Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Message: (Unedited): 27 June 2010:

The message is often more important than the errors made by the person who delivered the message. C.J.MacKechnie
Sometimes even the dumb can relay a profound message to the genius. If the genius is to prideful to listen.

Sometimes even a severely disabled and genetically defective two legged kitty named Anakin, can be a great teacher for all of humanity, Even if he is a bit of a brat from time to time.
(It is not my intention to be negative in regards to Anakin, Just overly descriptive to push the point.)

Or such as myself. The uneducated, the unwanted, the unloved, the rejected. The message I intend to give is a positive one. Find that positive message in my writings for yourself. Disregard all of the technical errors.
Your value in this life is solely defined by you. If you choose to believe that you are disabled or genetically defective. Then do not watch Anakin the two legged cat climb the 6 foot tall condo.

Everyone knows that foster kids are bad, bad, bad. You the normal person may never know of a former foster kid. That is because we already know the duality in speech and how it is different to a persons reactions and actions. I know first hand the difference between the correct answer and the right answer. Where as, A person will say the expected correct answer, while at the same time believing differently or what the right answer is for them.
I worked a job and the adult son of the owner rode with me one day doing deliveries. We drove by a Alabama Baptist Home. The adult son made comments on how much they donate money to keep those bad kids off of the street. He even went into just how bad they were. I got upset. I should have not said anything. But, I did. I merely stated that I was a former foster kid and would not do bad things to him. Well, that Friday was my last day. I was never late. I did everything plus more. All above and beyond expectations. They were a regular church going family. I guess they were one of the social Christians then the actual Christian. After all, It is good for business to pretend to be something you are not. While attending the biggest church in your area with the greatest wealth.