Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spiritual Stagnancy: (Unedited). 21 July 2012

Spiritual stagnancy can begin when the origin of faith was begun in an atmosphere of threats and fear.

Note: I think this can occur amongst the body of any Church, Temple, Mosque and synagogue. Some Christian Churches uses fear and threats to bring in the new faithful. It is difficult to know love when the heart is in fear. It is like tithing in order for GOD to give you more money. If you only tithe to get more money. Then you won't get any.

Teaching the new believer with threats and fears. Is like lighting an unknown bottle rocket. The new believer is full of speed and fire until it runs out of threats and fears fuel. There may or may not be a glorious and tragic conclusion. In the end. There is the quiet fall of all that remains of the former believer.
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