Monday, June 11, 2012

All Man (unedited). 31 March 2012

When all of the catastrophic prophecies for man converge . Know that it was all of mankind who allowed it and worked towards its manifestation. It will be all of mankind which perishes. Save for the remnant protected and saved. C.J.MacKechnie
You must fully know that all of the catastrophic prophecies of man which leads us all to extinction is all the fault of all human beings and not of GOD. It is from GOD who revealed the warnings of our own extinction. Humanity is to blame for the extinction of humanity.
 "Prophecies are predictions of probability", and as such all prophecies can be altered, mitigated, managed, prevented and manifested. No matter who speaks any prophetic words. Know that the prediction can be created or prevented. It is solely up to each individual. It is the collective individuals who has the real power and not of the political powers or of any other organization. Because, It is always the organization which seeks and actively manipulates the populations or so called common peoples to it's own special, selfish and entitled will. 
Beware of the evil which espouses and looks forward to death and destruction. It can only be evil which embraces death and destruction. 
To begin a holy path, one must embrace Love, Peace, Harmony and life. By choice and without any expressed fears, intimidation's, Hells promise or threats. To continually grow and evolve in the holy path. One must embrace a strict morality, honor, integrity, "secret" and public righteous living, To live and exist in purity. From this logical thought process. The eternal spirit, which is within us begins to show itself through the daily expression of miracles worked from GOD through each of us. So much so, That super natural miracles becomes like breathing or blood flowing through our veins.
Our commune with GOD becomes constant and personal. With no intermediary needed.

Will NOT be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: