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Doomsday Preppers Prophecy: (Edited): 13 Sept 2012

The American Survivalist/Doomsday Preppers will be hunted and destroyed by various military forces from around the world. From the city and county permits applied for the construction of your doomsday and survivalist bunkers, they will find you. From all of the guns you have purchased, they find you through the 4473s. From the National Geographic show  "Doomsday Preppers", they now know what you look like, what your plans are and where you are.
The foreign military forces will watch you from a distance for a short time to ascertain your true defensive threat to their own soldiers, then devise their explosive plan. The equipment they will use against you will all be American made and so too the bullets, bombs and missiles. Your end is certain. Be prepared to do as you may. These foreign forces may not even wish to speak or negotiate in any way. They will just attack, kill and destroy all of you, even your children.  Your evil and guilt will be revealed throughout the whole world via the government-controlled media networks. The truth does not matter. You will not be the victim or the underdog. There will be no mercy or compassion for your plight. You will only be seen as the threat for those innocent foreign nationals who have been harmed before and during the downfall of the USA. You will be seen as those former superior and prideful people who only treated foreign nationals as inferior and beneath you. You will be considered the same as the roving bands of evil who will do terrible things to ANY innocent person who only wanted to endure to the end. You are already seen/viewed as the most paranoid of all Americans and in stressful times people who are already paranoid become the mentally insane. Such is how you will be treated. You have heard "suicide by cop". There will  be a new description of survivalist preppers: suicide by U.N. SOLDIER as reported. Your death will be seen as merciful by the populations of the world. The media twist is complete. No one will know that it was the military forces who attacked you outright and first. No one will know that you were only protecting yourselves and that you were not a threat to anyone. No one will know that you would not harm another or go forth and commit murder. More and more foreign military forces will arrive as well as mercenaries.
The world's united military forces will be justified in their excessive actions. Revenge for the American history. Not even Great Britain or Canada will be an ally, or any other nation.  The worst part of history of the Americans will be read, seen and heard by the world's population through all of the media outlets. The native tribes' genocide, the slavery of early America, the continued racism which persists, the slavery-like treatment of the Latino and Hispanic foreign nationals in modern day America. War-hungry military practices around the world by the USA. The Christian American service man will be seen as the true threat to the world populations. Christianity will be hated because of the American Christian Warrior. The American Christian warrior who does not do as JESUS CHRIST had done. It will be revealed that the world is in fact a far better place without the USA than with. The whole of the world will see a calm and peace for a short time. This too will be revealed to all of the world in which the truth of "why" will not be reported. The reason for the calm and peace is because all of the world's governments are trying to get their piece of the former USA pie. They will not be fighting with one another because of profits promised. The world's populations will be so enthralled by the demise of the USA that they will cease for a short time their own evil desires and deeds. All will find comfort in their nationalistic pride. The common people's leaders will spin their people's strength and pride.
To the Native American Tribes - you must right now seek and have legal protections by the United Nations via international laws so that when the USA does end your people and all of your lands will be seen as your lands by the United Nations. The United Nations must see all of your people as accepted people and thus deemed as humans and deserving of human rights as deemed by the United Nations. It matters not who owns your lands now. It matters not what cities inhabit your lands now. All of the treaties of the former USA must be honored by the United Nations. The United Nations will receive much honor and respect for correcting an evil which has been perpetuated upon your people for hundreds of years - a propaganda to be spun by them for their own benefit. 
Just like all of those American treaties which have failed, so too will the United Nations' treaties with the North American native people. When the United Nations has total authority and power over the whole world, the UN will do as it wills and without any concern for any other person or thing anywhere. But who will remain, they or you? If the North American tribes can come back together as one people again, then so too the desires of your elders' hearts. (NOTE: This maybe a coming together of all of the native tribes from around the world.) The old ways of love, peace and harmony will lead the native people back to their former greatness. The old ways of hate, war and chaos may just lead the native people of North America into extinction. Extinction is the finality of the USA's failed historic practice of genocide, which the United Nations with all of the former USA's military technology will  successfully complete. Remember how the North American native tribes became more than one, when the tribes became distrusting, separate and isolated from one another.  Your fall from greatness was already evident. Then the white man arrived.
You native tribesmen from around the world, you must end your own racial separation and division within yourselves. You and all of the humans are of one singular race of people. You native tribesmen must begin by removing and fleeing from all contamination to the sacredness of your being. No more mind altering chemicals, drink, drugs, smokes, pills, injections, inhalants, digestion. It matters not legality, cultural acceptance, tradition or medical use. Purify yourselves and live as you were meant to be. The rest of humanity who have forgotten the natural ways will come to you. You the native people will become the stitching which combines all of humanity as one species/family. You must also discontinue your addictions of foul media, music, television and other offensive forms of entertainment. You must pray and meditate often. AND you  must do these things of your own free will/choice, not by threats, intimidation, force, fears or by any other means of coercion.

