Monday, June 11, 2012

Been Wanted (unedited). Personal Content:

Have you ever been wanted? Have you ever been loved? Have you ever been cared for?
Like foster kids are wanted, loved and cared for? Do you know what I'm going to write about? or reveal?
Before, I met the love of my life. I knew what is was not like to be wanted, to be loved and to be cared for.
I knew my adoptive mom only wanted to blame me for everything. I knew that my adoptive mom loved to beat me and lock me in the closet. I knew my adoptive parents cared more for their liquor, beer and cigarettes.
Most of the foster parents I had only Wanted the extra income. Loved their own biological families while keeping us/me separated, isolated and divided from them. They even seemed to care about the extra savings and deceptions told to case workers about the meals served. Three hot meals a day may be the truth spoken to the case workers. Three hot meals may sound good until you realize they are sample portions. Its just to bad the case workers never had time to physically look at the skin and bone kids, Let alone really look at my bones showing through the skin.
Some foster parents would even abuse the kids in accordance to their own psychological defects. Which is often times over looked as the foster kids have been psychologically damaged by their own biological families. These kids are easy targets. How can you prove anything? No case worker ever asked me or even cared to ask, my side of the story, They automatically assumed I'm the guilty party every time.
 Foster kids often come to a very real decision. That it is safer to live on the streets than it is in a foster home.  Being wanted, loved and cared for can be found everywhere. It is often defined by the ones who is doing it and not who is receiving it. So, have you been wanted, loved and cared for? just like a foster kid in the USA or even in this world? C.J.MacKechnie

 My story of abuse is rare. Being an adopted person from the age of 5 months. Find the positive message and positive inspiration. If you are a devout Christian family. Your needed by the 500,000 kids who have only known a life of abuse and torture by their own biological families. Today as in right now, There seems to bot be 500,000 good Christian families who are willing to take in these unwanted and unloved Children. These kids who continually suffer from their first crime in life. That is being born to bad parents. Remember the words of Jesus in regards to children. Pray and take the necessary actions from the out pouring of your own hearts.

Research on YouTube these words. Former foster kids stories. abused foster kids. foster kids.
The failure rate of a foster kid is nearly 90%. That is because they are not loved or cared for. They are not educated or even have a marketable skill. Still in many states these foster kids become homeless at the age of 18. When they "age out".

What would you do in life if you knew that no one ever cared for you and that you only had value so as long the money was coming in? Street life and prostitution. Think about these last words and relate it to prostitution. A foster kid psychologically knows so as long as they are bringing in money they have value to the foster parents. Are you getting my words. Drug dealing to prostitution. The pimp loves the young girl who brings in the most money and hates/beats the girls who do not. The high level drug dealer loves the kid who sells the most and kills the ones who runs their mouths and sells the least. Simple rules that former foster kids have already learned from the foster care system.
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