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Test Israel: (Unedited): 20 Nov 2012:

For the last 7 days. The nation of Israel has been tested. That is all this has been. It was a test of the IDF responsiveness to any military action against it's own people. The testing was not for the benefit of Israel. It was for the Benefit of Iran, Hamas, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan. Once the Muslim Brotherhood has control of the keys. Their power and authority will be assured. So, They think. The Muslim brotherhood is not in control of their destiny. They are being raised up and  positioned by other humans. To end the Jews. Those who control the Muslim Brotherhood don't even care if they fail and die. The end result is less of them and less of Jews.

When it is clearly seen that Israel will commit their military to ground warfare. Then the leaders of the region will negotiate for a cease fire. Which has happened or is happening.

There were many objectives.
1) Test new Iranian missiles and launch systems. Range and accuracy.
2) Test the real world defensive capabilities of the Israeli Iron dome system.
3) Test to see how long it would take Israel to decide and mobilize it's military for a ground war.
4) Create new strategies for media propaganda wars.

That is test. Just A test. If this had been an actual emergency. Men would be rushing across the borders. Aircraft would be everywhere.
 Israel's compassion is seen in the media. Hamas is seen as an evil entity.  Eventually Israel must begin to see that there are no innocent civilians in Gaza or in any of their enemies. When a government or authority raises their civilian population and children from birth to believe that any group of people are less than human and should die. They are absolute enemies. The evil within them is pure. Even GOD has destroyed whole nations and the whole world because of the purity of evil within. You cannot negotiate with anyone who is willing to die while killing you. For the enemies of Israel, There is nothing to negotiate except for Israels/Jewish non-existence. Once Israel/Jewish people become extinct. The second part of their plan will manifest. That of the destruction of New Jerusalem and the extinction of the New Jews. Which is the USA and the Americans.
A little twist is the USA must become helpless in order for them to destroy Israel and to cause the Jews to become extinct.

:Next Time:
The tests will be never ending. The enemies of Israel will continually build up and maximize it's strength and capabilities.
Israel must expand it's Naval forces to become a Naval blockade busting/defensive force to the keys. While also, expanding into a separate force which is purely offensive in nature.
1) Strait of Gibraltar.
2) Aegean Sea/Black Sea
3) Suez
4)Red Sea/ Gulf of Aden
A) North Atlantic Fleet
B) Indian Ocean Fleet

This can be done by purchasing the old cold war relics of the USA, Europe, and even Russia and then refitting them for their own purposes. Israel can start by buying the soon to be retire Aircraft carrier plus the battle group support ships of the USA.
Let the USA make the old aircraft carrier into a floating hulk and then buy it.

How Israel can delay the build-up. 
The brain trust and leadership of the enemies of Israel must die. 
Every time a missile flies into Israel, They lose a building. From the most important to the least important. Proper warnings to the people would be compassionate. 


Added on 11 July 2014:
There really isn't anything Israel can do to have any semblance of real friendly peace with any of their neighbors.  Israel must embrace their God and become a truly Holy people as defined by God their Father.
Israel must prepare their entire population for the wars to come. They must on their own create their wealth and their technologies. Including implements of warfare.
Israel must become completely independent from the USA. As it is apparent that the USA government no longer supports Israel. Though, the American Christian still does.
ISIS is growing and may become a new legal state. Redefining the borders of Syria and Iraq. They will become a huge threat.

What s really troublesome is American who go into the area to attack Israeli soldiers with slingshots. Then become a propaganda tool for the enemies of Israel. Israel will need to begin to take stronger actions against their enemies even if they are American citizens.

Israel, Your enemies are going to come from all directions and you know this. Yet, you are not prepared well enough for them. You must embrace GOD and become a Holy nation filled with Holy people as defined by GOD your Father. This is a must and a first step. Then you can begin other preparations. Such as building a fully enclosed 2549.21 foot long (777 Meter) Naval ship yard. Wide enough to build three or more ships at a time.
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