Thursday, June 12, 2014

Absence Importance: (Unedited): 12 June 2014

The absence of information is the most important of all information gathered. This is where the greatest discoveries of revelation occur. C.J.MacKechnie
This may seem obvious to many and yet still something to be learned by others. All wisdom, knowledge and understanding that you do not know is an absence of information to you. It is that simple.
The physical beings in which our spirits inhabit is absent of a great many physical talents and physical awareness's. Such as hearing, sight, smell, radar, sonar, vibration sensors, gills and flight. You may say we have some of those and not of the others. This would be obviously true. Look at your own eyesight and compare it to other creatures. Is your eyesight better than that particular creature or not has developed? What about your hearing or sense of smell is it better than any dog? Of course not.
You may even already know this. Is the night sky really dark?
Seek you for yourself the absence of information in all things presented before you. Because, if the absence of information is before you. Then it is for you to discover if you choose. I do believe if something is presented before you, it is for you to learn, especially if it is from those greater than any human. So, it must be of importance even though you are not aware of the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of that unknown thing as of yet. Thus, without knowing a thing how can you possibly make a logical and reasonable decision if that unknown thing is important or not? You cannot. So, comes faith and trust.
Personal note.
 Faith and trust has always been difficult for me to accept. Just read a little of my child hood. To trust to me seems like an impossibility and yet this is the unknown thing which has been presented before me in the last decades. In which I have seemed to reject more than learn. Yet, the lessons continue into the overtly obvious now. This blog is an effort of faith and trust. I'm a writer who doesn't know the rules of writing. Which is probably painfully obvious to those who are in the know and who read my words. (My Poor wife), The award winning English, journalist major.In the beginning of my writing. I fought it and was a prisoner of the quote writing. Now, I'm a willing participant and inquire if I've done something wrong if I do not write a quote for a period of time. Which it usually is my fault. Praying and meditating often all the while working two Minimum wage jobs. While raising four children. It is not easy to find the time. 
To have faith in people is also very difficult as is also indicated in my childhood. To have faith in people when having studied prophecy since the 1980's. I have come to realize that it is the fault of humanity for the woes of extinction to come. Only the selected chosen remnant shall be saved. As more individuals fall into reprobation. The tide of sinful slavery will become more prevalent and less within the darkened red light shadows. Then all life shall be burned as has been prophesied. So, to have faith in humanity does not seem natural to me. God has sent prophets to every peoples and cultures to teach a very basic lesson.

A). To Love one another.
B). To be in peace.
C). To exist in harmony.
D). Life is Important.

These lessons are really that simple and they guarantee freedom, not take freedom away. If humanity as a whole would just begin to live their individual lives in accordance to these 4 lessons. The woes of extinction shall be prevented. There is no need for advanced technology or for some brilliant leadership to alter humanities predicted fate to come. All of the responsibility of continued life or extinctions end is all within you and how you actively live your own life.
A person has the right to be evil and bad. We can freely choose to hate, to go to war, to have a chaotic life and to abort babies. This is not a political statement more it is about RIGHTeousness. To logically live your life against these four lessons. Does mean very probable death. Maybe, not in the instant, but more over time.

Back to faith in humans. It is easy for me to see the reprobate in the leadership of religions, politics, business, science, education and now in the general population. The reprobate in the general population is the most disturbing to me. Because, if the general population becomes convicted by GOD and is place into reprobation. Then humanity will no longer be able to freely choose between right or wrong. Humanity will DE-evolve and die. This is the function of reprobation. Reprobation works at the individual level, family level, national level and planetary level. Humanity is self-destructing by collective choice. In the name of rights and freedom. To freely sin without guilt and call it a right and a freedom is a lie and deception.

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