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International Safe Zones prophecy: (Unedited): 12 Sept 2012:

In the USA. Soon to be former USA.
Foreign Corporations and Foreign Citizens will buy up all manor of real estate and intellectual assets. These foreign nationals will become the last driving force in the American economy. The smart and wise foreign national investors will protect themselves with international laws (UN) when dealing with the USA. Foreign governments, politicians and nationals will create this self protecting laws. (Not really sure if that means anything or how?). New or*recently* new international laws will be created to vaguely protect all foreign national investments in the USA. These laws may not even mention the USA. But, will be used against the USA when the total American collapse occurs. There will even be a financial formula applied in case of money devaluation. This will also be vague. Where as a foreign investor or foreign corporation will see an increase in their wealth and percentage of real estate debt paid for. The American investor will see his money and investments become insanely De-valued.  Not sure how that works or how the math works. With the total collapse of the American system. The former American politicians and their families secretly move to the countries of their preselected choosing. Into the homes and lands which have already been bought, built and prepared by them. All of their wealth easily and illegally transferred into those countries.  Leaving behind everyone in secret. Including those persons who have dedicated their entire lives to those former American politicians. They will be left to become the new former American slaves with zero international human rights.
The major cities in the USA which has the most foreign ownership by percentages in residential and commercial real estate. Will become internationally protected safe and secure zones. The real estate bought with foreign national monies will be protected by the United Nations Security Forces. The UN Security Forces used will be personnel from other countries. The former American Service men who agreed to serve with the United Nations to pay for their freedom and the freedom/safety of their families will be stationed in other places around the world. Which will be as far away from the USA as possible. This will be a re-distribution of UN Troops
These protected cities will look like lighted islands at night from orbiting satellites across the former USA. Security teams will search for all of those persons who are deemed a security risk to the foreign ownership of those new International cities. 
Similar offers made to the former American military personnel will also be made to the select in the law enforcement community. Federal, state and local law enforcement personnel who are selected by the governing United nations body. Will reside in the newly formed safe zones in the largest cities. Their families will be safely moved into preexisting residences. 
So to will the personnel of the medical fields and other necessary fields as deemed as important by the UN Controlling Body. These selected persons will/may receive orders to relocate to another part of the world. While their own families remain behind in the UN sanctioned safe zones. This is how it will be done to guarantee your performance and participation. If you do not. Your family will be removed out of the safe zone with only the clothing worn and you will be abandoned in what ever country your in, if your allowed to live. 
There have been prophecies of a nuclear detonation of an American city (NEW YORK) or of many American cities. This must be stopped and prevented at all costs. Why? Because, No one can or will profit from a nuked radio active city or region of the USA. If New York city is Nuked. The radio active fall out will contaminate the entire Northeast region of the USA and into Canada. Possibly even into Great Britain and western Europe. Depending on prevailing winds. The foreign Nationals, foreign Governments and the United Nations members cannot and will not be able to financially profit from the sale of the entire ready made cities and infrastructures. If a radio active cloud has contaminated all or the cities are destroyed.
*Recently New* may mean international laws created 0-20 years ago.  Laws protecting foreign ownership and foreign wealth in unspecified countries. Mexico and other countries disallows any foreign ownership of any kind. So, those new or recently new laws will not apply to them. Because, There isn't foreign ownership.
The American Real estate is still continuing its own misery as of right now. Foreigner nationals and foreign corporations who begin to invest in American real estate. Can do so by investing in short sales, Auctions and foreclosures. Pay in full. Be wise in what you buy. Americans are broke and cannot maintain their own residential homes or commercial properties. Which means the properties may be run down. This will be both residential and commercial restate. By buying bulk properties and then bringing in your own people to maintain these properties. By in close proximity or within the major cities as these will become International Safe Zones.  Your setting up future protections of those investments as well as creating an incentive for the United Nations security Forces to protect foreign interests of those United Nations member states. Just insure that your people do not apply for any kind of American Citizen status. Which major cities and how many? I have no idea. It is solely dependent on how many foreigners buy and where. Probably not New York and the Northeast. There are prophecies of New York getting Nuked.
If Obama Becomes President for his second term. Buy, Buy, Buy. The American Tax base will go up and further cause a decline in American Industry in every category. Except beer and alcohol of course.  
Other Minor prophecies:
Other places of great risk. Any where along the Mexico American Borders. Along the Mississippi River through Chicago, out east and west 50 Miles. South Florida or all of Florida (not Sure). Alaska Becomes part of Russia. California, Oregon and Washington becomes part of China???. 
Detroit is a dyeing city. Texas may become their own nation.  
If you are an American and have the means to migrate your wealth and families to Canada or any other Country of your choosing. This may also include you becoming a citizen of that Country. It might be a good idea to move very soon. Probably prior to 2015. My 2015 date is directly related to the Sevens of GOD. 2001, 2008 + 7 years equals 2015. I admit I could absolutely be wrong and hope I am. I feel for me to be wrong. The whole of the American people must repent and become a righteous people again. Right now I see no evidence of that, only a worsening of sin behaviors.
To stay will mean you have zero debt. You will also have your share of the whole American debt in precious metals per person in your family. In a secured financial institution as recognized by the United Nations. To remain an American citizen will mean you will become a nonperson and as such not entitled basic human rights or possibly even protection of assets already committed.
The American Citizen has only done this to themselves. By voting for and allowing traitorous Politicians to make deals in the last 50 years. Which is the cause of the American demise. The Corrupt and traitorous politicians are at the local, state and federal levels.
The American Citizen has freely and by their own individual free choice has fled from the holy traditions of their historical past.
The American Citizen has allowed the demise of the once great educational system of the whole world. Only an uneducated and unbelieving person can be enslaved and remain a happy slave.
The American Citizen has allowed the right of foreign nationals to own assets in the USA. Even if that foreign ownership hates the American way of life and hates the American Citizen.   

This is important information on the sell of American corporate assets in the USA.
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-------The United Nations-------
 This is my best effort which may not be considered a good effort by an educated and informed person. Which being an uneducated person. Domestic law and international law is well beyond my understanding. I hope this list of information provides at the very least a meaningful direction.
 Added on: 20 Dec 2013:
Foreign investors buying American Real estate news. This news is very important. Also, the laws developed to protect foreign investors.

Laws to protect foreign investment: This is out of my realm of research. Your on your own on this. 
Need to research USA laws, International laws, Treaties with foreign Countries, United Nations laws and agreements. How they all work together. 
So that when and if the North American land mass and other controlled territories once controlled by the former USA. The United Nations and other internationally legally recognized organizations.
Will NOT be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”:
Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: