Monday, October 5, 2015

Dr. John Fifty: (Unedited): 05 Oct 2015:

Good Defined: (Unedited): 05 Oct 2015:
I choose to be defined by my good memories.
Well, I'm Fifty. Never thought I would live past twenty four. I'm still on this life Journey which seems to be not mine. But, I'm now OK with this ride. I've become a husband of more than 25 years. I'm a father of 3 awesome men and one beautiful daughter who stole my heart. Apparently I've become a writer who doesn't know how to write. Go Figure. Today, I'm very thankful to have had a life as rich as I have had so far. Very thankful. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone else. But the last 25 years was good. I've always had work and always worked hard. Could have been better but there has been to much to overcome while at the same time trying and failing to support my wife and kids. Family, the one thing I always wanted and had to learn how to be a member of one.
Today, My lightning burns on my left temple decided to show their elusive selves today. It kind of looks like a two branched tree. No leaves. I guess it's my only tat. Maybe, my brother will like this revelation. That his tat-less brother has a secret one. I showed my very excited daughter. I think that was the entry. The exit was elsewhere.
I started reflecting on this life journey and how it is just not logically possible I survived. Or how I can save Mr. G group home family, bad stuck 4X4's. By doing all of the wrong things at the wrong time and yet still be able to meet up with all of the right people at the right time in the Oldsmar mud. That's a story where the door opens as i fly through it. And how is it that a 18 wheeler truck driver gets back there? just to give me a ride? Really. I would never had done that, ever. Maybe, something spooky? probably not.
Yea, read those words on the right column. That is the limited version.
Dr. John.
It seems those that have endured the most abuse have the most bad memories. It is easy for those who have endured the most hardship to identify themselves by the kind of memories they have. The vast majority of my memories were bad. So i identified myself as bad. But, once i started to create good memories and to act with good manners. The bad memories began to fade away and the belief that I may actually be good began to grow and develop within me. So to other concepts such as Honor, respect.
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