Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First Children: Wisdom Death: Nations United: Common Interest: (Unedited): 18 Nov 2013:

First Children:
Your school children will be the first ones to be mentally conditioned to believe that the nations of the world united is a great and wonderful thing. 

The school children are the beginning of any new belief system.  Once the children are officially taught in a learning environment that a thing is good, right and true. That is exactly what those children will believe in their adulthood. It matters not if that which is taught is actually bad, wrong and false. Those children when they become adults will follow along by their choice with the new status quo. The new way of doing and believing will be like it always had been for the young adult. While the middle aged adults will have to adapt and overcome or be left behind. The older adults will just think the world has gone to hell as their views are marginalized.
When you see the most innocent among us singing songs and acting in the plays at church or in schools. You will know the origin. No matter how innocent it may seem. It is mind control. If you do not know Bible Prophecy. Then learn about the first world government in the Christian teachings. But, then again the helpless christian sheeple will be one of the first groups of people to be criminalized. That is because, they know the truth. The truth must die and all who holds onto it.


Read at your own risk. It is up to you to ascertain a truth. Follow each story to its original source.

Wisdom Death:
Endangered becomes the world. When the wisdom of the elders dies before they do. 

All of the ancient wisdom's of the world which teaches anything which will be contrary to the teachings of the singular governing body of the world must die. It will be crucial for the success of the singular governing body for all of the common peoples of the world to look to the singular governing authority for all of their answers. All religions, all philosophies and all free thinkers must become like they never were and shall be never remembered again. It all starts when the common people every where no longer believe or follow the teachings of their ancients or today's elders.
Of course, there are teachings which are just untrue. Such as the division of the races. There is only one race and it is a human race. Those things which are contradictory to love, peace, harmony and life. Should be omitted from teachings as a way of life and instead be taught as the stories that they are for learning wisdom.
Nations United:
The political, ruling and elitist classes of people will urge for the progression of the governments/nations of the world to become united under one supreme ruling body. 
When all of the politicians, rulers, elitists of the world can agree upon equitable shares of the worlds wealth and lawful guarantees of the continuation of their families comfortable lifestyles. Do not think for once they have ever thought about your basic human rights or civilized freedoms. Those are not and will not be guaranteed for any person deemed as a commoner. In the beginning of the fundamental transformation from multiple governments into a singular world governing body. Everyone will celebrate their new world government.
Common Interest:
The common people must be conditioned to think and believe that a single governmental ruling body is of the best interest to everyone on the planet. 
Wouldn't you vote for a single governmental ruling body? if they could guarantee/promise no more world wars, no more regional wars, no more terrorism, guarantees to clean drinking water, healthy foods, education, heath care and etc.  Everyone who is not in a western nation would vote for that as well as a large percentage of those living in the western world. To disagree would mean that you are for the contrary to those promises made.
The truth is. The singular governing body is for those who are deemed as "First Worlders". This term will not be their new term as it is already used by the communists who currently seek the down fall of anything American.  Such as :   http://llco.org/  . There are many more groups and websites. You can look for them yourself and study their materials. I'm just not interested. I know enough about prophecy to know. That it doesn't matter. What does matter is the common people living and believing as a singular group of people. Who decide to live their lives with love, peace, harmony and with a sense of importance of all life. If the common people do these things. Then the majority of all of the bad and sad prophecies will not manifest. There will be no military forces in the world to go to war for those who will profit. There is always someone who will profit. War is typically about wealth, land and resources. The rest of what you think and know about the reason for wars is all lies and deceptions which has been propagandized to that governments civilian populations.

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