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USA Destruction 2015-2016: (Unedited): 21 Aug 2012:

The new stuff is at the bottom. This whole thing is a lesson in itself about fluidity of prophecy.
Added on 20 Sept 2014:
The name of this blog is most likely inaccurate. It may be just the beginning. Which will be obvious. It is like the prophecies for extinction. Extinction can happen over decades and not be instant. But, the events which begin the extinction process is still important to know. because, after the extinction process begins. Well, it is rather to late. So to is the probable destruction of the USA and other parts of the world. It is better to prevent the primary events then it is to react to them. The keys are in the big red words below.
Oh New JerUSAlem
Oh New Israel
Flee from all sin
Reject all sin
Go and sin no more
This is yours/our final warning. 
Americans are deep in their prideful sin. Americans have the freedom to sin without guilt or remorse. The USA is New Jer'USA'lem or New Israel. The same way that GOD has disciplined Israel in the past written Holy texts is the same way that GOD will do it again. The first possible warning was on 09/11/2001. The second call was in 2008. The financial collapse. The possible third and possible final call will be in 2015. Actually around the fall or winter of 2015. 7 Years of separation for each.

Prophecy: If Billy Graham goes to the Father before or during 2015. The USA is doomed.
                     (Final warning message on 07 Nov 2013). (27 Dec 2016: Still alive.)
                 If President Obama re-elected to the presidency. 
                 The USA is doomed. (06 Nov 2012).
                 If  the American People do not repent and flee from sin in mass.
                 The USA is doomed. (Ongoing). (27 Dec 2016. Not Likely, actually all of Christianity
                   seems to be in the throes of apostasy, denial of righteous teachings and the right to sin 
                   as you may).
                 If the church leadership as a whole do not become elected officials at all levels of
                  government. The USA is doomed. (Ongoing). (27 Dec 2016. Not happening).
                 If the common religious people do not vote out all of the corrupted political leaders
                 and their entire families and vote in godly people. The USA is doomed. (Ongoing). 
                   (27 Dec 2016. Has not happened. There were four choices. 2 who were the greater evil
                     and two who were the lesser evil. The two greater evil choices were in favor of Special 
                     interest Oligarchy or corporate Oligarchy. The American People choose Corporate 
                     Oligarchy with President Elect Donald Trump.
                 If the common people of USA do not repent and become the holy people that
                 GOD has intended. The USA is doomed. (not religious). (Ongoing) (27 Dec 2016. Not
                 If the USA does not restore the sanctity of life. (End of Abortion). The USA is doomed.
                     (Doesn't seem probable). (27 Dec 2016. Not happening).
                 If the USA does not restore the legal foundations of the TEN COMMANDMENTS.
                  The USA is doomed.   (Doesn't Seem probable). (27 Dec 2016, Not Happening).
                 If the USA does not restore religious traditions back into the public school
                  system. Such as Bible Studies and prayer. The USA is doomed.
                  (Doesn't Seem probable) (27 Dec 2016, Not Happening).
                 If the USA does not restore the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence to
                   their fullness. The USA is Doomed.  (Added on 25 April 2013).    
                     (Doesn't seem probable) (27 Dec 2016, Not Happening).
                 If the USA loses the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Lost on 26 June 2013. (This  
                    Content was added on 28 June 2013).   
                    (Wrong direction and a continuation of the wrong way). (27 Dec 2016, Not even a
                    discussion, Not happening).
                 If the USA continues with Gay marriage rights. (Wrong direction and wrong way). 
                     (27 Dec 2016, Not happening)
                     (Content added on 08 Nov 2013).

