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Hurricane sandy meaning and USA Prophecy: (Unedited): 01 Nov 2012:

 For the second time this year. A storm has caught my attention. In which this 1,150 mile wide storm didn't catch my attention until the sinking of the replica sailing ship Bounty off of the coast of North Carolina. This event means something and may even be the beginning or a part of a separate 7 year discipline from GOD upon the USA.
Those men and women who are smarter than I, Needs to ascertain my thoughts and conclude if they have the meaning I'm trying to put together. As of this writing, I know not what the message is. But, the message may not be for me to know or understand.

Become your own private detective. Follow the clues of this puzzle only after prayer and meditation. The puzzle pieces which I've presented here may be of many pictures and all of the pieces may not be present or visible. 
:CLUES or Puzzle Pieces:

 Meaning of the name "SANDY". "Defender of Men"
Replica sailing ship Bounty and its history. "Mutiny": maybe even COUP
Captain Robin Walbridge
Crew member Claudine Christian "Alleged direct descendant of The Sailing Master"
The event off of the coast of North Carolina, Cape Hatteras.
Naval Ship
Oct 29, The history of?
The storm was about 1150 miles across. If you can find the exact width upon hitting the USA and then divide by 364.25 equals 3.157 years. add that to Nov 2012. it may equal some month in the year 2015.
How to tie all of this in with the Prophecies for President Barrack Obama. Even the prophecies from those whom you may deem unacceptable. Like the Kenyan prophecy of 1912. Still should be considered in prayer and meditation.
Numbers: I'm not a numbers expert. So please find them yourself.

My assumptions are from my limited knowledge and understanding. Which means this part is probably wrong.
 I see this as meaning a mutiny or Coup which may/will erupt within the Military against the corrupt, immoral, criminal and traitorous political leaders of the USA. The sitting president will die and possibly all of those who are in office. It will matter not if they are elected or in selected position. Anyone whom the former Presidents have put into positions of authority is at risk of losing their lives.
The origin may be from the US Navy or from military personnel within North Carolina.
The reasons for this possible historical action. May be the active sell off of the entire USA to foreign entities. Then those profits funneled to their own private accounts in foreign countries. The plan to surrender all of the military assets to the United Nations. The new methodologies of how political leaders acquire massive amounts of wealth and transfer it out of country like their heroes Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong2.
Will the mutiny or coup be successful or fail? This may be tied to the prophecies of President Obama assassination. Which would mean the secret service must be complicit or the ones actively engaged in the murder of Prisdent Barack Obama.
"The entire USA" means all of its natural resources, manufacturing capabilities and intellectual properties. Including classified assets. 
"Military Assets" Means all of it, Weapons, machines, space based, properties, bases and posts. Including classified materials including those concepts.
My use of the word "Heroes" is a derogatory word in this instance.
My use of the word "Concepts" is a generic defined word for those things which should remain classified within the USA.
Are there different kinds of mutiny or coup? Instead of just military? Like a civilian mutiny or coup? Like a political mutiny or coup? Like an economical mutiny or coup? The collective power of individual nations to over throw the USA as the USA does in Regime change?  Or worse all of the above together?
Questions and Comments about time:
The super storm as it is now named had a reported width of 1150 miles. The rotational speed along the leading edge and the core speed should be of some kind of unknown importance. Humanity as a whole has an agreed upon definition of time as it is related to our collective perceptions on how we think time moves or flows. "IF" this is a Divinely created and managed storm formerly called Sandy. Then the time aspects will be tied to an understanding of time as defined by the Divine. I say Divine because of the name "Sandy" and is only an assumption by me.Look up the meaning of the name "Sandy":
However the Divine defines time may be related to the galactic spin or the universal flow of time. What ever that means. Which of course needs to be ascertained by those who know more than me. 
Th forward speed may either be associated with this possible time message or not. The time of transition from hurricane to super storm and from super storm to landfall on the USA coast. Should all be considered in any logically mathematical formula. 
Then apply or merge the galactic time with our own human agreement of Earth time. When applied then a prophetic time scale easily understandable or discernible by us is possible.
More Assumptions:
President Obama retains second term in office as certain unaccepted prophets have predicted (06 Nov 2012). Could he be the political leader which establishes a Communistic/Marxists form of government over the Republic form of Government in which very few people believe in any more. The murder or assassination of any and all persons who are deem as a threat. Will happen quickly. Under the guise or falsehood of a terrorist threat.Thus, the resultant aggressive actions will enslave the entire population.
Deleted Romney aspect
It is beginning to be seen by certain civilian groups, that the political government no longer sees the civilian population as their bosses. The politicians sees their bosses as foreign nationals, foreign entities and corporate entities. If this is true. Then a civil war may develop which would be a civilian mutiny. A peaceful revolt means no one votes and no one participates in the taxation programs. Politicians at all levels may be assassinated just because of their positions of authority. It would matter not their views. But, because of all of the separation, division and isolation of the various large groups  within the USA. Every group may target another group simply because they deem that other group as their prime enemy. Cultural battles, religious battles, Political battles, Social battles. National battles and of course the racial battles. The racial battles will not be only black or white.
All separation, division is generated and created by those leaders who selfishly want you to follow. One revealed lie and deception is racism and the division of the races. Which is a false belief system intensely believed by those who feel they must believe. What would happen to the leadership of those racists organizations when their own followers discover the truth that there is only one race on this planet and its a human one. I think that leadership would be destroyed. 
Research the Human Genome project of 2000 and President Bill Clinton. Research the DNA fingerprinting while looking for the large number around 1984. The skin as a specific organ of the body. Skin coloring as a small aspect of the over all function of the skin organ. Then tie it with the ancient stories of our ancestors. You must logically conclude that we are all human brothers and sisters to one another. There is no races and those who created racism are long dead, while those persons who are currently in positions of leadership are the ones perpetuating the lie and deception of racism. Positions of leadership means everyone and anyone in any position of leadership.
Lies and Deceptions:
There is a perceived lie and deception associated with this super storm. Not certain of the relationship though. The name Sandy means "The defender of Men". The origin of the name Sandy is "Alexander The Great". The Greatest military mind of all of Human history. I think there is a duality of the name. The origin and the information being put forth. I had an impression of Alexander The Greats first conquest. But, its now gone from me.
The Super Storm Sandy has been gone for some time and to this day 05 Nov 2012 @ 1510 Hrs Est. Yet, there is much suffering and misery. There is crime and hardship. How does this work into a possible prophetic message? have no idea.The father of lies and deceptions is Satan. The children of lies and deceptions is those persons who speak neutrally, lie and deceive.
How to prevent, to stop and to change the course of the USA and the world.
Right now by your own choice and free will do these things. If we all do. Then no mutiny, no coup or the loss of this Country. A mutiny or coup would not be good. Nor the death or murder of a President.

Love one another.
Live in peace with each other.
Exist in harmony with all.
For the benefit of All of life.

1). All elected officials must be replaced with men and women who actually have honor and a history of obeying GOD. Which means all men/women who successfully run and operate debt free churches must run for office ASAP. This includes the Judiciary Branch.
2). The recall of all our military forces abroad. We must retool all aspects of our military thinking and activities. Defend and protect our homeland first. Military ownership of necessary energy, water and food needs.
3). We must rebuild our society, culture and move this Country back into GOD'S grace, blessings and protection.
4). Rethink the educational process. From bottom to top.
5). Rebuild, rethink and re-do all of the laws for all aspects of economic development.
6). Realize that this country is broke and start over. No more debt. Repay all debt.
7). Develop long term plans for expansion into space. Millions of people in space.
8). Become energy dominant for all of the Americas via solar, wind and energy efficiency improvements.
9). Piggy back large scale water desalination plants next to every coastal power plant.
10). Close down and or re-align certain redundant government agencies.
11). Institute a "no" vote for persons running for office. A popular "no" vote for persons running will guarantee that they wont even be able to run for any elected office forever. In other words if the two party systems can only put forth a socialist and a Marxist candidate. The people can reject them both forever.
12).  Re-plan the COG or Continuity Of Government. In an emergency, I do not think the political leaders and or their families are of importance. Only those who have critical skills and good DNA should be associated with any COG. That should be who is chosen. Besides in Martial law isn't the military in charge and not a politician?

Maybe we all have to lose everything to regain the future. If we allow the corrupt politicians to sell off our country. Think about this. In order for something to be sold. Some one must profit from it. No one in any position of political authority does anything for free.  Then we lose everything and have no hope of regaining our identity or our country back.

In the current state of world wide political and religious corruption. I do not think it is a good idea for any government to participate in the United nations or accept any agreements.
Everyone needs to understand. The revelation of any prophecy forces it to happen or prevents it from happening. This is dependent on what the collective people actively work for. I do believe that those in power actively follow all prophecies and does their best to make all of the possible outcomes to work best for them only. Kind of screw the rest of the common people. Such is the actions within the "COG" Continuity of Government as self defined by nations around the world. Which only guarantees the lives of political leaders and their families. Also protects other people who can be directly useable by the political leaders and families.
OOPs off topic........
When any organization, government or religion knows prophecy, They can actively make it happen or prevent it from happening. Even a simple revelation can change everything on a personal level. On the grander scale active decisions must be made and implemented to create a desired prophetic effect. So, If you read a few of the prophecies below. President Obama should already be dead. So, was the alleged prophet right or wrong? or did the Secret Service actively prevent it from occurring? This is directly related to the lessons learned from the Holy Bible in the story of the Pharaoh and Joseph. The dream of the pharaoh was and is true until revelation and a plan of mitigation implemented. Then Joseph used his gift of management to save everyone. Thus, the dream became only half true or somewhat true.
President Kennedy spoke words of prophecy publicly to the world. When he declared that the USA would send a man to the moon and return him home safely by the end of the decade. Yes, Those were prophetic words and they were good and positive. So, do not assume that only bad words and bad things can only be prophetic in nature. Mentors to the young are also prophets. Any time you speak words of hope to any person who is down and out. You are a prophet to the downtrodden.
If you have ever spoken these positive words to your own child, "You can do better" You are being an inspiring  prophet. Everyone and any one already has been a prophet. What kind of prophet are you to the world?

Warning: Some of the below websites may be from unreliable people, Organizations and sources as defined by you:
Prophecy Related YouTube Videos:
Coup d'etat
:Sandy Hook:
14 Dec 2012: 17 Dec 2012: 21 Dec 2012: I posted this because of the name of Sandy. That is all. If there is any connection. I'm not aware. Always, look for the absence of information. Find the commonalities. Look for those things which to not match up.  Is this a piece of the Sandy puzzle? Is there even a puzzle?
The Hurricane Sandy super storm was a natural disaster?
The sandy Hook elementary school shooting was man a made disaster?
What is the common relationship between the two if any?
Was GOD sending man a message with the Super storm?
Was man sending GOD a message with the shootings?
What were those messages? if any?
How does (New) (Town) relate? and a possible relationship with Sir Isaac newton?
First name (Adam) Lanza. 
Possible puzzle pieces easily seen. New, Adam, Nostradamus birthday, Historical New York border conflict. UN Establishes headquarters in New York.
The date when President Obama changes America.
At about 10 minutes and 25 seconds. Begins change with back up evidence. also 11 minutes and 26 seconds. 11 minutes and 30 seconds the plan of Presidential intention.

Did you pray and meditate before really asking these questions and your own? Gotta do it first and during.
If you see something in this. Your next step is fasting, prayer, meditation. Then searching for all of the numbers and making your own logical maps of comparisons. Numbers are important to GOD. Really are. Ask those questions.
 1503Nostradamus, French astrologer (d. 1566)
1819Alabama becomes the 22nd U.S. state.     (Remember the10 Commandments)
1946 – The United Nations General Assembly votes to establish its headquarters in New York, New York.,_Connecticut
Possible Sandy Hook Bible Code:
Just weird in the new Batman movie:
I have not seen this movie and do not actually know if the content is in the movie.
Apparently Aurora and Sandy Hook is listed in the movie.
This is tied to the other prophetic writings I've done. 
No other copies or other ink exists of this content:

Will NOT be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”:
:Added on 28 May 2013:

All prophecies or merely probable.  No matter who wrote them or spoke them or where they have been spoken or written.
Simple revelation can alter all aspects of a professed prophecy.
Evil men, women and groups who also know of prophecies can like wise alter them so that they will have their own desired effect/affect. The evil men, women and groups must be stopped.
The end of the USA brings forth the extinction of humanity. Save the USA.

Added on 22 Sept 2013:
Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: