Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fantasy control: (Unedited): 19 March 2014:

Need to organize and edits. Work in progress. 
The new generations of humanity must control all of their fantasies especially when they involve another person.

Those of the new generation of humans must learn to control all of their fantasies. Because they will have an impact on those who are closest to you.
All of humanity will become empathic and psychic. Because of this, it will become crucial for each person to control all of their thoughts of imagination and fantasy.
The sinful and wrongful fantasies that you have will harm others. Especially when they are unknowing of the gifts. When you have a fantasy which involves another person. You will be transmitting that information to them. Even by imagining them in some way can either curse them or bless them and if they are unknowing of such things and have not given your permission to think about them. Then you are trespassing.
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