Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Replaced: (Unedited): 02 Sept 2012:

The person who sits in the Reverend Billy Grahams Chair. Will not be his replacement.
The person who stands behind the Reverend Billy Grahams podium. Will not be his replacement.
The person who has the feet to actually fit the Reverend Billy Grahams shoes. Will not be his replacement. 
The person who preaches and teaches from the Reverend Billy Grahams Bible. Will not be his replacement. 
There will be no replacement of this great man. There will not be a continuation of this mans organization. It shall be split up into many fingers and toes. This is not a bad thing. Because as a singular voice can only do a singular thing. A chorus can sing with much more power and authority.
The Reverend Billy Grahams chair, podium, shoes and Bible.
The fundamental teaching of the Holy Bible must be re-ignited. Without fear from the government or from the disrupted sources. The path to holiness is the intention and not the path to becoming a religious zealot. All good things come from GOD. Even if the good thing was revealed to a people elsewhere.
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