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Leaders Mark: (Unedited): 18 July 2004:

The mark of a great leader is when those that follow do so of their own free choosing and with no promises of riches. C.J.MacKechnie
The great leaders silently goes forth and begins their missions. Those who witness and deem value to the mission. Will begin to follow if that person who first began has a known history of right actions. Without words of encouragement. Without words of selfish promises. Without words conquests glory. The great leaders steps forth first and returns last. The great leaders endures all in its entirety. The great leaders primary thought and actions is to the mission and then to the people who have chosen to follow.  The great leaders are not leaders with pride, rank or self importance. The great leaders are in truth great servants. Great servant to the mission and to the followers. Because the great leaders instinctively know and act from a position of humbled love for all. The great leader eats whats left, sleep on what is available and cares more for others then themselves. As it should be. As it must be.
The great leaders may not be pretty, may not be well spoken, may not have been born to an acceptable family, may not be wealthy and may not be male. 
Following Warning
 Do not allow your mind and spirit become corrupt from a charismatic voice of lies and deceit. A charismatic self proclaimed leader must look superior and look better to all others. A Charismatic leader must proclaim their plan is the best while convincing all of you to follow. In which you will become paid followers with promises of great wealth, responsibility and ranks of importance. You the deceived follower are the power for the self proclaimed leader. Who will only use you for their own selfish needs and selfish wants. This self appointed leader will be the one who profits the most. When you the duped follower has given your all and your very life. The false leader may be concerned for the briefest of moments so as to merely appear to be concerned and thankful for your sacrifice.
A false leader uses certain tools to garner his supporters and his power base. These tools may include RACISM. Racism is a lie and a deception. There is only one race and it is a human one. This was proven by the completion of the Human Genome Project more than 11 years ago. It proves that all of our human DNA is 99.9% identical. All of our skin essentially has identical functions as a single organ of the whole human body. Where as only a small part of our human skin has a function to create a color tone. That is all. For you to follow any proclaimed leader who uses race as a call for you to follower. Is proof that you have chosen to follow a lie. It matters not if you believe the leaders lies and deception are gospel truth. It matters not if you believe that man is a holy man. A lie is a lie. Racism used in any way is a lie and a deception. Anyone who asks you your race is perpetuating lies and deceptions. Even if the lie is unknown to them.  

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