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Starbucks Prophecy: (Unedited): 18 April 2017:

Behind Dollar General Markets, Publix super markets is my favorite store. Shopping is about the people and the experience. Why do you think Publix is so popular? It isn't the pricing. It is the people who actually interact daily with their customers and form friendships. In a genuine heartfelt manner. It is the same with Dollar General Markets. This is an area in which Walmart, Kmart and Target just cannot compete. Nor are they willing to compete in this area. So when I write about my favorite stores in a prophetic manner. It is with deep concern.
First before, I begin. For some reason I cannot tolerate the smell of coffee or even the taste of it. I do not know why. For me Coffee is offensive. I do not hate Starbucks or any other coffee brand in a business sense or in any other way.
This all started last Fall-winter of 2016. My immediate response was "OH NO Publix. Bad Idea". The addition should be a very good deal for Publix customers. Fried Chicken, Fresh and REAL sub sandwiches, Publix Green Tea and now Starbucks coffee. The Publix business model seems awesome. Publix is doing it right except with the Starbucks agreements. But, why? when it all looks very good? I have no idea.
Starbucks Coffee will go into a deep financial slide. Publix will also financially suffer because of their new agreements with the Starbucks brand. Starbucks has brought what is coming all to them selves. Those who are associated with Starbucks to any degree will also suffer financially. To each of their own perspective degrees.
Will Starbucks be seen as the traitor to the world? Possible. Especially when Islam begins a more aggressive military attacks around the world. The preparations for the day of Jihad or as I have termed it. The American and European Tet offensive.
Will their be some kind of greedy takeover of the Starbucks brand which ends in litigation?
Will Christians and the Jewish people around the world just stop buying Starbucks branded coffee products? Will that even make enough of an impact? Since most Christians may not even be Christians outside of the church building.
Has there or is there shady financial shenanigans going on deep within Starbucks. 
Maybe it is the LGBT and gay marriage support from Starbucks. Actual.
Maybe Starbucks hatred for Israel. Which is apparent.
Maybe Starbucks love for Islamic countries. Which is apparent.
Maybe Starbucks will be reported as one of the corporations which brutalizes foreign farmers. There is no evidence and I am only remembering an Al Jazeera news story many years ago. Where American corporations threaten local farmers outside of the USA to meet productivity quotas and low prices which are slave like practices.
The financials look amazing for Starbucks. All of the expansion plans look like Starbucks will become more of a financial powerhouse. The addition of sandwiches and the alcoholic beverages. Which are being added will bring new revenue streams. Planting 100 million new coffee trees by 2025. Will continue with long term customer consumption growth. Possibly even stabilize coffee prices.
OK so when? I have no idea. Leading up to 2022 or 2029?
It is interesting that the year 2025 is used for the coffee trees. This is the year in which Russia and China will complete their war machine building programs. European nations are behind and the USA hasn't even really begun as the USA still suffers with MAD - alone. There is always a +/- to the years.
As with any revelation to any prophecy. All can change. This is easy to say as this one does not seem even remotely possible let alone probable.
If Starbucks has become one of those evil American corporations which bullies it's own farmers into enslavement practices. Yet, they change into a mutual fairness. Then change has happened. If Starbucks turns away from anti-Jewish/anti-Israel behaviors. Then change has happened.
If Starbucks turns away from anti-Christian behaviors. Then change has happened.
Starbucks is seen as an all inclusive American Corporation and yet they exclude Christians beliefs and Israel. Will Starbucks Corporation conclude that it is impossible to be all inclusive. When the fact is you can never be all inclusive to all things. You will always friend one group while making an enemy of another. This will be the way it may turn out in the Islamic countries Starbucks supports. Starbucks cannot support gay rights and Islam at the same time. Islam will not tolerate this at all!
As The Rabi Jonathon Cahn puts it. Anyone who curses Israel will see a likewise curse against them. So how has Starbucks cursed Israel? or is the coming downfall of Starbucks not related to Israel?
I ask questions for those who are way more important than I can change and thus avert any bad and sad occurrence(s). 
Always do your own research from the actual sources. Snopes is not a source. Snopes can be wrong.  But, They can lead you to sources. Do not even believe me without any evidence. 
For more go to Snopes or the Starbucks website.
Added on 05 June 2018: StarBucks new CEO.
StarBucks new CEO is a former JC Penney CEO and Chairman, Myron E. Ullman.
The decline of Starbucks is just beginning. Get out of Starbucks stocks. You have time. Sell after the CEO honeymoon.
Added on 24 June 2018:
I think that Publix has begun to play pricing games. These pricing games always had their innocent origins. Which can be attested by Service merchandise, Circuit City, JCPenney, Montgomery Wards, Oshman's sporting goods, Winn Dixie. The end result of each of these companies was a loss of faith by the customer. While many of these corporations are gone. Others still suffer.
Pricing games is a no win situation. As soon as the customers sense dishonesty. They will leave and then get on the internet and tell ten million people.
Starbucks has quietly raised their prices. Not a lot and it does seem reasonable. But, Starbucks seems to be developing a habit of regularly raising prices in some kind of stepping approach.  What else would a former JC Penney CEO do? A former CEO who played pricing games with his customers at JC Penney's and got busted by the news media. Has he learned his lesson or just modified what he can get away with?
By continually raising prices. Only opens the door for more localized and specialized coffee alternatives. The locals will be more than competitive as not only will they have a horse in the coffee race. All of their monies made stay in the community. This will only harm Starbucks. As Starbucks continues with their own flavor of social justice. This will only divide a portion of their regular customer base who will be saddened by their unwelcome approach. How far will it go? Call the police as soon as black people show up? Oh that already happened. How about rejecting all customers if they support President Donald Trump or anyone who disagrees with you. Just recently Sarah Sanders was just kicked out of a restaurant for who she was employed by.
We will see if Starbucks overcomes this very public persona of hate. Unless Starbucks learn how to hide their social justice hate. In essence social justice is all about fighting hate with more hate. The self proclaimed leaders in all of the social justice communities gives every permission who to hate and who to be violent against and that it is OK to cause harm and damage.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
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