Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lighted Valley: (Unedited): 30 April 2014:

It matters not how each of you have come into this valley of despair and depression, disease and death. We are all still brother and sister to one another. Lift up each other in love. So that we all can become a source of light as we all depart this valley of darkness together. C.J.MacKechnie
 I see it all to often. A person is in their own valley of the shadow of death. I can see them as I am there with them. I look else where and there is another lost soul. I know that I know that if one lost soul can reach out to another lost soul with an ounce of compassion. Then they both can free themselves from this place of perpetual misery. And from that single ounce of compassion if they both reached out to another lost soul. Then there would be three to be free at a cost of just one once of compassion. Then if the three continue to use that same ounce of compassion. they would become four and more freeing themselves of that desolate place of deaths darkness. Until, all are freed.
 To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
All without any pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy and entitlements.
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