Sunday, July 22, 2012

Selfish Divide: (unedited): 22 July 2012

Any person or leader no matter their position or status. Who continue to isolate, divide and separate humanity. Will be seen only as a mentally damaged selfish person who lies and deceives anyone. All for his own personal glory and their selfish accumulation of power. C.J.MacKechnie

NOTE: The Human Genome project proves that all of humanity is 99.9% genetically the same.  this proven fact must be shared and taught to all of humanity. No matter what tree they hide behind or what rock they hide under. When all of common begins to see that we are all one singular race and family. Every common man will begin to see the lies and deceptions of their own leaders who claim that the enemy is less than human or less than dogs or is inferior or does not have the same skin tone. All leaders who claim these lies are wrong and evil. Let all of humanity live in peace and love one another. We are truly and factually one human family. All of us.   C.J.MacKechnie
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