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Harley Davidson Vison Twice: (Unedited): 17 Dec 2015:

Some time ago. I had multiple visions about Harley Davidson motorcycles and of course I cannot find it on this Blog account. I did not leave the correct labels either. I will start fresh.
I sense a financial downfall coming to Harley Davidson. They know that sales will begin to fall as this current generation of retired and semiretired people will begin to pass away into the great biker heavens up above. (Biker Pun). 
Then I saw the scooters. A complete line of scooters. From Harley Bicycles with little Harley 49cc motors all the way up to the 600CC classes of scooters. The biggest differences between the Harley Brand and the rice burners. Was the Coolability of accessories of the Harley scooters.
What this coolability means is unlike the rice burner scooters in which you buy them the way they want you to buy them and then the Harley way. Harley knows this better than anyone else. A true Harley owner upgrades their rides and personalizes their rides. Which mean Mo money for Harley and for the Harley Franchises. 
Then comes the visions of the scooters. Engineered to be upgraded at every part for infinite configurations. 
I saw a 49cc Harley powered bicycle. I saw a new exhaust appear and then a carburetor and then new heads. I saw a way to increase electrical power for additional LED lights on the bicycle. Increased and styled fuel tank. a variety of wheels and tires. Stage 1,2 and 3.
I saw a 49cc Harley scooter. In which the entire motor could be upgraded. Stage 1,2, and 3.  All of the plastic molding could be easily replaced for different styling and additional LED lighting schemes. Taller tires and fatter wheels could be added. Different seat and fuel tanks. Added lighting systems and great electrical generation.
The same was done for the 150, 250 and 350cc classes of scooters. 
00 Dec 2015:
The new vision. I saw a person place their cell phone into the cradle and a Harley App. Showed them some interesting things and capabilities within their helmet. While charging their phone and other tech goodies for those younger types. I even heard the you left your cell phone beeping and/or Harley song sound when everything was turned off.  
This is what happened. The dads and grand dads bought the scooters for themselves and for their college kids.
The Rv'ers bought them to. A little Harley coolification of an Rv'er. 
The lower income people who are unable to afford all of the fees associated with a car or a large motorcycle begins to buy them. 
 Does this turn around a coming Harley slow down? I didn't see any thing in that regard. It seems to delay or offset or stabilize. 
The down turn of the New RV market is gonna be harsh. While the older RV units will be sold to the poorest of those who can not afford rent on an apartment/trailer park. Campgrounds will rise and become populated with those to poor to stay in an apartment/trailer park and to rich to be homeless. 
I did also see a brief golf cart with the new tech of Tesla associated. With a solar panel roof. But, it was fleeting. Does this mean it failed or just not thought out correctly? Or was the price point way to high for average folk? I bet if it was engineered for expandibility. It might sell better.
I also saw a gas four wheeler. It was also fleeting. Those things can sell for $20 Grand. Not sure of the fleeting. I would like to have one as in my city of Port Richey now has Golf carts on the little local streets.
I also see something happen with Asia and China. Which causes a bad taste in the mouths of Americans. Americans will realize that China is an enemy and that buying anything made in China or owned by Chinese interests is not good for America or for Americans.
Added on 20 Dec 2015:
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23 Aug 2016:
In my poor part of Florida. I see many High dollar Harley's. You know the kind where some guy had bought a $15,000 bike and then invested over $40,000 over time. That is incredible business. One of which will begin to taper off as those with pensions die off. So what have I seen since Dec 2015? 
Well, my county is divided up among a couple of Bike gangs. The old guy bikers and those who wannabe biker gang folks who attend the various local biker dive bars. I observe a lot and no one notices. But, what have I seen lately. I have seen one of my devote and serious Harley guys with his lady. Enjoying an easy ride to a store on a Chinese motor scooter. Then I saw another guy with a custom Harley 49cc bikeo-ped Krylon paint job. LOL. Yes, well the point is. The hard core Harley biker had money he didn't spend in one of your retail stores. The poor nut job who only dreams of Harley. had to make his own facsimile. Again, You official Harley suit wearing people. Didn't see those dimes in your bank accounts. I'm telling you this is a growing thing.
Especially, when the wealth of common Americans is directly tied to their homes.
This is prophecy.
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