 Especially when they who have all of the power and and all of the authority destroy themselves, there will be no power (?Electric?), no authority and no religion. There will only be Love, Peace, Harmony and Life for the human species. 

Exception: (But not really).  Those holy people who use mind-altering intoxicants to achieve their defined connections. Sacrifice all of their physical being for the benefit of the whole. This must be taught to all others who see and want to experience for the emptiness of the experience. In the long term the holy man may lose his mind or succumb to a permanent, drug-caused psychological defect. Much risk and much to lose. Any mind altering substance must be combined with strict rules of governance and well-defined purpose of intention. Abuse is and has been obvious. Addictions are evident.
Any intoxication by any means outside the controls of the holy men and leadership must be disciplined or not accepted in a manner as defined by that authority.
Continuous prayer and meditations to and from the Divine Being, GOD, ALLAH, Grandfather or however you name the ONE. Direct connection is possible without any mind-altering substance. So, as long as the holy people remain holy, righteous and without sin, it is a real possibility for all people to have a direct connection to the divine. All people become a member of the holy family of humanity no matter their skin color, tribe, clan, culture or nationality.
To repeat. This is not an exemption. The holy people of all of the tribes must evolve out of the mind-altering substance use.
Racism is a lie and a deception. The exterior skin of our bodies is only an organ. Of this skin organ the skin color or tone is only but a fraction of the purpose of the skin. We do not judge a person by his tonsils, gall bladder or kidney. We do not assign a superior drinking race for the person who can drink the most alcohol and still remain conscious. They are of the superior liver race of people and thus deserving of more rights than those who cannot hold their drink well. Stupid explanation isn't it? So is racism by the tone of skin of a human being.
The former president Bill Clinton: In regards to the Human Genome project: 26 June 2000:
From 8 minutes and 50 seconds through 9 minutes and 27 seconds. The most profound statement you will ever see and hear. All of our DNA is MORE than 99.9% the same. This means that the entire belief in racism as a fact of life is an absolute lie and deception. All of humanity must learn this and know this simple fact if we are to survive. This happened more than 12 years ago and have you learned this fact by anyone other than me? Do the leaders of the world still use racism? When you hear and see any leader use racism in any way, especially that disagrees with the facts, know that they are liars and deceivers. The god of lies and deceptions is who?
You must know there is absolutely no safety and or security in any construct of man.
 There is only absolute divine protection from GOD/GRANDFATHER. This divine protection will only be for those who have made their own choice without fear, threat and intimidation to be a righteous and holy people as seen by GOD/GRANDFATHER. 
There can be no proclamation or claim of righteousness or holiness by any human man. 
The acts of brutality and treachery as taught from the history of the Clan MacDonald of Glencoe can be seen in the many YouTube videos on the history of the Glencoe massacre and any other massacre in the world today. Massacre is the practice of life on other continents on this planet. This same practice of massacre will be used against individual preppers. This practice of massacre will also be used against any organized group of people who are not in agreement with the new authority. An air of trust will be used to gain entry into any survivalist towns, if any ever develop. This may be in the evolutionary future of preppers, which may very well be mandatory as there is a military strength in numbers, organization, training, planning and like-mindedness. Those who are devout in their faith should be a strong consideration to anyone for acceptance. Even an unbelieving working hand can be equally as dangerous as an unbelieving medical doctor to the whole of the group.

If you have not already begun active preparation for your family's survival, it would be worth considering for you to look into other countries such as Canada. Then put your survivalist prepping plans into action.

If you have already begun planting your steel and concrete, then you still need an exit strategy and bug-out plans from your already planned survivalist home or bunker or Prepper town.
Government buys ammo:,0,2812457.story

13 Nov 2012 News:
This news of American citizens wanting their state to secede from the Union is of minimal importance at this time. That is, until those numbers of people begin to influence their own state representatives to begin the legal separation from the USA. Just the threat may cause people to buy more guns and ammo to invest more in survival preparations. 
Before any coup d'etat can begin, the leadership must change to some degree. So, expect changes in military leadership. To dishonor and to disgrace any military high ranking leader will hide the changes of the future of your coup plans. Political changes will also hide your planned coup. So as long as you can reveal dishonor of the soon-to-be ousted political person, at the same time the leader of the planned coup becomes a hero to the common people. The leader will be seen as the one who is ending all corruption within the government.
:The Ultimate Doomsday Preppers:
Who in history were the Ultimate Doomsday Preppers? Think about it. I know you will be able to see the answer. You should have that "aha" moment. The truth will be evident. What must you do to be one of the remnant, one of survivors or one of the few to be raptured? If you have read any of my other writings/blogs, you know I do not agree with any aspect of the rapture, but I will not be one of those who will reject it when it happens. I will happily agree with those who were right about the rapture.
What must you to be one of THEM? Not in an exact order. Partial list. Ask a theologian.
1) Repent and flee from sin. Become a living holy person as defined by GOD.
2) Pray, meditate, contemplate and praise often. Have a history of these things.
3) Stay in the word. Pray for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding in all things presented in your presence.
4) Live a righteous life with Honor, Integrity and High Morality as defined by GOD and humanity's wise ancestors.
5) Those persons who make their life's decision based in fear, threat or coercion may not become one of the select unless they can evolve from those base, negative, emotional fears of decision.
6) Actually living their life as Jesus, The Christ had done without any expectation of any rewards here or in the Heavens. Jesus simply loved because it was the right thing to do. Not because HE wanted to go to Heaven and walk on golden roads, living a spiritual life of relaxation and leisure.

These things must be done first by you, by your family and by your friends. If those around you cannot or will not become holy and righteous, then you must seek out your brothers and sisters who are like this current partial list. If that means leaving your family of blood, then you have a tough choice before you. This is a choice which must be made without being under threat, fear or coercion. Even some of the elect by GOD will remain with their families and brick homes. That is OK for them and is their choice because the essential truth is there is no death of our unique spirit identities. Yes, our physical bodies die. But our unique spiritual identities do not die unless GOD says and does otherwise.

So, who were the Ultimate Doomsday Preppers? Noah and his family.
It must be considered that Noah and his family were first holy and righteous in the eyes of GOD before they became the ultimate doomsday preppers. 
In order for you and your declared family to be successful in living through any doomsday, no matter the degree of the event - whether it be a local, regional, national or global tragedy, however you may define the tragedy - being a righteous and holy family first in the eyes of GOD is the most important thing. Also remember it was GOD who selected them to be the ultimate doomsday preppers. 
:Compound Raids:
As a American survivalist or Doomsday prepper, you must have a through understanding of how the government will separate and isolate you at all levels. You must have an understanding of what extent the government will go to in how they deal with you. You may or may not even have a choice to surrender. If there is no choice in surrender, then the government has already decided your whole family's death. The definition of government is relative to the American governmental agencies now and to whichever foreign government organization which will assume control and authority over your area of residence.
You must know that it does not matter if you are innocent. Once the government entity decides to kill you, your family and anyone who associated with you, the media outlets will follow the reasoning of the government that the death of you and any children with you was justified. You will be guilty without any court of law. Being dead means that there will be no one to speak for you on your behalf. Not that it would matter. One or two voices defending you cannot and will not be heard over every media outlet proclaiming the deadly and justified actions that your survivors survived.

Here is a beginning source of research material for you. This beginning point is just that - a beginning point for you. There is no accusation of guilt from me in any way. You must assume the possibility that they each may have been innocent or even guilty. Unfortunately, you being a civilian as I am are not privileged to know the actual facts and events. Avoid any emotional attachment from other people's subjective feelings and thought expressions. This is purely a means for you to plan and implement a second or third or more bug-out options.
For the non-righteous and non-holy - you may not have the divine protection from GOD, so your probability of overall survival is not probable. I do not believe that the current American government can do anymore possible evil deeds as what will be listed below. But, the overthrow or ending of our government will end any reason or common sense towards the civilian population.
Some of these people may very well be racists and insane. That is for you to conclude. The actions taken by some of these groups, I do not agree with and the resultant actions taken by the government was probably very justified. I will eventually re-add my views on the lies and deceptions of race.
Language warning:
:Doomsday Preppers Evolution:
Over time and as the seasons of NGC Doomsday Preppers shows air. The internet will be used to form new relationships. From these new relationships. Actual doomsday preppers will form into communities from the internet groups. Over time these groups will want to form into actual real communities. They will begin to secretly move into states with small towns. Especially those who have developed internet businesses. Until, the bottom falls or or when the balloon hits the fan. The internet business which has a provable self sustaining history. Can be operated from any location. 
Groups of 50 or more families with specific skills sets as well as an ability to become cross trained. Will become of importance. The ability to be able to teach your very specific skill set is and will be a critical ability for the benefit of the group.
The group of a minimum of 50 families must have the ability to pool their funds and organize with legal protections. similar to and may not be exactly as HOA's (Home Owners associations) are formed and governed in Florida. 
From the very real education received from the Doomsday Preppers show. The new and evolved Dooms day prepper action plans will be developed. This must be done in secret and without being published on any media outlet or television show. Those who have been on the Doomsday Prepper showed should be thanked for their public self sacrifice as every government entity and foreign military are also now educated in the Doomsday prepper mentality. 
 The groups which will eventually be formed. Must be formed with intact families who are in absolute agreement in the prepper planning mentality. Unlike those families who are just putting up with the weird spouse.
 ( Watch the shows with a psychological mindset and look for family units which are not together). Like the Psychiatrist who is married to the Asian woman who had to hide in caves while escaping from the  Kmer_ Rouge. So, He buys a cave with considering or communicating with his wife or daughter before hand? Really? If your choosing family members and they not in agreement with the prepper mentality. Then that family should not be considered for acceptance. No matter how critical the skill set. This is kind of like the Poker Term "ALL IN".  My use of a poker term is not evidence of my acceptance in any way of poker or betting.

Religion and belief systems is a critical consideration. The difference between being religious and holy must be specifically defined by the group members. This is another area where all members must be in acceptance. Then all members should live according to these established rules of morality and sin. 

Land engineering and planning. 
1). Raw land to be purchased.

                A). With accessible water above and below ground. The regular use of air to water 
                             AA). The use of air to water machines underground. Will also aid in drying
                                       underground air just like a dehumidifier and then you can safely drink the 
                                       water. You do have to have an ability to make electrical power.
                                       This can be a third possible source for water.
               B). Ability to farm vegetables, Bison, goats, sheep, Cattle, wood, wild animal management.
                              BA). Wildlife management must be a practice of the entire group. Because, If you
                                        use all of the trees for fuel. Then you die. If you kill all of the wild life in
                                        your area. Then you all die. Wise management should be preferred to 
                                        ignorant carelessness. 
               C). Using new construction methodologies like monolithic domes for above ground living.
                      The creative uses of steel containers wielded and bolted together for underground
                       living. There should be underground living environments as well as connecting
                       tunnels to every home and common use space. There should be also, large  
                       underground common use spaces. Worship, educational,  Libraries, Machine shop, 
                       Entertainment, Kitchen, Laundry, Growing sections for vegetables and fishes.
                              CA). Using steel piping cut in half and welded and bolted to the tops of steel
                                        containers. Which would be buried to depths greater than 50 feet. Inside
                                        and outside of the steel containers, should have additional square steel
                                        tubing welded and bolted. Necessary painting practices must be
                                        incorporated to ensure longevity.

                D).  Energy development. Via solar, wind, gas, propane, natural gas, wood, oil, sterling.
                             DA). Crawl space and isolated propane and natural gas cylinders. Which can be 
                                       isolated terminally from the total propane cylinder farms. Must consider full
                                       capability of gas heating, lighting and power generation.  Every connected
                                       home and common area should have the visible above ground propane 
                             DB). All batteries to be stored must have an isolated battery acid storage area 
                                       along with empty batteries. Must be mindful of clean breathing air areas.
                                        Fire suppressor systems. An ability to evacuate the contaminated air with
                                         fresh clean air. 
                             DC). By incorporating and merging together a variety of power generation sources 
                                      your power generation reliability and dependability is heightened. Redundant
                                       and merge-able power generation affords the best overall protection. By
                                       having cell type of power regeneration. When one cell goes out, another
                                       power cell can be used for double duty. A good number for over power
                                       generation  capacity is 300%. Meaning if your actual system only uses 1 watt
                                       of power, You should have 3 watts of power generation. You have a home
                                       cell, bunker cell, shop cell, church cell, farm cell, school cell and etc. If the
                                       church power generation cell goes bad. Then power from any other cell can
                                       be re-routed to that one. Significant engineering will be required, but will
                                       add in long term survival. Which would benefit the re-establishment of a
                                       civilized society.
                             DD). By staying connected to city or county human waste sanitation systems. 
                                       You save your pre planned and pre built underground sanitation systems for 
                                        use When and if the public systems stop working.

2). Educational planning is mandatory for any re-establishment of a civilized society. Even
                      though your whole life is geared towards basic survival. The young must be educated.
                      This is going to be extremely difficult as every person of a useful age must put in a full
                      days work in order to just survive. If the young are not educated, then a civilized
                      society cannot re-begin.

3). The differences between being religious and being holy must be taught. Religion is meant to lead
                       a person into a state of holiness. Religion is meant to lead a person directly to GOD.
                       Religion is not meant for the select few to govern the common peoples. Religion is not
                       meant for men only. Religion is not meant for the selfish desires to accumulate Wealth
                        Power and Authority.
11 Dec 2012 @ 1230HRS.:
Title Name change from Survivalist Preppers Prophecy to Doomsday Preppers Prophecy. The old school name was "Survivalists" Now they are called Doomsday Preppers". The NGC show called Doomsday Preppers. This is the reason for the title name change.
17 Dec 2012:
Sandy Hook Doomsday Prepper?
The story is out that Nancy Lanza may have been a survival cultist /doomsday prepper.  Look at the weapons that Adam Lanza took with him to the Sandy Hook elementary school. I will not tell you the weapons. But, Compare them with what the expert preppers say you should have.
If you or any of your loved ones are mentally ill. You should not have any weapons training or access to any weapons.
If you are mentally ill and have no provable evidence of any physical brain damage. If you had not received any electro/convulsive shock treatments. Then it may be possible for you to become clean and free of the pharmacological evil which has been brought into this world. This will be a new kind of hell in your life. This will be very difficult to overcome. But, very possible. Find those natural alternatives which will give you freedom. For people like Adam Lanza who may have been medication free. There may not be a medication free option for you, your family member or associations.
You must make that hard decision. I am not talking about murder. It is OK to remain and die with your child or loved one. It is OK to deny becoming or remaining a survivalist or doomsday prepper. It's OK. You must think about the safety of others.

17 Dec 2012:
It is up to you to ascertain the truth to the stories below. Re-read my above comments about how the world will view you as crazy and undeserving of compassion or mercy.

Apparently i was banned from
Weird. don't think i was ever there let alone comment on any post. Any way there is a story Titled
"Does being a doomsday prepper make Nancy Lanza crazy"  Check it out. It may or may not apply.
20 Dec 2012
:Human History of lawlessness:
:Content Warning:
When any society goes from law abiding to lawlessness. A level of insanity develops when those who are very bad seeks to have their own rule of authority. Those who have always been in the gray area of right and wrong will cowardly choose the stronger side. Which in the beginning will be the bad side.
Begin your own historical research on societies and civilizations who have fallen. The fallen countries always seem to fall in the same way. Immorality, entertainment and evil religious practices seems to precede the way for the final collapse.

You must see that in order for you, your family, your associations to survive. You each must become as Noah and his family first. A holy people by choice. That is number one on the list of importance. It must be.  Doomsday preppers some where down the line of your list of importance. You must also prepare for continued and perpetual "bug out" just as the Israelis were under the leadership of Moses.

You must begin rape proofing, torture proofing your young girls and boys. Not very subtle is it. Rephrase my words so that your children can understand without being fearful. In a lawless society filled with non people who have zero rights, no political representations, zero wealth or any history of family importance. You will be on your own and on the run. With modern technology. Probably for not very long without divine intervention. With modern military weapons like the cluster bombs which can destroy and kill everything in a couple of hundred yards. Continued survival may only be from Divine intervention. Think about it. A similar way of how Moses and his people walked in a small desert for decades without being discovered or seen. Without leaving behind any evidence.
Your daughters and sons must begin martial arts training with a focus on weapons. Coupled with a lifestyle of holiness. WITHOUT the use of any mind altering substances. If your child is like the Adam Lanza. You may need to choose to other options. Which will include enslavement or death at the hands of the ruling authority to come. People who cannot be easily controlled will be killed. Any new ruling authority based in a communistic thought cannot have any one to question their authority at any level. To do so, will mean your death and the possible death of your entire family and associations. That will be the end result after you just disappear.

What would Les Stroud do?
01 Feb 2013: 05 Feb 2013:
:Midland Alabama survivalist Murder and Hostage news:

 American Survivalists and Doomsday Preppers are demonstrating their unstable behaviors in the last few months. They are the fore-bearers of more changes against the American people. More Freedoms will be taken away because of the actions of certain unstable people. Like those from Sandy Hook and now the Jimmy lee Dykes from Midland, Alabama. Strategy's and tactics will be evolved over these events and will possibly conclude with the death of all who are in the "BUNKER". Notice the word usage from the media outlets. Will this end up as a murder suicide or murder by cop? Will reasonable and rational heads find a solution in which there is no more death? No matter what happens. Law enforcement agencies all around the country will be looking at this closely and will begin to evolve their own plans for any strategic and tactical advantage. In which they should. People who are unstable and have joined in the now famous doomsday Prepper movement as now aired by National Geographic Television should be identified and seek medical attention. But, What is the difference between a person who is right and one who is mentally ill? Is Jimmy Lee Dykes mentally Ill? or is he just a murderer? or is he both? or is he just a man who snapped? No one will know until after there is a conclusion.
No matter how this ends. It will not look good for anyone who is an American Survivalist or Doomsday Prepper. I bet laws will be passed both nationally and internationally. Local governments may begin to ban the construction of bunkers of any kind. No matter their intent. Doomsday related businesses may be denied licenses and permits to operate businesses which promote insanity as defined by the ruling politicians. Especially, if legal and political actions become popular for the benefit of the politician.
At this point in time. No one can say what will happen or how the Compound raids will evolve (Read above). One thing is for certain. If you are alone in your bunker, you will probably die alone in your bunker. Because, No one will know the certain truth but your corpse and the law enforcement agency in charge. The only news which will come out is the news the Law enforcement agency wants out. The truth is not important if it make the law enforcement agency look bad in any way. Just think about that. The law enforcement agency will protect themselves and use what ever tool is necessary and present to save all life during an action event. In which you will be the loser. Your only hope for the truth to come out is to surrender. Then through court actions will you find redemption or the truth of your own insane actions. Which will it be? Your choice. Life or death? Please choose life. If you do not choose life. Free your captives and then end your own life by your own hand.
***my words are not permission for anyone to pursue a course to death***

If you are one of the survivalists or doomsday preppers reading this blog. It is important for you to know. I'm not anti-government. I am anti-bad prophecies to be fulfilled and there is a lot of them out there. Your best course of action is to follow the teachings of Jesus. Pursue love of one another. That means all human beings no matter their skin tone, nationality, height, weight, intelligence, health, athletic skill, or parentage.  It is your duty as an American citizen to participate and to vote. For you to selfishly hide yourself away to only save your own bacon. You  may very well be a part of all of the bad people who causes the bad and sad prophecies to occur. Which ultimately means 5+ Billion people will die in a very short period of time. With the possibility of extinction. Yes, even those government types who have made their own deep underground COG Bunkers. Which will become coffins.
This posting is not meant for you to develop tactics and strategies against military style attacks against your bunkers or fortifications. It is meant for you to ascertain why, you are doing what you are doing. If it is only all about you and your fearful psychology. Then your fate will be sealed within your locked doors. Those that survive are those holy people chosen by GOD and not by any established religion. First you must become a holy person by your free choice. Your family must also individually choose as well. I'm talking about a life of humble holiness and not merely religious. Jesus was homeless. John the baptist was humbly clothed.
Loving one another isn't locking out your neighbor and committing murder to protect your food. How many sins is that?
05 March 2013
It is solely up to you to research the accuracy of all content:

06 March 2013

08 April 2013: Possible doomsday prepper news: This is sad.

:Added on 15 July 2013:

08 Oct 2013:
I still believe it to be wise to keep all of your prepper activities secret. Which means not participating in any Television shows. If you have participated in any television shows. Then you must sell all assets and move to another location in secret.
Added on 19 Nov 2013: Safest place on earth or anywhere else.

For you the worrisome and fearful. There is only but one safe place to be when any disaster happens. It doesn't matter if it is a divine act of GOD, natural occurrence or even man made catastrophe. That right place is a firm foundation in righteous living as defined by GOD/ALLAH. So reside in your perfect place of safety and sanctuary. Which is in your own spirit. 

Added on 19 Nov 2013: Nat Geo Doomsday Preppers and Tyler Smith. 

Another episode of Doomsday Preppers features a man named Tyler Smith from Tacoma Washington. He will take your supplies as is his own words. Which means, what assumptions can you make on what he is going to do to you , your family and your friends?  He is destined to become a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. As a matter of fact when you consider all of the prophecies told by those ancient holy people. God will intervene because man will become extinct if GOD does not. So, Mr. Tyler Smith will/may be one of those insane animalistic sub-humans who will/may hasten humanities extinction. Mr. Tyler Smith, I hope you repent of your now nationally voiced opinions of your murderous heart and plans. I have hopes that you begin to see that the only way to avert a human extinction is for everyone to love one another, live in peace and to exist in harmony. I really hope that no harm comes to you and your family. Because, now every very real and highly trained and organized marauder in your area has now targeted you and your family. Because of the airing of National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers show. I do expect to see you in the news sometime in the near future. Involving some sort of police action.
Added on 18 Dec 2013:
Jay Yarbrough. Another prepper in trouble with the law. 5 years worth. 
Added on 20 Dec 2013:
Richard Schmidt. Prepper, survivalist, hoarder and possible white supremacist in trouble with the law.

Added on 26 May 2014: The felon Tyler Smith news. It's bad and you should know he isn't the only felon with these thoughts. That he confidently expressed on National Cable television. Because, if something really bad happens in your own locality, regionally or nationally. The bad guys will know that the law which binds them into submission no longer exists. Then you will be perpetually threatened repeatedly by random bad guys. Until the law is restored. When the law is restored. The law will not know who is good or bad and will treat everyone as if they are bad. As was done during Katrina.
from 16 Jan 2014:
Added on 17 June 2014: Martin Howard Winters News: River otter Preppers. Jason Swain:
Added on 12 Aug 2014:
This is for every Doomsday Prepper,  Survivalist or those who prepare in any manor for any extreme emergency. The condition of your heart is of the up most importance. Do not become like the evil doers and do not do as the evil doer's do. In matters not what you believe. There is a Supreme God, There are those superior to us beings, fallen angels or aliens that pretend to be gods. There are angels and we each have our own helper angel. Even the evil doers have a helper angel. There is the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. The evidence of your faith or lack of faith is in your works. We each are being watched and evaluated/judged by the supreme God. There is nothing which is hidden or secret to God. All of humanity will become/is going to become extinct and the whole of this Earth will become purified by fire. Not even those countries which have constructed their elaborate under ground bases will survive. The whole of the earth may/will even become a liquid molten ball again. Thus is the divine purification process. So if your not of the righteous, then you are not of the saved remnant. It matters not what you have professed in public church or how many times you have been baptized. Nor does it matter how many times you have re-committed yourself to God. Your daily actions, your daily deeds,your daily thoughts and your daily words is all that is the essence of your faith. 
You each are the living temple of God and if you corrupt it or allow it to be corrupted, then you are the abomination of desolation. Whether not if you believe in the devil or not. It matters what name you call the devil within your society, culture or religion. If you allow this devil who is absent of love, peace and harmony to rule your temple or life. Then the devil is standing within your temple and has become the abomination of desolation.