What Happens after the third event?
The third event did not happen as stated below. Maybe 2022 or 2029. All bad and sad prophecies can be averted. Through repentance and an active pursuit of righteousness. 
About 100 million people die in the first year. No fuel, No power, No water, No food, No medical. No law. No rights. No freedom.
Read the other prophecies as posted in blog-spot or blogger from me. 
Mass Latino exodus out of USA. Horrendous abuse, torture and death toll all along the former USA Mexico border.
The United Nations will heed the demands of debt repayment from the member nations and thus assume control over the former USA and all of its territories. Dividing all real estate assets and all other assets to the ownership of those nations. The United Nations may assume collective control over the former USA military assets and military manufacturing capabilities. The United Nations will have a military power to its enforcement.
Still it will not be enough. The former American citizens will become a non people and thus not assigned basic human rights status or protections under the United Nations.
The United Nations will order that all of the former Americans must repay all debts. Those who are wealthy and have approved metal assets held in other countries can use their real wealth to purchase their freedom and citizenship into a new Country of their choosing. Where accepted.
All assets of the former American people will be confiscated to ease debt load. No "non-people" will be allowed to own any property what so ever. 
The former American Citizen will be forced into indentured servitude. For debt repayment. 
All North American Farmland will be farmed by hand. The lucky will have horse or oxen if no one kills them for food. The worlds food supply will have cheap labor or slave labor. The same with all resource and mineral procurement. food prices will dramatically rise and so to the profits at all levels of exchange. Energy development will be wired to other nations. There will be no need for electrical energy for the non peoples. The North American Cities under new other National Government controls will have electrical power, water and sewer.These will be the New United Nations safe zones and may be coined a different more pleasing name.
All non persons will be counted and assigned a debt repayment schedule. Which will be re-tallied as each person dies. Thus causing each living persons share of the debt to go up. Daily wages will be less than third world countries. A persons personal debt plus their share of national debt.  The slavery will never end. Slavery will be generational and forever. Until such a time that all of what America was is absolutely forgotten.This is a key. The biggest threat to world enslavement is the concept of what the USA stands for.
The Latinos will have their freedoms and protections as they are still citizens of their natural countries. The UN will recognize the Latino immigrant or former illegal immigrant as actual people and deserving of human rights protections. The long suffering and continuation of slavery like conditions from the former Americans will garner much sympathy from the United nations. The Latino who has become American Citizens will be deemed as Non people. All foreign nationals who own assets, corporations, real estate and lands within the former USA will receive a priority status from the United Nations. In the form or security, welfare, medical, food and water. The foreign nationals businesses will be given priority of further expansion, growth, responsibility, security and development. These foreign nationals will have these priorities so as long as they have not made application to become American Citizens.  All of the fully intact Former USA records will be used against or for the entire populations.Which will include disarming of citizens. Which will be easy as there is no unity or communication between neighbors. Individual Homes will be targeted and invaded by foreign military swat type teams. All will be killed if necessary if they do not submit. If there is shooting. They all will be killed as they will not want anyone to spread a counter story or counter accusations. The ATF 4473 forms will be used against all gun owners.
All former American criminal records will be used to hunt down freed ex-convicts. They will be killed, when deemed they are a threat to the United Nations international security forces. Most of those in jails and prisons will be killed. All centralized medical records will be used to find those who are mentally ill to any degree.  Those mentally defective will be killed. Including those who take any mind altering medications on a regular basis.  
Former American Major Cities which survive become the worlds safest places for the worlds wealthy, elites and political leaders to live. No one will have access or be able to gain entry unless approved. These major cities will be rebuilt to the elites standards.
Those persons who defected from Communist Russia, China, Cuba and others will have a hard existence. That is until they are killed.
Russia Takes Alaska. Not sure if it is UN approved or not. Probably not. When Russia takes Alaska. All mineral rights and energy resources will become the absolute property of Russia. including all military assets and technologies. The Russian military takeover is absolute and complete. With near zero self destruction by the American controllers. The former American citizens in Russia may have the opportunity to become instant Russians if not killed. Especially, If Russia deems their legal rights for the Alaskan Territory as an illegal and wrongful transaction. Where Russia was the victim to the evil negotiations of the former USA.
China Takes or is given the West coast North America. Probably as a form of financial repayment (UN Order?). California, Oregon and Washington.  Unknowingly sets off the DOOMSDAY WEAPON (Time scale is delayed. Which may mean up to 48 Years). China knows of the possible Doomsday device. China has devised of 12 attack strategies. All will fail. Then all of humanity perishes. Including those corrupt government officials of every nation who have made safe places underground for their families. While not even considering the safety and well being of the common people of their own countries.Those will be their deserving coffins. Doomsday Weapon Blog created 04 Sept 2012..
Canada accepts military equipment and personnel from the former USA. Keeps the equipment and may send the military person back south. Canada conducts military rescue actions into the former USA to save their own Canadian people. All the way down to Arizona and Florida.
Typical Communist actions taken. Any former American person who has leadership or management potential dies. Any person with a military back ground dies. Any person with any fighting experience dies. Any person with any mechanical aptitude dies. All writers, artists or musically inclined will die.  Any person with any logical education dies ( Professors, teachers, educators). This will account for 20-60 million more deaths. Deaths that no one will ever know about. Closer to 60 Million I think. We are a free thinking people and as such that communist 10 percent killing rule is way low. It will be rumored that the intellectual elites migrated to every sort of Country. When the truth is they were simply killed and then cremated. Ashes spread into the winds or on the farm lands. For the worlds food to grow.To be harvested by those former Americans who are now indentured to servitude. Although it will be called something else.
Lets do the math. 313+million Americans living today. 100 Million die in the first year. 20-60 Million more die by communist actions.
Those who cannot do the manual work for farming. Will be killed. Both human and animal Incinerators will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No one will keep track of the quantity of human cremations done.
Terrible deeds of abuse and torture done to people will be common place. There will be no law for the non people and the individual United Nations person knows this . If the Non people are killed, abused or tortured by United nations, Chinese, Russian, Mexican, Canadian Occupying forces. No one will care. The worlds media outlets will not speak or print a single nice word about the former USA or it's former citizens. They will speak in all accusing tones. They will speak they deserved all that they get. The condition of the world is all the USA fault. Let the USA suffer they will say. All former Americans will be hated. Possibly even the expatriates who live abroad, may even be killed.
 Possible Prostitutes invited and provided passes for entry into the secured areas of the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa, Fl. This practice will most likely be done with the Democratic national Convention (DNC) in September 2012. Every capable pastor, theologian and preacher must run for an elected office at every level of government ASAP. If Religious men and women are not elected to every level of government as soon as possible. Then the USA will end. The religious Christian people must exert their collective will for the possible preservation of this country USA. The people of the USA must also Repent, Repent, Repent. If not. Then the USA will end as has Israel in the BIBLE. Read about it for yourself in the old testament.
Hurricane Isaac and the remnant of it, is a direct warning for the common people of Louisiana and the rest of the Americans.  The RNC and the DNC has been more of an indirect warning. If Hurricane Issac and the remnant of it was a warning at all. Hurricane and super storm Sandy was also a political warning or more.
President Obama has won re-election to the Presidency of the United States of America. 06 Nov 2012. What does this mean? It means the USA begins to crumble as indicated by the news. Is this the beginning of the civil wars within the USA. I've heard reports of the USA to monetize it's debt. Unable to find the current news. But, This is about wealth and not about the USA. Ask the question who owns the most real gold? There is your key. I ask the question before I research it's answer.
Unable to locate any information on the people who own the most actual gold.
It needs to be understood. That this is a secret which has been withheld from today's Common Americans. That the Americans is the modern day Jewish people. As such knowing this as fact you can see why Islam calls America "The great Satan" and why the USA was the second part of Hitlers plan. To connect the dots and then looking at the big picture as to why.
Language Warning. Calculus. Research His claims.
12 Dec 2012 News: Wyoming: From Feb - March 2012: old just found it.
:22 March 2013:     .....Part 5.        Full Version
:25 April 2013: 
It must be known that before the final attack upon the Middle Eastern Country of Israel as prophesied in the Holy Bible. The USA or New Israel must be neutralized from all world affairs. Including USA's ability to project it's power. 
There is currently a number of enemy combatants within the USA. More than a million Islamic men. Who continually train and wait patiently for their permission to proceed in pairs. In their own ways and means. There is also Enemy combatants from North Korea, China, Russia and from Latino Countries which will all conduct attacks when the military actions begin. 
The North Korean, Russian, Chinese and Latino may focus their attacks upon the military industry, Chemical and fuel plants, military bases and posts. Attacks on command, control and coordination which is typical and easily seen targets. 
 You must know. These Islamic Men who are enemy combatants. Are continually training in your presence. They are training in your gyms, martial arts and in weapons. They are befriending you. They are marrying American wives. Just to prove how dumb, gullible and weak we are. The Islamic enemy combatants are also positioning themselves in places where they can inflict the most harm. Food Processing, Medical, Transportation, education and etc. The focus of their intention is the end of you. Period. It is not enough to end you. They must end your history and your celebrated dates. They must convert your symbols of victory into their symbols of your celebrated destruction. Do you understand their will and resolve? Do you understand their singular focus do continually train everyday. Just to end you completely and totally. 
Research all of the shootings done to American Soldiers by those who were deemed trusted and accepted. There is history and intention here. For Instance.

