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Doomsday Weapon: (Unedited): Early 2012:

The So called US Navy future USA map is what began my vision. Along with the maps of the possible prophets. I saw a square in each of their future maps. The square is the symbol of man. The square is used in our everyday lives in all that we do. I think the blue square lake in Southwest USA used is more of a symbol than the actual shape of a possible lake to be formed. A square is an unnatural shape. Since it is a square it is an indication of unnatural causes. Which means the whole of the possible earth changes may be the Fault of Man or the fault of who ever is located near Las Vegas, NV.
This is what I saw.
A deep underground round hole or shaft with no daylight. The depth of which is unknown to me, possibly 20+ miles deep by 100 or so feet wide. The temperatures at the bottom is very high. High enough to create a thermal energy power source to run the whole of the complex or complexes. Those who were the most paranoid during the cold war. Devised a doomsday plan and an actual doomsday weapon.
By stringing together multi-atom hydrogen/fussion bombs at about 1 mile intervals. Then at the bottom of the hole form together a cluster multi-atom hydrogen/fussion bombs. All of which electronically tied together for a simultaneous detonation. The detonation process can happen in a various of ways. (1). Sensors detect a direct nuclear impact. Thus setting it off. (2).  An invasion sensor. Which detects unapproved persons or beings. In which if the numbers of them become to high or the sensors detect internal detonations. The self destruct is automatic. (3). The manual Button. I'm sure there are keys, codes and multi person access to the button.

The Doomsday weapon is detonated. The effects are immediate locally. The high pressure core material is instantly released into our low pressure atmosphere. A column of core material is ejected into low earth orbit. This continues until the Earth naturally heals the hole created. Much chaos is created for the whole globe as core material falls back down all over the Earth..
At the same time a shock wave travels through the core. Then on the other side off of the coast of Madagascar and the Mauritius Islands. Some how I think India is related. Not sure how or why. Something bad happens for the area and is just a prelude to things to come.
Like a balloon deflating so does the pressure within the Earths core. Causing world wide Earthquakes and volcanism not seen since the creation of the Planet. Continents rise and fall. Mountains rise and fall. All in that moment of time. The duration of which undetermined. 1). Deflation. 2). Sealing and re-stabilization. 3). Wind down of natural catastrophic events. This is worldwide.
The other worse event. The shock wave coupled with the temporary depressurizing of the Earths core may me enough to fracture the actual core. Temporarily Causing multiple north and or south poles or both. The use of the word "temporary" may be in the thousands of years.  
The detonation of this weapon ends humanity in a few generations.
The multi-atom fusion bomb is this. The hydrogen bomb in which most of us know about is the fusion of two atoms. The multi-atom fusion bomb is two or more atoms. Such as 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 atom fusion bombs. There is an energy transition at about 100 atom. Which things beyond me occur. Those things are not good for life as we know it. I cannot explain it.
I did see other thermal electric generating holes around the globe of varying sizes. But, they were shadowed to me. Where as the one with the Doomsday weapon was highlighted. 
I do mention this weapon in other blogs. Look for them. I may copy and paste them here. Not sure yet. This will be updated.
I firmly believe that all bad and sad prophecies can be averted, mitigated and or managed. My belief stems from the story in the Holy Bible where Joseph and the Pharaoh manage and mitigate a natural disaster. Thus altering the actual prophetic events in The Pharaohs dream/vision. In another story in the Bible. Jonah told the people of Nineveh they were all gonna die in 40 days. His words were an absolute prophecy. All of the people and animals submitted to God and turned away from their sins. God with held judgement upon them all. So here is proof of alteration of a prophecy by a known prophet of God in that day.
In the event of unnatural or man made disasters. They can be absolutely averted and or prevented. No matter who or what Holy and important prophet foretold the possible event or events.  
Once revelation of a bad and sad prophecy is made. Change can begin. It is the point of any bad and sad prophecy to prevent the occurrence and not just blindly accept that it will happen. If technological development cannot prevent a natural bad and sad happening. Then you can mitigate and manage the natural occurring event or events. 
It is only the insane which hopes and prays for the bad and sad to happen. It is only the insane who seeks out and builds a way for the bad and sad to happen.
Even if a prophet is unaccepted by your religious authority. Even if he or she does not simply appear as you do. Even if he or she is weaker, sickly or not as intelligent as you.  Does not mean he or she is not a prophet of GOD/ALLAH/Grandfather. The evidence of the truth revealed can be seen in how they live their individual lives. In righteous and pious living. In humility.
The differences in the prophets visions may not be an inaccuracy so as much as a difference in the slice of time they each view. The purpose of each of theirs visions and of mine is to actively make them wrong. With right thinking actions. 
 These are the origins of my vision.
The alleged prophets  are Gordon-Michael Scallion, Edgar Cayce, Lori Toye
:13 Dec 2012: Furtherance Plan:


The devils tower: Related some how. not sure. Maybe, A previous use of a doomsday weapon from a long time ago. Maybe, A deep hole thermal energy recovery that went to deep and naturally caused the Earth to repair it.
:Russian Doomsday Plan:
On board Russian non critical naval ships. Categorized for scientific discoveries. Pointing into the wind. Staggered an equal distance apart along the 60 degree in the southern hemisphere. At exactly the same moment. They each release their high altitude balloons on a mission for scientific discovery. When the balloons attain a balanced altitude of 25-75+/- miles. They all detonate at the same time. Each explosion blowing away a percentage of the planets atmosphere. Winds from the northern hemisphere begin to rush southward. Winds which exceed the force of a hurricane. Within seconds the total planetary atmospheric pressure drops and along with it a dramatic lowering of total global temperatures. All aircraft in flight around the planet, fall from the sky. The shock wave from the detonations converge onto the South Pole Pushing out more of the atmosphere into space. The Earth losing more atmosphere causes all of the water which is in the atmosphere to suddenly condense. Instant ice age. Which will last for a time, until the atmosphere regenerates. Causing the planet to re warm, but not as it was before. The temperatures will not be like today for many thousands of years. 
 If only one 50 MT bomb detonated in the atmosphere causes the loss of about 1 percent of the Earths total atmosphere. The detonation of two 50 MT bombs detonated in the Earth's atmosphere will cause a loss of more than 2 percent of the Earth's atmosphere. It would be wrong to think that one hundred 50 MT bombs would cause the loss of 100 percent of the Earth's atmosphere. 
There is a relationship between the size of detonation and at what altitude detonated. There is also a relationship between how many nuclear bombs detonated, the proximity and the arrangement of such bombs. Meaning if you made a perfect projected circle of exactly the same size and types of weapons. Then placed them in a perfect circle of total destruction. The effects in the center of this inward circle will receive a greater impact. While maximizing the total effects of the nuclear devices used. The same principle can be used in non nuclear devices. This principle can also be used in directed energy flows when attacking cave systems simultaneously. 
Because, this happens in the southern hemisphere, where nothing of real Geo-political importance happens. No one is watching and no one can be directly blamed. Thus, Zero response from any NATO nation or the USA. But, after the coordinated detonations. It won't really matter. The Russian math is off. The Russian scientists will claim they are right and that the atmosphere will only re-situate across the planet and cool globally by about 5-10 degrees C. The atmosphere will re-generate over time and then the whole of the world will be absent the USA, Weak Europeans and NATO. The Russian scientists will deny any chance of a total atmospheric collapse. Which is what will happen. 
There is a bell curve in the math and the Russian math is missing unknown and un-conceptualized elements. This Bell Curve relates to minimal undesirable effects to the left and maximum undesirable effects to the right. The very tip of the Bell curve is small and this is where the desirable effect is planned for. If your math is off just a little bit to the left. The world will hunt you down. If your math is off just a little bit to the right. 6-7 Billion people die.
I'm unable to find the source of the information gathered many years ago about the loss of atmosphere due to the Tsar Bomb and from the American high altitude detonations.

Updated on 11 March 2016: Because of a reader.
I do not mean to be insulting to those alleged prophets I have mentioned here. I do not know them personally nor do they know me. I do not even make those declarations of myself. Especially, when I write like this. I'm not of any importance in the grand scheme of things. I'm just a temporarily lit pixel on your screen which is easily forgotten. That is the way I prefer it.  So, I cannot say if they are prophets or not. Either way it is not for me to make those kinds of declarations. Even if any person has had any kind of dream or vision in which any kind of bad and sad is involved. It and every one should be tested.
It is only my intention here to reveal. To reveal can and does change everything or it can bring forth the undesired event. What is key is not to simply reject your part in any bad or sad event. The essential key is a change in your heart of hate, the change in your spirit of sin, the change in your mindset of evil. Those are the keys. Especially if your one of the leader's of the world.
Be warned of any person claiming to be a prophet and has the deepest desires in their heart to be right and to profit from being right.   
In order to survive ourselves. This is how to avert all bad and sad prophecies. Well most of them. Accidents do and will still happen. The purple words. Is just a beginning to something better for all of humanity.
To love one another.
To live in peace.
To exist in harmony.
 To cherish life.
 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us to be.
And to go and sin against one another no more. 
 These words are tied to every religion, every nation and every people. 
Even if the doomsday action plans are not implemented. There is still a variety of ways in which we can cause our own extinction.
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