subjective. There will be a ton of data for those who just love data. Keeping certain aspects of the moon secret prevents any other Country/agency wanting to plan and implement their own operations on the moon.

China runs their rover all around the American antiquated space relics for some propaganda. Maybe bumping over the American flag. Oops. Yea, I won't like that. But, planned accidents can happen.

If China continually runs video of the moons surface and surpasses what the Americans have done. It will go a long way to inspire the people of China to maintain the focus of space exploration. Keeping this focus s crucial for all of humanity.
Added on 25 Dec 2013:
A new vision of a strange defensive military device. Possibly Chinese in nature. I place this vision here because I have been excited about Chin's moon landing. It may be related.

On the sides of many ships hang canisters/boxes. They each were lowered down in some fashion as they were stowed aboard ship. Turned on. they created a smoky mist/fog. Possibly even with metallic chaff. This is a defensive device to protect the ships against naval, air and space energy weapons. There may even be a cold ionic system involved. The cooling effects will make the mist heavy and thus remain low on the water. The only safe place is to be deep underwater.

I also, see some land based systems in use. Which covers entire bases, posts and air fields with this heavy cold fog bank. 

The metallic chaff may not be used as it may interfere with radar equipment. While the USA has deployed the energy based weapons. These may only be the only quick defensive measure. The metallic chaff system may be used in places where anti- radar missiles are a threat. Or anti-radar technology has been added to the directional nature of the energy weapons. In warfare a military force will want to attack first the "C's". Not in order. Command, Control, Coordination, Communications, and others which I've forgotten right now. Radar installations is coordination structures.

The Chinese naval fleets will be able to hide with the clouds thus preventing optical observation. Thus, defeating the energy weapons used against them.
Added on 14 Jan 2014:

If the guidance systems are accurate. Just 100 of these would effectively neutralize any Navy. These would not have to be Nuclear tipped.

Added on 31 July 2014:
China has swung itself into becoming the trigger for the destruction of the world. 
I hope this swing will swing back into the more hopeful for humanity side of things. I still believe that the whole of China can become the awe inspiring hope for all of a united humanity. But, they have to stop pursuing old hatreds, old angers from old memories that isn't even  a part of those living today.
China must refuse to create a habit of acting in a reactionary manor and causing others to act in a reactionary manor. PERIOD. Just because every other Country of significance acts reactionary does not mean you have to play that game as well. That is essential how you become the trigger under someone else's control. The trigger always reacts to outside pressure. The trigger is mindless, heartless, without spirit and is not caring of honor, respect, loyalty. The trigger is purely reactionary. In the last few weeks. I feel that China has become more of a trigger and less of the final hope for all of humanity.
China's militarizing of the Earth orbits is troublesome and may very well be reactionary to what others are doing. Just stop it. Focus on the CNSA mission statement and maintain it. Re-Read my CMSA, up above. Plan it and start it and fulfill this great endeavor. Not only for yourselves, for all of humanity. This is too important.
Added on 11 Sept 2014: Very Interesting of China Prophecy just discovered by me. LOL, on the me part. Prophecies not good. A mentors advice is good while the prophets warns. Both within a single person can be. To avert means to turn away.
Added on 10 Sept 2015:
Added on 06 Feb 2016:
China under attack. I do not mean physical warfare. The physical warfare will not come for some time.  This is spiritual warfare. China has been fighting corruption for many years now. China continues to fight corruption and social racism. These kinds of warfare are crucial for the long term growth of what the whole of Chin is to become. Just as it is crucial for Chin to divert it's assets away from military war machine building and into space. Those islands are just not important when you gaze into space and decide to go there. What can the land of Chin do with those islands they are apparently building up for military use? High dollar Vacation resorts. Really. Mandate governance over it all while offer for a fee use to those countries close by. Safety and security. Rest and relaxation. For those who need more secure environments for ease and enjoyment. What better place. To do this after the infrastructure is in place would cause the panicky USA political elites global shrill embarrassment.
Who is now attacking China? The entire LGBTQ power base of the entire world. Many news sources in the last few months. The problem is simple to solve. China being what China is. Can do what I am about to propose. Offer all 40+ million LGBTQ Chinese persons the opportunity to leave China. Make the offer a thing which would be preferred over the alternative. Once an LGBTQ person leaves for any reason. Deny their return for every reason. Re-institute any LGBTQ lifestyle as a mental illness. Outlaw all LGBTQ person. 
It is better for China in the long term to rid itself of any LGBTQ person than to endure the curse they will bring to all of your people.
Think about this. Legalizing immorality while outlawing righteousness is illogical. All you will bring into your great country is decay, disease and internalized self destruction. Just look at the west at what it once was to what it has become now. In a short time watch the USA implode. Even the forces of Chin will blindly rush in to take their share of the former American booty.
The fall and destruction of the USA 
will precede the extinction of all of humanity
No one will profit in any way
This is why it is crucially important for the entire Chinese leadership to look up and to go up. Instead of making lateral movements without depth or dimension. Use American dollars right now to continue to buy up gold, silver and platinum. As well as other mineral sources of wealth. Learn how to evolve your economy to exist without the USA. Do not invest in any American business assets without their moving the organization and capabilities to Chin.
It is only about the
Survival of all of Humanity
Read more of what I've written in regards to China.
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