Saturday, August 18, 2012

Leaders Tools: (Unedited): 12 Aug 2012:

Just as historical leaders of humanities past used race, nationalism, Injustice and religion as tools to be used for their own selfish ends. So to will the predicted world leader to come and he will be greatly loved. C.J.MacKechnie
The love expressed will be of only a singular direction. Love of this new world leader. The new world leader will not love in return. Because, It is only about him and nothing more. All that he does will be in regards to the growth and consolidation of his foundational base of ultimate power and supreme authority. At all levels. Even in the spiritual or other worldly. He is an atheist so to his fearful followers. The countries of Russia and China will be used as tools by this world leader. This is already prophesied. No matter how Russia choose. To fight as a untied team or to fight for the world leader. They will do their individual part for the extinction of humanity. Granted extincted may not happen after the final events for 100 years. Human extinction still happens. All of the Countries underground hiding places and all of their secret and hidden military bases will be destroyed. The only safe place is off planet. Your countries most brilliant of men guarantee your safety. Those underground places will become their coffins. Only to be discovered by a new or different species in a thousand thousand years.
With any prophecy. The revelation of which changes everything. Any bad and sad man made event(s) can be completely altered and completely changed. It matters not who or which prophet has written it or spoke it. Prophecy is a matter of greatest logical probability. That is all. If a person, family, people, nation or world does not like a prophecy or prophecies. Then make the necessary continuous efforts to mitigate, change or prevent them all. That is a very real option which leads to opportunities of greater life possibilities.
What should Russia and China do? Can Russia and China become something other than unknowing pawns? or are they willing to be absolutely complicit in the New World Government. Where the New World Government becomes the sole Government and the sole planetary Nation. Which means there cannot be any other nation including the end of China and Russia.
China and Russia must not participate in any wars. China and Russia along with the former NASA scientists and employe's of the soon to fall USA. Must make a way for humanities survival off planet. By re-diverting funds into space programs as opposed to a military war machine. Humanity may survive. When the world leader loses and all of humanity becomes lost. Humans will be in space. China must invest times 7 of what they are now. Russia must invest times 3 of what they invest now. USA will be a 1 until they become a 0. But, From with USA zero is something. That something is people, experience, knowledge and how to. That is USA wealth.
The Curiosity rover may be the last great American effort.
The idea of race used as a toll is a lie and a deception. As the completion of the Human Genome Project proves that all of humanity is of one singular race of human beings. Any leader no matter their position or capacity who uses race as their tool. Is a LIAR and a DECEIVER. 
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