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May 8 2015 Prophecy: (Unedited): 13 April 2014:

These are in note form. Trying to work it all out.  Continuous updates.
 USA becomes the force behind it's own self destruction at the hands of enemies who have sworn an oath to an old and dead empire. A dead empire which lives on in secret belief.

Ugh. What is it?

They are and always have been enemies and not traitors to become. Their oaths of allegiance were in deception.
not enough time.
Is this going to be an opportunity for these countries to be the good guys?
Is Russia and China to be the good guys?
The USA is unable to send people to the ISS. This will be symbolic of the end of USA leadership in everything.
ISS to fall.
 Would this be the first of many icons which disappear. This may be erasure of USA from memory or history.
Hover Dam to fall.
there are 2 options as the third option isn't even recognized.  The 3rd option is unknown to me at this time.
NYC destroyed.
This seems fantastic and maybe false. The use of dozens of tactical nuclear bombs all around the world on US assets. 
US Navy neutralized in a single day. Plus other naval base attacks.
US. Military manufacturing sabotage.
The purpose of any prophecy is to plan for the prevention of the event to the best you can. To prevent or mitigate the bad and sad event by every means necessary.That is the purpose of any undesirable prophecy. It is the same with the wise words of hope spoken by any mentor. The steerable young person needs to actively work hard and smart in order to see the words of any mentor to be fulfilled. The prophet and the mentor can be the same person.

Be warned. The pseudo prophet who desires in their heart that their name be spoken in the highest regard for being right first. Should be shunned. 

I see the leadership in the USA to be mostly enemies of the state and not traitors. Why and how I type this. I do not know why or how. Follow their money and their assets. The USA will be no more in accordance to Christian prophecy.
Those who are still in service to the USA military. Should consider their discharge as soon as possible.
 I know this is a hard and difficult choice. I suspect that your financial losses can be high.
If you are a person of deep faith in any religion which espouses love, peace and harmony. You should not be in the military at all.
You persons of faith. By removing yourself from military service. You remove the perception that this war against Islamist is a religious war. If there are no Christians or any of person of religious faith in any armed services. Then the religious war dies. You take away from those who want the two brothers of one God to fight one another.
Those of you who are in Law enforcement at any level. You should reasonably consider that the upper levels in your chain of command is probably an enemy of the state. They will order you to do terrible things and proclaim it to be legal and lawful or that the information given is true and current. They are the law makers. So what the federal government declares is lawful, IS. But, is it right, morale and truthful. Is it good of them to put you in a situation where you become the sacrificial pawn in their bloody plans for warfare with the civilian population? Is it good to continually instigate upheaval? Out of chaos comes order. Whose created chaos and whose order? Those who create chaos are not in favor for anyone to be free by any degree.
Those of you who are in Law enforcement at any level. When and if your eyes begin to see the truth. Keep it to yourself for now. Make those necessary arrangements for the safety and protection of your family. Then become that necessary individual who becomes one of the leaders of their community. By becoming a community asset you diminish the enemies ability to create chaos, even by just one skilled and talented person, YOU.

Didn't each of you men and women first dream of being the good guy, the hero who comes in with guns drawn to save the innocent. Maybe even rescuing the surviving victim from terrible things.
Can you really maintain your ideals after living in and owning nice homes and cars. Shall you become the henchmen of old. Doing the bidding of those who give you that better lifestyle for doing their will without question. Only the laws which grant you authority is the only right and power, if that is to be your belief and guiding light. Then you have become a mindless henchman or minion. I do believe that most of you in the whole of the American Law Enforcement community are good at heart. This includes the federal, state and local law enforcement.

To maintain your good heart or to even return to your good heart. You will need to give up everything, save your family. But, if your spouse desires to not to mind the evil you have been doing in the name of law. You may have to leave them all as well. How can a good person enter into the kingdom of Heaven when they continue to do evil? I tell you they cannot. You can only take yourself through the eye of the needle and nothing else. No weapons, no human laws, no civilized military equipment, only you. So just as the rich person, you each must choose to do the same. Some will and many won't. Will you kill them when they have left you to regain their honor?

If you have the financial means to prepare yourself. Then you should do so. As in reasonable Doomsday Prepper kind of activities. Learn to live without electricity.
The dates I have listed may not be dates of importance. In that time frame. World events will build up and then actions will happen. You need to position yourself for those events.
70 and 7 comes to mind.  I am probably mixing this up.
That is what is in my mind. 70 years plus 7 years. Maybe, first half of that for peace.
I have studied prophecy since the 1980's and I have heard that every president is the anti-Christ and is the last President. If president Obama is to be the last President of the USA. Then destabilization actions must begin before the voting begins for the new president to come into office. So, an aggressive action like the destruction of the Hover dam, ISS and NYC. Would go a long way to institute martial law and to suspend the constitution and all other rights. Including ownership, wealth and freedom. The former president of the former USA becomes a dictator over the indebted non persons in international law.
Those wealthy persons who have already moved out of the USA with their wealth. Will still have a tough time living abroad as they will still be seen as Americans and thus abused if not killed.
How to prevent the majority of the undesirable prophecies from occurring. Is as follows.
Love one another.
Live in peace with everyone.
Exist in harmony with all things.
Repent and flee from all sin.
Have a good day.
It is my desire to prevent and or mitigate all undesirable prophecies ever spoken or written by anyone at any time.
I believe that the vast majority of the undesirable prophecies ever written or spoken about the end of times/days. Is solely caused by individual human beings and not by God. We humans are at fault of our coming near extinction and not God. God gave us his prophets and messengers. God gave us the laws and wisdom's. It is each of us individually who has rejected it all. Save for those who have been selected to become one of the remnant.
70 years ago.
Will this be also against Great Britain as well?
Is this or can this be tied to my other writings of prophecy?
Maybe, it is not for me to know all of the details and only offer my little piece of the prophetic puzzle.
 This is for 2015. There are other years in the chart. The website has much more content as well. Search it at your own leisure. Steve Weyerts is also on YouTube.

John 5
Exodus 23
2 Kings 20
Psalms 115
Daniel 3
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