Sunday, November 18, 2012

Consolidated Party: (Unedited): 18 Nov 2012:

The consolidation of the two party system Charade into a singular one party system, Begins with president Obama. C.J.MacKechnie
The Republican and Democratic parties cannot agree on anything. Which is an illusion. The news media is controlled by the government. For the last forty years both parties have worked hard to move the belief systems of the entire American population into corruption and immorality. The plans of the politicians have worked. The freedom to be immoral without guilt removes a person from GOD. The freedom to murder unborn babies without guilt causes that person to break the Ten Commandments without guilt or remorse. Christians themselves abandon their own first families to marry another. 70+% of American College kids cheat. No prayer in schools or school events. The removal of Christian symbols while leaving other religious symbols in place. The Christian faith which was a majority in society. Now, finds itself as a minority. The American way of life is gone and has been for some time. The Communist and Marxist threats in the political system is evident. It matters not if you believe and remain blind to it. This is your choice. All of the minority groups have formed agreements and organization. Their new majority collective evil will soon be upon you. Just as it was for the Jew in WW2 Germany. No one has learned the original name for the USA before Great Britain became involved. It was New Jerusalem. This is why we are called the great Satan and Israel is Little Satan. This is why the USA was the second part to Hitler's Plan.

I predict a Christian tax to come or a Jewish like tax or the elimination of non profit financial protections for churches. While at the same time continuing to with hold their free political speech rights.  Probably directly related to the soon to come bad press about the evil churches and their massive finances. While comparatively doing nothing for the communities. All of the sin inside the church will be revealed. How the Christians are only in it for themselves. This will be a media blitz against the Christian. Demands that the federal government to take action will be done. Federal Government controls governing the Christian Church will become law. This will include the Catholic Churches and Jewish Temples as well. While excluding other religions as it will be claimed. They do not have these problems.

The Christians on whole are blind to the fact that the Republican party does not follow in their belief system. Which is evident from what I have witnessed at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida this past summer 2012. I witnessed many prostitute appearing women with security passes for entry. Which means they were invited and pre screened.
Christians, must only vote for only devout Christians at all levels of political office. As soon as Possible (ASAP).
Christian Churches must move away from non profit status in order to regain their free political speech rights.
Christian Churches must prepare to protect themselves from in service disruptions and demonstrations. Which will escalate into possible extreme violence.

:What you the individual Christian must do NOW:
Repent and flee from sin.
Become physically involved with your Church.
Love One Another as Jesus Instructed.
Vote for only devout Christians.

Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: