Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Exodus from the Church Vision. 30 Jan 2003, 21 March 2004

Worship in the church will no longer be safe.
Worship in privacy will be mandatory.
The isolation of Christians will begin.

Christians will be hunted and killed.
A slow separation from the church will begin.
GOD will bring individuals together and build churches without walls.
They will have personal things in common and worship their personal Heavenly father with love, They will.
21 March 2004
A minor exodus of the church is taking place. Where persons of the church have become hungry that the church is unwilling to provide. They will go away and find those who thirst for more and form small house churches. Who will become more effective in the community than the million dollar churches. They will have more meaningful ministries.  C.J.MacKechnie
17 July 2012 Thoughts
I think the minor exodus Will be in the form of the faithful who will leave or walk away from the American Churches because of the American Churches failure to feed the hungry and quench the thirsty. This is reference to the whole of the American churches. Both protestant and catholic.
This will also coincide with the elimination of financial tithing. Where as the home owner will not need to be paid and the faithful can used their tithed monies in their own missions or works. Which is the origin of going out by twos.
There will also be a secondary exodus from the churches. This will be by those who are not the true and faithful believers. Those who do not live their lives by the Commandments of GOD or by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Those who divorce and remarry and then abandon their former children. These are the evil doers who will be in singular places who will pay money for their entertainment and call it tithes.


To love one another. 
To live in peace.
 To exist in harmony.  
To cherish life. 
To obey/honor the Laws of God.
To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be. 
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