What does this mean?
To figure out what will be the next attacks against civilian targets. Look to all of the important dates in American History and in those places. 
Look to alternate and multiple bombing sites, Which in fact may be the actual primary bombing sites. In which the attackers hope to inflict more death and destruction to rescuers. Also, look to future bombing sites in close proximity to media persons, In which will illicit emotional responses by them but far enough away from them so as to not harm any media unless by accident.   

 Saving the USA
Saves the World
 Saving the USA may even prevent the extinction of all humanity
 The Beings, Groups or Persons who teach, convince and plan that all who follow them will rule over the whole of the Earth with wealth, power and authority. Know not their ultimate plan is the total extinction of ALL HUMANITY.
Added on 24 May 2013:

The Islamic Tet Offensive:

 I Just found out that a few days ago, A British soldier was brutally killed in the streets of London with a pair of knives. No one tried to save the British soldier who was just out enjoying himself. I heard reports that it took the local police almost 20 minutes to arrive on the scene to take control of the situation. In which no civilian came to the aid or defense of the soldier, except for a woman. This is the Tet Offensive which will spread all over the USA and probably the whole world. In the USA, Canada and Europe, each will have their million plus man pairs and or teams of enemy combatants.
Imagine in a single day, a million plus men grouped in pairs or in teams who all go forth in their own self chosen direction to murder in their own time and places. Imagine, that they do not wait for the police to arrive to make an arrest. Is this British soldier the first in a possible ramping up or the origin of the Islamic Tet offensive?
:Added content on 28 June 2013:
ADDED ON 26 MAY 2013:
The home grown terrorists will have their roots from the rulers of revolution. The home grown terrorists will have their residence and lives deep within the forgotten darkness of accepted society. When the rejects have developed their own lost and forgotten society. The mindless recruiters who devoutly believe all of the lies and deceptions taught to them by the charismatic revolutionaries. The rejected and forgotten who may have been teetering on near insanity will become the ones to take that glorious for change. They will become re-conditioned to think and believe that the evil is the society which has rejected and forgotten them. The evil is the society which will not allow them to succeed. The evil is the society which denies them their free right to do whatever they want and however they want. It is the evil society which denies them the right to live in a beach condo or drive cool cars. It is the evil society which had them imprisoned.

