Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sacrificial Alter: (Unedited): 15 Jan 2015:

When your Ancient Holy Texts are placed upon the sacrificial alter. It is those who are in possession of this alter who are the enemies of the whole world. Including their very powerful god. 
The very fundamental aspect of the worlds religion's is supposed to be a unifying factor into the truth of the way things are supposed to be. The Asian religions is about harmony. Islamic religions is about peace. Christian religions is about love. The Jewish tradition is about the law. They all work together. It is humanity who has caused exclusion between one and another.
They all lead us to righteousness and holiness in the eyes of God. 
If there is a real holy building with a sacrificial alter and upon that sacrificial alter are all of the ancient holy religious texts of the world. You have found the real enemy to all of humanity. I tell you the truth. The Christian is brother to Islam is brother to Buddhism is brother to the Jewish traditions and they each are brother to everyone else. Those who cause you or teaches you to hate, war, destroy  and murder. It is they who are your sworn enemies.

If you do happen to become enlightened from within enough to see this truth. You shall become the most hated of all upon this earth.

Even the human enemies of all of humanity are they themselves generational and fully deceived by the supreme being whom they call and worship as god and he is real.

The use of god and God are for two different supreme beings. The big God is the supreme one. The little god is most likely a fallen angel who is pretending to be a god. A simple and common human being may very likely go insane in the full presence of the little god.

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