Monday, April 20, 2015

Traps Righteous: (Unedited): 20 April 2015:

That narrow path upon which the righteous have chosen to journey upon is surrounded by many different spiritual traps. All of which look very right, very innocent and very holy. Just as any trapper of furs hides and disguises their metal teeth and claws. So to do those fallen ones who hide themselves as well as their traps. Traps specifically designed to ensnare and bind you alive.
The suffering and torture is only about to begin once the righteous one becomes entrapped and ensnared. I can see these traps. many of them but not all of them. Those traps and snares that you do see and I do not see are those designed and placed for me. Just as those snares and traps in which I can see and you do not are meant for you. Together the righteous ones who walk and remain together are those who shall complete their missions in this life. The righteous one who walks solitary upon their own path isn't really alone so as long as they keep their solitary focus on the Heavenly father.
I try to see where we all are in Prophecy. On that singular point it is both revealing and entrapping. To keep and maintain the focus is very difficult for me. After all I'm a deeply flawed human being even by human standards. As one who has not had the benefit of education or a stable family life. I can no longer use as an excuse. Nor do I desire to do so. Never the less, I still see as I do and feel as I do. I can see and feel the probable end of humanity as well as the possible new beginning of humanity into the outer reaches of this solar system as a singular family of humanity. Humanity is on that cusp where life and extinction is both present. At that point life and death will be collectively based on life and spiritual decisions. If humanity makes those wrong decisions and become more and more ensnared in the false belief of absolute freedom without responsibility. Then death to us all. No amount of technology or heroics will save any of us. The righteous remnant few cannot save the worldly religious majority who seem hell bent to bring about humanities doom. Just to force the coming Messiah to make an appearance. Just as the big brother who scolds and disciplines the younger for their disobedience and dishonor to their family. So to comes your awaited Messiah. Are you sure you want your Messiah to come as a great lion? an upset lion? an angry lion? a lion who shall be humanities adversary?
All of the old famous prophets who have warned us all over humanities history. Shall become right. While all of the wise mentors who seem to have already been forgotten. Shall not even be remembered in our time of coming doom. Just their desperate pleas into the heavens shall not be heard. As it was in the time of Noah. So shall it be in the end. Only one thing remains. The common people who have common knowledge of the angels or aliens. That is a final key. As in the time of Noah. The common people of the world had direct knowledge of the angels. In today's modern world. the term angels will most likely be left out and the use of the name of those beings instead. The term alien shall even be minimized. 
 There are spiritual structures hidden upon this Earth. A technology which shall be hidden from those fallen angels which will return. This spiritual technology and structures will do their thing. What eve that may be. to me they are just structures. Much like looking at a generic wall or beam of a bridge. I do not know what the beam holds up or what the wall is a part of.
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