These are those who are being recruited for acts of future terrorism. Look for them in the strip clubs, low income neighborhoods, prisons and jails, Mental institutions, Trailer parks. Former foster kids. This list is only a targeting list. In the hopes that the recruiters are discovered and prevented. But, Then again, talking is not against the law.
It is sad to know that those forgotten and rejected souls can become a tool for evil. Orchestrated by those revolutionary conductors.  Who care nothing for the person. They only care for the outcome. The more blood the better and it matters not whose blood. Anyone's blood except for theirs and those who will rule with them. It is all about the money. 
Added on 26 May 2013:(:Possible Hit Maybe an innocent: 30 June 2013:)
The Russian Special Forces are in play. They hide and play where no one will see. (ATL/Strip Clubs). They have their escape bicycles in pairs. Their practice game or is it real? Their intention is set. With those who are professional. The difference between real and play is difficult to see. Largo, Fl., Pinellas Park, Fl. St. Petersburg, Fl. 
Their weapons are here and set. Yes, for explosives and explosive making materials. High grade.  Possibly hidden in an innocent persons 20+ year old trailer who knows nothing. You may be able to predict where they are. By having before you all of the physical places they are related to. The places where they do not travel to, should be the first to be searched. Be careful. Because, It is better for them to lose it all then to give you even a sample.
These boys are mission minded and way to much for a simple local cop to handle.  I see fighting and dying and them winning. When encountering these guys. Do not attempt arrest. They will die before being taken. So shoot them to save yourselves. They are trained in More on One hand to hand combat. Do not get close. Do not get distracted. Do not allow them within the threshold of personal combat space. 
:Added on 30 June 2013: News reports: Which appear to be being deleted from the internet. Last night when I did this search there was much information. Today as I write this. Many legitimate websites sites do not even show up anymore. Now only the more paranoid websites are showing in any Google search. Very Odd. I have not experienced this before. Either this was a false story or this is a cover up. Do the research of this for yourself. I think the story is false. Which is why it was hot and now its not. There is evidence that the Emergency management agencies from the USA and Russia are cooperating with one another. I think this is smart. Because any sudden emergency greater in magnitude than Hurricane Katrina. Is needed to keep one another stabilized for mutual prosperity. 
In the USA. There are thousands and thousands of local FEMA and DHS offices. It would make sense to send personnel from Russia in civilian attire to learn how we do things and we would send personnel to each of their locales to do likewise. That is mutual cooperation and trust building.
:Added on 28 June 2013: I'm not one to follow the news to much. Nor do I follow all of the sins of the world. It is now free for anyone to marry any one else.
June 26 in history. 
2013. DOMA Unconstitutional
2003. Texas Sodomy laws unconstitutional.
2000. 1St Survey of the Human Genome project completed. 
1997. Communications Decency act Unconstitutional. 
1870. The Christian holiday of Christmas is declared a Federal Holiday.
There are more days to look at. Go and have a look for yourself.
Added on 12 July 2013:
Clarification on the title. This begins the financial fall of the USA. Which leads to it's final demise. From about 2015-2016. California should be the first state to crumble under it's financial burdens. Followed by 11 other states. There is a possibility of one state surviving. By only the Grace of God. That state will have a lot of work to do in the next 3.5-7 years from now. In regards to God, The Law, Religion, Morality, Honor, Integrity and etc. I think it is Texas. I think Texas is the inverse of Judas. Which means the State and it's people will have to be the inverse of Judas as well.  The financial fall of the USA should be completed sometime around 2019-2025. New York city has a total real estate collapse beginning around 2019. The most wealthiest people in the world will protect their money by moving it to a safe location. Which is China. Research American and International Investors in China. They will not allow the USA to fall until they can protect their money. But, surprises can happen. Like Russia or North Korea or some terrorist in the Middle East. I doubt it. After a significant amount of monies are moved out of the USA. Then can the USA be allowed to fall. 

As other prophets have foretold a great calamity to the new city. This great calamity should occur after the collapse of New York City. By nuclear device or devices. Maybe a large hydrogen device. By that time the wealthiest people should be out of the USA. Only a shell of their wealth will only remain. Along with their worst employees. Research those great corporations which has huge assets and growth out of the USA currently. They know something. The world is becoming a single market place and you have to spread throughout the whole of the world if you want to last more than 50 years.
Added on 12 July 2013: Research Yujiapu in China. Read all of the news articles back to 2008. Research who has been the foreign investors. This is the symbol for China's Financial revolution. Yes, ask the question to that previous statement.

Yujiapu to become Wall Street's replacement?
Added on 05 Aug 2013:
I predicted this sometime ago and am now unable to find it's location. Bombs or a weapon of some sort surgically implanted within the human body. Here is some news about that. I'm not sure about the predictive date. But these news articles may be before my actual prediction in 2010. Not sure. The yahoo news report is very recent.

Will NOT be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”:

Prophecy is only probable, when a simple revelation can alter everything. Which must be followed with good and righteous works of prevention.

Added on 09 Aug 2013: 
Because of the 2010 FACTA Law. There will be two actions that will be easily seen. 
1). Those American born citizens who cannot remain logically or emotionally attached to their country of birth. Will conclude to cut their ties with the USA for selfish greed and tax shelters. The essential fault is probably the failure of the education system to teach the history of the nation. The secondary fault is how the foreign owned media belittles and insults the USA. Thirdly, even The President of the USA disrespects the country he holds an office. 
2). The strong arm bullying tactics of the IRS will cause much stress around the world in regards to American citizens. So as a response those financial institutions will shy away and possible outright deny any financial assistance or customer service to any American citizen and/or commercial entity. These foreign financial institutions may even advise the visiting Americans to renounce their citizenship in order to save a great deal of money. 

This will be another one of those things which will cause any American to be unwelcome any where in the world. Remember that prophecy about how the USA goes back into isolation. Maybe this is an external isolation. An isolation forced upon the USA by the rest of the world. The incredible corruption within the American Government at all levels. The military bullying and spying practices. No one in the world can trust the USA anymore. The stress of taxation upon all Americans abroad. If you read the stories below. You can see it is already beginning or about to.

 Added on 08 Sept 2013:
I'm uncertain when this dream/vision occurred. It is either here somewhere or on paper somewhere.
Lost a dream of American warships which are sunk from an unseen weapons platform from deep below. Pre-positioned weapons systems which may be anchored and hidden. Then when the desired Battle group strategically positions itself in close proximity over the device. It just releases itself and floats to a select depth and explodes or something else happens.  Destroying the the heart of the Battle group plus other ships. This may happen many times over the course of a single evening.
I think a key is a position which the ships station themselves is commonly known within the military intelligence communities. This is why the greatest Naval force in the world is nearly wiped out in a single efficient and silent attack.
Is Syria the beginning of WW3? Which probably won't actually manifest for a few more years. But, then again. It is easy to end the USA quickly. Which I've written about. It is my hopes that all of the bad and sad prophecies of the world are prevented and or mitigated. It matters not who the authors are.
Added on: 08 Nov 2013:

Tonight was Rev. Billy Graham's 95 Birthday celebration. This is also his last work in GOD's Service.
This is very meaningful as this may very well be the last message of warning for America (USA). If the message is rejected. Then some very bad times shall come to the USA or New JerUSAlem. As in the times of old. The peoples country was lost. So it may very well be this time also.

Here is the website:

Oh New JerUSAlem
Oh New Israel
Flee from all sin
Reject all sin
Go and sin no more
This is yours/our final warning.
Be sure that you understand that the sufferings and torments to come is all of our collective faults. Just as if all of the bad and sad prophecies are averted it is also because of all of us. To blame GOD for our own undoing is wrong and false.
Added on 06 Dec 2013:
Comet ISON destroyed and then is reborn on 28 Nov 2013: NASA Deception and publicly caught. 
Nelson Mandela Death on 05 Dec 2013.
Added on 08 Dec 2013:
This is what I was thinking of. Just couldn't formulate the words. (Malala Yousafzai)
Added on 20 Dec 2013:
China news:
Can the top cities which are selling real estate to foreigners, become UN safe zones?
Added on 18 July 2014:
 A super Volcano is acting up in the USA. Assuming this is not a hiccup and all things will go back to normal. Then this event will be something for the scientists to learn from and nothing more. 

The degree at which the pressure is released will dictate the energy release of Earth quake fault lines in the entire region. There is no argument that a super volcano explosion will have global effects for up to many decades. This is also dependent on the duration of the explosion and the amount of material released. Global starvation and a new Ice age will begin. Mass migrations will occur planet wide. 

I see this as a singular event comprising of Earthquakes over a period of time. Which by human perceptions will seem like many events. But, the cause and reactions is all from the super volcano. The New Madrid fault line will release in the extreme. Possibly even the Mississippi River expanding in with by many miles. The various fault lines in California will release in the extreme. Both of these events has been foreseen by various prophets and seers. I've seen the Mississippi River expanding and the resultant endeavors of the USA to bridge the New Mississippi river. So as to bring supplies and people from one place to another. 
When the heart of a country becomes blackened and the heart of a man becomes darkened. God will discipline the land and the man. Repent and flee from all sin. 
If you look at the probability maps for this Yellowstone super volcano eruption. Depending on season and wind direction. You can see that the Heartland of the USA is impacted. The majority of farmlands is destroyed for a time. When the soil is replenished and renewed again. Right now I am making the connections between this Yellowstone super volcano and the Heartland of America. What do these connections mean. Not sure yet and I do not feel good about it/them. maybe, I'm only to be aware of the connections while others are to glean more specific information after much fasting, prayer and meditation.  But, It is what the American people have chosen and there will be consequences for both unrighteousness and inaction of any kind. 

