Sunday, August 19, 2012

Native American Lands for Auction:

Read the notes for 30 Nov 2012: Good News:
This should be the last time I post on this blog. 13 Dec 2012:
Hello, There is no new NEWS about this. If this upcoming event is of any importance to you. Pe Sla  Must be passed into all of the media outlets. If there is to be any agreeable actions, which benefits those native peoples who need free entry into these Holy lands of theirs. Each of you must continually communicate this news throughout the world and your area. You have permission to use this gathered content for any purpose which may benefit Pe sla and the native tribes. John ( No need to mention me).
They need about $9 million cash by 09 Nov 2012. So far they have only collected $388,342 or 39% of down payment.  That is all that is left. Please Pass along after you donate. Verify the below websites before you pass them along. To insure they work. Holy land is still Holy land. It matters not if they are of your religion or culture.
Do not assume that the entire content of this blog is absolutely true. Find the source and verify that all content is true, all videos are true and all websites are true. I am only a person who is declaring that I have found something. It is up to you to find out if this something is of value and is true. 
I only found three news links as of today 10 Sept 2012. That is all only 3. One report was brief but informing the other was not.
The purpose of including this is to show proof of continued unfair deeds done to the native peoples and native tribes. 
US Government Treaty Summary's:

The numbers are interesting
date 11-09-2012. Military date 09 (11)Nov 2012.
$ 9,000,000 
Two 9's. Three 1's. Two 2's. Eight 0's
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Alfred Walking Bull
Communications Specialist
Rosebud Sioux Tribe
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22 Aug 2012: News:
10 Aug 2012:
26 Aug 2012:
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:13 Dec 2012 News:   (Not sure why this is dated for September and posted for yesterday the 12th of Dec 2012)
:30 Nov 2012 News:
October 2012 News:
10 Sept 2012 News:
This is my first blog to be read more than 100 times or 177 times. Thank you guys for reading.
There is also all of the other major news outlets. If you want the majors you can find them.