Saturday, December 13, 2014

Game Face On: (Unedited): 11 Dec 2014:

Family, Friends and food is better enjoyed. When your game face is not on. 
There are many kinds of game faces. The game face of a soldier, warrior, law enforcement person, athletes. Sometimes a game face after a certain event cannot be easily turned off. It is necessary that you learn how to. Because, most people do not want to be around those who always have their game faces on. Always hyper-alert and hyper-vigilant.  
Always having your game face on makes normal civilians tense and nervous. This is not good for them nor is it healthy. You should not be a source of their stress especially when your in a safe environment. If you love those who you call family and friends. Then you should control yourself, at least for their mental ease.
This is also for those who are spiritually gifted. Being able to turn off your gifts or at least hide them effectually will ease those who do not share in your abilities. Thus, enabling them to be more comfortable in your presence.  Always remember, The spiritual gifts you have received are not for you or even about you. You have been entrusted with it/them for the benefit of others.
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