If you are a devoutly righteous person as defined by God and you feel that inkling to "GO", without any particular direction of travel. Then put your worldly logic and reason aside and go. I do think there is still time to sell your assets and resettle elsewhere. But, time is shortening. Leave or not leave. Mark your door or not mark your door. Your choice and it has always been your choice.
Added on 20 Sept 2014:
Added on 08 Nov 2015: 
As the USA comes to a close in 2015: The sins which have been legalized have been passed. Yet, the good citizens do nothing. Most Americans have come to know the Planned parenthood sins and lawlessness. Then getting caught.  Yet, the good citizens do nothing. Anything Christian has been rejected in the USA. While schools begin to teach other religions and a city erect a satan monument. While New York Lights up an evil goddess kali on the empire state building. 
You had better make arrangements to leave New York as well as liquidate all business assets.  
Added on 21 Nov 2015:
Added on 30 April 2016:
Yes, These are important: John Guandolo. You Tube search term with less than 1 year. To find more info. It is important to match his Quran versus with what he is saying. Get the facts and actually verify them.

Updated on 26 Dec 2016: 
It seems for me it is on a regular basis that I think and pray for the great Reverend of our day Billy Graham. I do also think of his daughter as well although as of this name her name eludes me. I do think she is also one of the keys. I think Billy Graham may be a Methuselah of our time. One of two righteous men who were the sign and the physical savior of humanity.  The other being Noah. I think maybe Reverend Billy Graham is a sign. So who is to be the savior of humanity? The daughter? Or shall it be the coming true savior Jesus Christ?
The next event or events shall be 2022 and it may lead to ongoing events. As all of the Nations of the world which is capable to prepare and build their war machines are doing so. Which may come to fruition in 2029. This is the seven year deal as spoken by Jonathan Cahn.  Buy and read his books to know more than me. Pray, meditate and fast and hope the rapture is true and real. If the rapture is not true and real. Then I hope for you that your entire faith has not been tied to the saving of your physical self/being. Because, it is your spirit which is your true being which is important and not your physical body. How does Dr. Tony Evens put it. Your body is just your car in which you drive. That is close enough to his exact quote. 
When we as a collective group of people of one Nation under God consciously decide to disobey God directly and to his face. Do not expect blessings or protections from God. Read and learn what has happened to Israel every single time they turned away. Go and read the old Testament in the Holy Bible. Really. Israel was and still is the master of making continual mistakes. Even today. The USA is now what in the eyes of God? The people think they are blessed and protected. Soon they will be the same ones who shall curse God for their destruction. Denying their fault, participation and absence in any of it. 
I do know what is occurring in regards to prophecy is a confluence of prophecies. The current prophetic signs seem to be coming from the tribal nations within the USA. The Sioux and Hopi tribes. The ongoing Sioux prophecy in Standing Rock North Dakota. is something you should really keep your eye on as a Christian.
Another sign is the criminalizing of homeless people. To the tune of destroying and taking away their things they need to survive. The criminalizing of anyone or any group who actively assist the homeless without the consent of the local, state or federal governments. Because, Think about this. When the mark of the beast is manifest in some unknown way. Everyone who refuses these mark will be rejected to participate in society. So what does that mean. You will become homeless and an instant criminal. Then look at what has already been done to the water protectors at Standing Rock. How many of those police men and women actually attend church or are professed Christians? if any. But, that to is yet another sign as apostasy grows in all aspects of Christian life. Even in Christian media where devout evil doers can become successful in a Christian world. Even though they are actively against Christians and yet their praise and worship songs are played on the air. 
What you do to Israel comes back at you. This is the promise of blessing and curse from God. This is what President Obama is leaving for president Donald Trump and for all Americans. And a tweet from President Elect Donald Trump states It should be Vetoed. You do the research and decide for yourself which is the right answer. 