Become and remain one of the righteous and endure unto the end. However the end may be defined by God and you. Fore when your personal end comes. Your body will no longer be of importance or of use. The essence of your true spirit will become freed and you will meet your angel helper. Who will escort you to the place of your Heavenly Father or of your Divine and Holy Judge. It is your choice as evidenced by the life you have lived. You cannot be a Christian and do evil deeds daily. You cannot be a Christian and have no works of faith. Your works of faith cannot be forced works of faith. Your good works of faith can only be expressed from the capacity of your own outpouring of love for your human brothers and sisters.
Added 15 Aug 2014: 
For all of you doomsday preppers. I t is necessary for you to understand the end result of prophecy. The purification of the Earth by fire and the extinction of humanity. What does this mean for you as preppers and why is this of supreme importance? You cannot survive and will not survive the finality of  the end of times without direct intervention by God. So, if you or other members of your family are not devout Righteous and Holy as only defined by God. Then you shall not be saved by body or by spirit. If you or other members of your family have had their temples corrupted and contaminated then they will not physically survive to any degree. If your family members have become devoutly Righteous and Holy as only defined by God. Then their spirit self shall be saved while their physical bodies have had to endure unto the end. However or what ever that may be for each of them. 
So of all of your preps that you do. Shelter, water, food, defenses and etc. are all a distant second to your own spiritual preps. You know righteous and holy living in action, thoughts and words. Loving one another. Living in peace and existing in harmony. Respecting and honoring all life.
These are the keys to your survival when God comes with the fires of purification upon this Earth. This is prophecy and it seems very probable this will absolutely happen.
 Added on 14 Oct 2014:
Ebola virus seems to be beginning to spread. For those of you who does take your doomsday prepping very serious. It is most likely time for all of you to go underground. It takes 2-21 days for symptoms to show and in that time the spread of the Ebola Virus can spread without warning. Which includes the virus being in the breath of those speaking to you. There are suspicions that the Dallas Ebola is airborne. 

If you decide that time is still premature. Then you probably need to reconsider who you have contacts with and whom they have had contacts with and so on and so forth. 
If you cannot remain underground for an very extended period of time then. You need to ramp up your supplies. You need to be aware that there are now four disease within the USA. Ebola, Plague, chikungunya and Enterovirus D68. This is getting Biblical or will it be?
Added on 15 Oct 2014: The real deal math: 
New content from Jonathon Kleck. Ebola Related
 Added on 18 Oct 2014:
Crucial news report about Ebola.
Added on 04 Jan 2015:
Ebola seems to be contained in Africa. 
One of the last Missile silos in the USA for Sale. Roswell, New Mexico. And sold.
Added on 09 April 2016: Recent news about Doomsday Preppers. It is your duty as the reader of interest. To do all of the verification of every story I or anyone else posts. Everyone is to be believed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
 This site seems to be very in-depth. No good news here. Keys to search terms are in the address.
Added on 15 Oct 2016:  Native Tribes of the world gathering: Is the beginning of the above red words.
280+/- Tribes of the first peoples gather together. Will out of their gathering together bring forth a new song and a new dance? The word use "together" is of the purest sense. Because,
One Relation: (Unedited): 15 Oct 2016:
We all cannot be not be of one relation when you(First Peoples) yourselves are not of one relation.
Dirty Clothes: (Unedited): 15 Oct 2016:
One tribe of man becomes many and the return to oneness will require the burning of the dirty clothes of ego, pride and arrogance.
Naked Ceremonial Fires: (Unedited): 15 Oct 2016: 
When you cast off all of your dirty negative clothing. There is no nakedness or shame in your being. For the shame in your nakedness comes from your own fears. Your fears is the absence of your faith. Cast into the ceremonial fires all of your negativity. What is underneath all of your negativity, fears and wrong thinking? Is the true beauty of you and your relatives. That once realized a new song and dance shall be also beautifully realized. 
NOTE: Look first Peoples. I'm a nobody, But, I have learned a few things with all of these uncontrolled writings that I must do. When a quote is involved. It most likely means something. There are your quotes. Get your act together and become one. You already know the lessons of pride, ego and arrogance and how not only can it destroy a person, but also a family, people , nation and planet.
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