Saturday, June 29, 2013

Free Future Lost: (Unedited): 29 June 2013:

A free and civilized nation who forgets their history also loses their future. 
Historical Dates are important for remembrance. Historical places are important to know something important happened there. Historical people are important because they are the ones who risked everything in order for you to have the life you have now. Ask those hard questions to find out why a few did what they must of felt they had to do.
All of the history must be learned and understood no matter the outcome. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. The new generation of students must learn the ugliness of history just to prevent a future repeat occurrence. Do not celebrate the ugliness nor keep them secret.
The Bad aspects of history or the mistakes made must also be learned and understood. In order to avoid making those same or similar mistakes again. Do not celebrate the bad mistakes nor keep them secret.
Where the ancestors got it right. That you celebrate. Know more than a date. Such as the American July Forth. Is it more than just beer, hot dogs, barbeques, picnics and fireworks? It can be said it is more than just an American Holiday. Did you know that? Do not just accept that a day is a declared holiday just so you can obtain a free day of pay.

When the mandated history as taught to school age children in your free country is diminished in any way. There is a long duration plan to take your country and enslave your children or children's - children. Take away the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of any of your history. You lose parts of your future freedom. As the decades go by. Piece by piece of your history as taught to your children means their ability to be free in the future is taken away piece by piece. When you can say you were taught more than your children are and you remember your parents were taught more than you. That is when the evil plans of a corrupt government can be seen. When the test to become a citizen is beyond your capability of answering. You or the next couple of generations will be the ones who will witness the death of a free society. Or is it the transformation from a free society into an enslaved one. But, of course if your in an enslaved society. You won't be reading this. 
When the political, social and anti-religious ideologies of falsehood are taught in the history and social studies classes. You will know the social conditioning's of your children's minds are in play. The Children are actively being (Brain Washed) psychologically taught to believe the opposite of you. Your children will not be your own as they will begin to choose the new form of government over the old form. They will not know or understand that they are in the wrong. The children will only know they are in the right. This will be the purity of complete deception. (Prophecy, in progress).
How to stop the changes which have already begun. Right now every pure of heart religious person must run for every political office in their city, county, state and federal government. RIGHT NOW. You must be an active Participant in your free society. If you are a pure of heart religious person and have complaints about anything within your free country and have done nothing more than vote. You will lose your freedom and become a criminal will the evil entities become formed into one large voting block and turn your country in a free state for themselves. Being evil is selfishly greedy. 
Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: