Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lying Wonder Revealed: (Unedited): 30 June 2015:

When you hear of natural occurrences become a lying wonder. Know that the revelation of evil which shall be thought of as good shall soon come forth. For even the elect shall be deceived in those days. 
 This is my first perceived lying wonder which has been revealed. Is it the first lying wonder? Most likely not. It is only the first one which has come into my awareness.
You must know and be made aware of. That no person or persons ever on this planet can follow any single star to any exact place on this planet or any other planet as the wise men had done 2000+ years ago. The Star of Bethlehem was that unknown thing which appeared as a star to those wise men and was most likely not seen by the general population on the Earth. This star of whatever it was only appeared as a star so that the wise men would take notice and follow this Godly sign to the boy child who is to become the Christ. 
As Christians, You cannot allow yourself to believe any lie or follow any deception. The June 30th 2015 planetary alignment between Venus and Jupiter is a lying sign of a naturally occurring astronomical wonder. For any person of faith to believe it to be more than it is. Is you being deceived.
Pray and meditate as you should. Do not become deceived.
Repent and flee from all sins.
Become reverent or respectful to the words of God.
Be righteous and acceptable to God.
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Added on 01 July 2015:
Believed Signs: (Unedited): 01 July 2015:
Every sign and any sign is a sign. Even all natural occurrences which are identified as a sign is then believed to be a sign of the time. No matter if it is true or who the source is. 
Here's your Sign: (Unedited): 01 July 2015:
It is well known by those who are in the knowing that signs shall be presented before certain prophetic events are to occur. Those who anticipate those signs will not question the signs but rather quickly accept those signs as their own. So here is your sign. 
Plethora Signs: (Unedited): 01 July 2015: 
There shall be a plethora of manufactured signs created by human beings, fallen angels and righteous angels. The righteous angels signs shall be the relatively few golden needles while the human and fallen angel signs shall be as uncountable as the golden hay in Iowa. Only the most discerning of believers shall know the difference between the golden hay and the righteous golden needle.  
 Important Signs and Wonders: (Unedited): 01 July 2015:
The importance of the sounding trumpets, signs and wonders to come is only important to the professional religious person and to the non-believers. 
Not Sought Righteous: (Unedited): 01 July 2015: 
 To the devoutly righteous person as accepted and recognized by God only. Their future destiny is already set within the Heavenly stones. Signs and wonders should not be sought out by any devoutly righteous person. 
Righteous Comfort: (Unedited): 01 July 2015: 
The signs and wonders just do not matter in the grand scheme of things. Nor does prophecy.
The devoutly righteous does not need any signs or wonders. 
The devoutly righteous does not need to hear that the great miracle worker is on this mountain or down by that sea. 
The devoutly righteous does not need to travel into the presence of the two witnesses that have already come.
The devoutly righteous does not need to worry or be concerned that this good thing is gone or this terrible thing has come upon us all. 
The devoutly righteous only needs the Lord God and to dwell within this state of holy righteousness which is the Holy spirit. This is the sole comfort to the devoutly righteous and it is more than satisfactory. 
Added on 25 July 2015: A new lying wonder. Bad News for God:
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