Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fixed Math: (Unedited): 17 Sept 2014:

It is easy to perceive how the whole of everything moves and interacts with each other. Everything from galaxies to planetary interactions to water and land. Even from the molecular to the quarky subatomic. Everything can be thought of as the movement of energy and frequency. Even is the all that there is - is energy and frequency. It must still have a logical component or data structure. To even go deeper this data structure must have a support structure which is the mathematical foundation of the all. It is this mathematical foundation which is fixed. It is only the data which moves.  C.J.MacKechnie
Yep.quarky is a new word. Just quarks being weird.
I have tried to write this before and may be a partial repeat. I think this is a better explanation. May not be entirely accurate as I'm not an educated person. It is the best I can explain it all as easily as possible.
It is kind of like you in your car with a little child back in the day. When safety wasn't thought of as it is today.
Your little child hops from the back to the front to the back again on a long driving trip to some exciting place repeatedly. The child is within the car which is moving upon the road which is not moving. The child may perceive some kind of movement but the child is only aware that he can easily move from the back to the front. that is until the parents have had enough. This is of course a false perception as the road is upon the planet which is revolving and moving around a central star. This central star is likewise moving in a grand long circle around the galactic core. The galactic mass is moving amongst other galactic bodies. 
The mathematical support structure resides within the zero sum. It is from this zero sum where everything originates and is continually supported. It is also where all of the energy and frequency is created.
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