Monday, June 11, 2012

Holiness Wickedness (unedited). 01/31/2011

The difference between holiness and wickedness. Is the holy person always gives unconditionally. While the wicked always takes. If the wicked person does give a little back. It is usually because he has already stolen a lot more. C.J.MacKechnie

A person who gives only that which is required by a minimum standard or requirement, or even less than. Is the evidence of their heart and of their life's intentions. A man who loves does not stop giving at 10 %. A man who genuinely cares does so until the end of the problem or drama.
 Holiness and wickedness can be found in people, organizations and in churches. Which can easily be seen logically and in the math. If your a member of a large church and the amount of money received stays within the church and enriching those physical humans who are in control of it. There is your answer to wickedness. If the people in your church numbers in the many hundreds and thousands and the true out reach programs cannot be manned and operated full time. Your church has a big problem.
If your church primarily located in a marketable area projected for huge financial growth. Then the god of your church is green.
If your church often ignores the helpless and hopeless, in the hopes they will go elsewhere. You have deep issues in your church.
If your church has a single ministry, divorce ministry, teen ministry, ladies ministry, men ministry and which ever else social related ministry. All the while your church cannot cannot man a full time food and clothes bank, embrace foster parents and former foster kids, just for instance.
If the name of your church has been neutralized.  That is evidence that your church has separated itself from the one true GOD of all.
Wickedness is where you find it. Amongst the godless and unholy. Led by the selfish and greedy.

Am I really being judgmental or am I stating the obvious in which the socially correct doesn't want me to rock the boat. Is it because, your church has become a fortune cookie church. In which the message is always positive until you reach your car door and your unable to remember what was taught. But, the professionally paid singers and musicians were great.
If your church has become an entertainment center. Then your tithes and offerings are your paid admission.
 Am I really the bad person here. Is it OK for a bad man to wear a suit while it is not OK for another bad man to smell bad and be poorly dressed, maybe even homeless? Is it OK for a bad to to smile and beg for money while it is not OK for a different bad man to have a knife?  Oh yes, you Luke warm and easily deceived Christians. Watch out and step aside for those homeless types, They may lead you to a cross.
If you are in a large wealthy church and your truly searching for GOD. Go find that poor church who has the food bank and clothes and etc. You may have to dress down, when you go. Be come the missionary for the poor churches. these are the ones who are out in the mud, where the poor are. Where the perpetually sick go to. Where those with no hope find a welcoming place. This is where you should be. 

Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: