Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Encroaching Cockroach: (Unedited): 25 Dec 2011:

The passively helpless mind will always allow negativity to seep through, like a mismanaged dam. While the positively proactive mind will always fortify their mental defenses. Never allowing anything negative to come near or even have a chance to encroach upon them like a stealthy cockroach. C.J.MacKechnie.
 Having authority over all aspects of your own mind means having absolute control over every thought and emotion. In order, Logical thought first, Emotional response next. This order of thinking is necessary, especially when identifying if an emotion or thought is actually your own. Usually the empathic or one who has been gifted with discernment as defined by the Christian Religion. May not even be aware they have such a gift. The genuine Christian may even reject the gift as some sort of occult action or witch craft. Especially since a large portion of the Christian authority nearly reject all works in the gifts from GOD. This is why the Christian of today sees virtually no Miracles in action. The fear of the spooky even if the origin is from the HOLY FATHER.
The empathic gift of discernment often begins small and insignificant. meaning the person feels something which is not easily known via the standard 5 human physical senses.  Then as the gifted person begins to exercise the emotional gifts and develops a better control over their own mind. The second part of the gift begins to manifest. This second part is the intellectual information tied directly to the person who is the source.
Hint: Study the woman at the well with Jesus. Or just study Jesus. Jesus exercised in all of the gifts.

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