Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Soul Sold (unedited). 01/31/2011

The person who daily sells their soul. Has nothing good to promise or give. C.J.MacKechnie
 Who is the person that is willing to surrender their true eternal nature for a few possible decades of what remains of their mortal and limited life? What kind of selfish and apathetic person is willing to agree with this? 
I tell you the truth. A person who sells their soul for the wealth and fame of Elvis Presley. Will truly have it in spades as well as the ending. The long life which you think you will have will be taken by your own hand (Suicide). The blood curse of your wealth and fame will even be passed onto your children. Until such a time as your own name and blood line is gone. You will only be remembered in passing. 
How is it logically a good deal to sell your soul for a few decades of wealth and fame in exchange for all of eternity of free living? To become bound to and enslaved by the the devil/satan. How is this even an idea for consideration? 
Just look at the misery of life these people of fame have. Sure, they have the cash. But, if you truly watch these famous people and how they choose to live their lives in excess. You gotta ask yourself? Do you really want that? There is no happiness in money. There is only happiness in the goodness in life you live. There is only happiness in the good relationships you have and maintain. There is only happiness in the awareness in spirituality and of becoming a holy and righteous person as defined by GOD.

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