Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ramsey McDonald's: (Unedited): 11 May 2013:

How do you define a hero? Does a hero must always be a squeaky clean do gooder Boy Scout?
When and how does a person receive forgiveness and redemption?

I do not know Charles Ramsey. I do not know if he has made that life change. I do know of apathy amongst those who are truly bad and I believe that Charles Ramsey was a bad man for his crimes against his brothers and sisters (A reference to all of humanity). On that day when Charles Ramsey just wanted to sit and enjoy his McDonald's.  He was presented with a situation in which he had to choose or did he? Charles Ramsey spoke the truth that he could have just ignored the woman. But, He acted and freed them all. The rest you know. In that moment Charles Ramsey was a good person and a hero. For human males it is a daily decision that we each need to make. Especially those men who have had a history of being bad.
The Opportunities for both Charles Ramsey and McDonald's is as follows.

This would be in the style of a public service announcement.

How does a bad man journey from being bad to becoming good? What unintentional involvement did McDonald's play if just being present with their offering of low priced meals for those customers who may not be able to afford more quality foods.

Did Charles Ramsey contemplate his life of badness, did Charles Ramsey feel the guilt of his actions while quietly eating, did Charles Ramsey question his life's decisions?

What was the process of Charles Ramsey's transformation? His continuing struggles in life. The continuous ridicule that he must face through world wide revelation. The weight of the world is judging him now.

McDonald's Corporate. Take a stance and a risk with Charles Ramsey. His truth is already revealed. You can tell his story of transformation. A man who once only knew selfish desires and now is discovering the meaning of honor and respect. Even to women in harms way. A evil predator would continue and celebrate the one who imprisoned and harmed the women. Charles Ramsey has proven that he is not the evil predator any longer.

I foresee internet commercials featuring Charles Ramsey and the narration of his life and what led him to his heroic deeds. McDonald's was just present. Show his struggles. Show his personal revelations over a double cheese burger. Show his transformation through a refreshing sip of coke. Show his guilt through a french fry. Show his new purpose in life over a glorious cup of coffee in the early morning sunrise. Proof of new beginnings.

The gentle breeze of possible positive moves through the doors of McDonald's customer base and maybe even with certain troubled employees. Does McDonald's batten down the hatches or allow the fresh new breeze invigorate? Give hope. Reveal hope. The next hero may be a former troubled McDonald's employee. Let the breeze flow through. It feels wonderful.

Seek out foster kids and former foster kids. Empower them to know the possibility of achieving a quality of life beyond the abuse and torture they each have had to endure.