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Prophecy Revelation Understanding Lord God: (Unedited): 03 April 2016:

Do you remember that old Clint Eastwood Movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly? It's an ole Truckers favorite. It is full of partial truths. For instance the bad man was really bad, the ugly guy was well ugly and the good man was not a good person either he was just good at what he did. Do you get it so far. Which leads to a trucker comment. "You be good and if you can't be good then be good at it".
We are in Revelation. I know this. How? Just do. But, what does revelation really mean? Extreme apocalypse and were all gonna die except for all of those who ever proclaimed to be christian? Well, Nope. If your a professed Christian and have not turned away from sin and have not begun your journey to becoming a righteous and holy person as defined by Jehovah. Weel, you may be one of the ones whom Jehovah proclaims as to have never known. Only you and Jehovah shall know or you may be surprised.
Revelation to put it simply is a revealing? A revealing of what? Everything. All of the truths as lies and all of the lies as truths. Also, all of those secrets and hidden away things. Which means all of the Good, The bad and the ugly. There will be many theologians, pastors, teachers, preachers, Nuns and priests who will absolutely reject the learned and discovered truths which have only been revealed in this modern age. For instance, would you become offended that the word Lord means the god Baal? Many will after all they have been calling for Baal or Lord for decades. If Baal or one of his many many names is actually ruler of this world. Then all of your worldly riches is directly from Baal or your Lord. How do you feel about my comment? I would be really really upset and I am because I have said my own prayers using only the word "Lord and God". I'm as of today still in the process of studying the word "Lord and God" and am only in the beginning stages of it. But, it looks like the old Catholic church had changed the name of Jehovah to Lord and God maybe a thousand or so times. More revealed crimes against the Catholic Church. (I used the word God).
This is just one example. But, everyday something else is revealed. We can either accept the cold hard truth or just bury with all of the other treasures of the physical world. I want to encourage you to seek out the truth and continue to remain focused upon Jehovah Yahweh.
How many songs have you grown up with and how many songs do you love and worship with? If you see the revealed truth in this? Will you change your practice or continue on with your old ways?
If you study and research the origins of the word Lord and God. Will you continue to use those words. Especially, If one or both of those words is offensives to Jehovah Yahweh. Remember the lessons of Jesus and traditions?  It's in the Holy Bible go and find and read them.
What of Islam who use the name Allah which means God. Is all of Islam being deceived with the simple names they use? Are Islamic Muslims unwittingly praying to Baal just as the Christians are unwittingly calling out to Baal? Thinking one think but saying another.
The point I'm trying to make is that we all have been lied to and deceived in many different categories of information. Much of these lies and deceptions are many thousands of years old and have been just assumed as truths today. For instance. The separation of humanity by the standard of skin colors. We call it the races of humanity and has led to many wars, many wrongful deaths and many many other wrongs. Which are still perpetuated today. Even though scientific fact has proven that all of the different races of humanity is all based in lies. This racial truth was revealed in and around 1985 and more exacting again in 2003. AND This is now 2016. Still the majority of this planets population does not know this absolute truth and those who do, do not really care.
There may be thousands and millions of lies that we all believe to be truths today. On the contrary, There may be thousands and millions of truths that we believes as lies today. Then there are the actual truths and actual lies that we do know. Can you begin to see just how confusing the Revelation of the Bible really is? Just be sure to keep your pride and ego in check while you alter from one way of doing into the truthful way of doing.
If you can get through all of this confusion and are able to get to those little purple words below. Then you shall be a very special human being in the eyes of Jehovah. (I almost said God).
Added on 25 April 2016:
Then those who know of prophecy. Know that satan is going to copy all that Jehovah has done. All of this in order to deceive. Satan and the 10% of the fallen angels which still are free to roam this Earth all know when the appointed time is or it's very close approximation. These 10% of the fallen angels along satan are doing everything they can to continue to deceive and to hide, mask or cover up all truths of Jehovah. Especially changes the meaning of those holy symbols of Jehovah in the mind set of humanity. So, yes satan and the 10% fallen angels are controlling and manipulating the thinking and beliefs of human beings.
For instance Hitler took the holy German cross and corrupted it. The LGBTQ community took the rainbow and made their symbol for gay pride. There are many many more things. So we are in the days of divine revelation and satan and his free to roam fallen angels. Will also have their own revelations to mix in with the true revelations of Jehovah. Which will all be designed to confuse and to keep separated those from Jehovah. In this point of time satan and his 10% fallen angels are winning. Then a prophecy states that the remaining 90% of the fallen angels will be loosed upon all of humanity. So if 10% are winning now? What will happen when the other 90% are freed? and who will free them? Humanity under the controlled delusion of the fallen angels? Will CERN be the tool which frees the 90% of the fallen angels? as many believe? How can we all know what is true? Easy and yet not so easy. You Pray Jehovah. You meditate to Jehovah. You fast regularly. You flee from all manor of sin and wrong teachings. You continue to keep your eyes in the Bible and away from anything which may avert your attention or distract you. Which includes many forms of entertainment. Especially on the Christian radio and in your church.
Remember the study I'm doing on the words Lord and God. These could be a deception from satan or baal. All to keep you and me away from communicating with God. But, what if it is true? How should we as Christians communicate with our Heavenly father? Which is most respectful and honorable? Especially when you know just how the catholic church has corrupted the Bible and of Christianity.
--------------------------------  (Focus only on  President Bill Clinton's speech).
Prayer is you talking to Jehovah.
Meditation is you listening to Jehovah. Keeping your focus upon Jehovah.
Contemplation is your trying to figure out all that has been said by Jehovah.
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To love one another.
To live in peace.
To exist in harmony.
 To cherish/respect life. 
To obey/honor the Laws of God.
 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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