Thursday, September 13, 2012

Water Weapon: (Unedited): 13 Sept 2012:

A possible weapon to be used if it is to be used. (Confusing). The vehicles may have already been created and or related businesses. The decision not made yet. Even though the personal plan of the individual terrorist has.
A van or vans are created. With official markings water agency markings. These vans will have powerful high pressure injection pumps. They will have large plastic chemical tanks inside. The suspension upgraded so as to appear normal. Inside the vans will be parts and accessories which will enable a direct connect to water main hydrants. Then when the high pressure pumps are turned on. They can inject their terrible chemicals, Viruses and biological's directly into the drinking water of a selected population.
The places for these injection will be in obscure locations not typically or easily seen by people. Such as industrial parks which are closed at nights, holidays and  weekends. Poor lighting or lights continually shot out. Until, The power utility company no longer repairs them. These persons may already be in the water business or have been hired by local water authorities. To where they would have daily access to pipe fittings which would attach onto fire hydrants. They would also have daily access to high pressure water injector systems which are self contained in van type of vehicles.

All of the terrorists know the demise of the USA is eminent. Which may be the reason why the hold on any substantial attacks on the American populations. If there is a final event which causes the final fall of the USA. The hold will end. In which millions of enemy combatants already within the USA. Will go forth in their own self chosen direction. That means millions of different and simultaneous attacks. There is no more front lines in warfare. The peoples involved are Islamic peoples, China, Russia, Latinos, African Americans,  White supremacist and anarchists of all kinds. (Clarification of the races described. These are devout anti-Americans who only want the end of the USA. They will be willing to take any and all necessary actions to bring about the demise of the USA. These are communists and anti-religious. The majority of the races will become victims and unlikely participants of the attacks). There will also be a piling on effect. Once the attacks begin. They will be against every American asset around the world.
(Racial re-statement. The idea of the various races on this planet is an outright lie and deception. As proven by the completion of the Human Genome project over 11 years ago. The former president Bill Clinton even stated that more than 99.9% of all of our (human) DNA is Identical. This is absolute proof that all humans are a singular race and thus brother and sister to one another.  The truth of the verbal stories and the truth of the holy texts in regards to our origins from a single man and woman is proven.) At about 8 minutes and 50 seconds Thru 9 minutes and 26 seconds. Listen real good. 

Here is the real key of this possible planned demise of the USA. No real and substantial damage is done to the infrastructure of the USA. Cant profit from it if it is destroyed. Cant profit from it if a radioactive cloud contaminates everything for thousands of years. 
That is the evidence of the suspicious activity. Its always about the money.
No ink or copies made.

Will not be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”:
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