The Joy FM a Christian Radio Station in the Southeast USA has played on a regular basis the praise and worship Christmas songs from Pentatonix. In which two of the members are professed and actively gay. They are also active participants in the LGBT community. Which means they are anti-Christian. Yet, they enjoy the profits of the Christian community. What is it called when a person who praises God and yet has no intention of actually worshiping God? What do you call a person who pretends to be religious and yet are actively against the religion? Has the men and women of The Joy FM become infested by the disease of apostasy and not know it? I no longer listen to "The Joy FM" I just can't anymore. They seem to have departed away from the God of the Holy Bible. I'm sad by their actions. There is more.
Isn't that another prophecy where people to flee from the church. Maybe, it is because of the Christian church has departed away from God and righteous teachings. Think about this. When was the last time your pastor or Christian radio station taught sin, holiness, righteousness, The covering of the blood and the cleansing of the blood. They don't do this because of their own fear. Who brings fear? while those who are with God say Fear Not. 
I tell you the truth. When Noah laid his axe across the first tree. All humans, animals and other beings who were alive became the living judged. This includes all humanly perceived innocent human babies, precious puppies, cute kitties and baby bunnies. Only eight human adults survived along with adult pairs of every animal. 
There must be something more than just simple belief in Jesus Christ. Because, do not even the fallen angels and demons believe? and yet they all remained condemned. Why?
So there must be something more than just belief and faith. Those things are righteousness and holiness only seen and agreed upon by God only. All without pride, ego, supremacy and arrogance. Those are the next steps after simple belief. Remember, After Jesus healed people he said "Go and sin no more". If there is a rapture and I hope there is. I think holiness and righteousness are the keys.
Added on 11 Feb 2017: Black Snake Revealed and it's blood almost ready to flow.
The Lakota prophecy of the black snake. Has been revealed and yet the black snake cannot be stopped. The revelation of the black snake also revealed the thousands of other black snakes all over the land as well as new ones to be created. The confluence of prophecies from many different traditions is in play. They each stand alone and yet they each seemingly support other prophecies from other traditions. The bowls poured out are all from us. the great sufferings to come is all our fault. We are responsible for is yet to come. The death of all that we know is because we each have forgotten the old ways and have refused to become a united people who are holy and righteous in the accepting eyes of God. All without pride, ego, arrogance and supremacy. 
The DAPL pipeline in North Dakota on Siouz tribe land and under the Missouri river is a go. So how many years will it take to begin sickening 18 million people? 10-12 years? Which is around 2029?. maybe sooner 2022? The USA is becoming full of black snakes. This prophecy is as close to complete as can be and only very few people are actually thinking about it. I have been following this Standing Rock event for the last 9+ months and the evil associated with it. Is very observable. It is obvious that corporate and governmental entities are under demonic influence and control.
So what is next? The gourds? The financial or final destruction of the USA? The land mass of North America becomes inhabitable? Time and all things will be revealed just before it's time. Think about this. The sickness in the tribal communities are unknown Americans in general and will become common in every American family. The Sioux tribes face legal extinction in North Dakota. Then once you realize that there is virtually no cleansing of the contaminated soil and only a covering up. When the oil leaks out. Biblical terms there in which the vast majority of Christians do not even understand.
Prophecies are supposed to be those encouragements for everyone to change from their evil ways or to take direct actions in order to prevent any prophecy to occur. Once a prophecy does occur and it is directly related to the choices of the people. The next prophecy which comes directly after the fulfilled prophecy. Shall be more difficult to prevent. Then the one which comes after the previous shall always be more difficult to prevent than the one before. Until such as a time when extinction is complete.  Then final peace shall be realized.
Added on 21 March 2017:
There can always be two kinds of directions for peace. One that through wise and dedicated choices by everyone can peace be realized. The other way peace can result is when all enemies and all of those who hate and are angry all die. Then through the end of the extinction process. Shall the finality of peace be realized. It matters not what part of your world you read and realize this simple truth. Everyone must realize the purple words and adopt them into their mind, heart and spirit.
To love one another.
To live in peace.
To exist in harmony with all things.
To cherish life.  
To obey/honor the Laws of God.
To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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