Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mormon Plight Prophecy: (Unedited): 30 Oct 2012:

This is not political in any way: This is purely prophetic of possibility: Meaning it is up to all of humanity to alter and change upcoming events to the USA and everyone else.  I do believe in the older prophecies that Obama will be president for a second term. The newer prophecies put out this 2012. Is false and is only propaganda to sway any voter. When prophecies make out the 2012 presidential victor as godlike or divinely blessed and protected. Almost declaring that Obama is the second coming. Like I said this is not political. I think Obama will win and he will become one of the wealthiest men on the planet at the demise of the USA. With a wealth approaching a trillion dollars and all of it as foreign wealth. Mitt Romney will also become incredibly wealthy. But, not as much as Obama would have. This is because Romney will spread the wealth amongst his friends and supporters of the sale of the USA. That is one of Romney's gifts is being an administrator and manager. Neither Romney or Obama are leaders. 
I know this is one of the prophecies I've published and one of them is obviously wrong because only one man can be president of the USA. So, How can this be? It is because we, all of humanity collectively decide our collective fate. Since, The presidential election has not been decided. The outcome is still uncertain. A better explanation is the story of Pharaoh and Joseph as told in The Holy Bible. When Joseph told the Pharaoh, the meaning of Pharaoh's dream, it was absolutely true. In summery, They all are going to starve to death. To note the state of technology was limited. So altering the natural event was not possible or even contemplated. But, mitigating and managing the foreseen natural event will save most of their lives. Do you see how prophecy can be altered. This is very important for everyone to understand. 
I think the world leaders keep up with prophecies and actively mitigate and manage any prophecy which is deemed valid and probable. Which means any active alteration of any prophecy which is deemed bad and sad by the ruling authorities. The prophecy becomes invalid and improbable. Thus any other similarly related prophecies will also become invalid. Which on the surface of it, this seems really good for everyone. Until, You realize all of the alterations is directly related to the sale of the USA or the massive bribes to the politicians and their families. Where all of the profits remain off shore and unseen by the American masses. This is not a new political action. Look at the historical dealings of Scotland and England. Bribery at its best.

 This is not just about the Mormons in the Salt Lake City area. This is about the salt and other minerals associated with the area. This is also about Military assets and a declaration of United nations safe zones to come. Because of the nature of the topography and its position to easily protect and defend the entire region out to several hundred miles. This is a strategic and tactical area. Especially, if it is decided by the United Nations to give California, Washington State and Oregon to China as a form of debt appeasement. The United Nations will need a military force to defend any kind of military action taken by China to gain more lands that they deem are deserving of. Even with the United Nations in control of the former USA military assets, Military Industrial complexes and secrets. The United nations will not be able to hold Back China if China flexes its now number 1 military of the whole world.
When the United nations takes over salt lake city, Utah and declare it a United Nations Safe Zone. Many things will happen and not in an order of my listing. For a time until the United nations consolidates and is able to express it's power and authority over all. The Mormon's of the area will be tolerated. Until, The advent of the Charismatic leader arises to power over the United nations. This process can be many decades after the demise of the USA. Somewhere between 2040 and 2060. Give or take a few. Time and dates matter not. When it is all of humanity who decides it's own fate. Life or extinction?
The dedicated fight and die. Americans will disappear and die with glory.
The disabled, old and sickly will disappear and die.
Those with a criminal history will disappear and die. 
The mentally ill and the undesirables of society will disappear and die. 
Those who have needed skills will be invited to join. Those who do not. They and their families will disappear and die. 
The Mormons will be seen as a threat as they have a history of self sufficiency. Self sufficiency will not be tolerated in a socialist/communist society. The Mormons will be seen as non-conformists, Terrorists and a non-traditional religious cult. The Mormons will be seen as a single group of people who block what the United Nations is trying to do. "Which is save lives". The media will be used against the Mormons. Active and aggressive warfare will be used against the Mormons. Death and destruction will fall upon them all (Mormons).  All land ownership rights lost. All freedoms gone. They are non-peoples and not guaranteed legal human rights as defined by the United nations.
There will be other cities in the former USA, that these events will happen. They will happen to other groups of united people. Which includes all survivalist preppers. There identities are already known via internet activity and radio activities (Television Shows, Ham, CB, Outbanding and etc.). Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Channel.
How to mitigate and manage the possible prophetic events? How to alter or prevent the possible prophetic events? I have no idea other than the basics. LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY equals LIFE. That is how we all must live. We all must willingly and freely by choice live sinless, righteously and in accordance to the ten commandments. All without threats, fears and intimidation's.
We must elect political leaders who are godly men and women first. Then husbands and fathers. Then business people of good repute. Then they can be servants to the country.  Men and women who are religious and godly. Must run for any and every political office at all levels. This must be done right now and as soon as possible. It might be too late.
Other Options.
1). International legal protections sought and gained before the collapse of the USA. By establishing Debt free churches in all of the United Nations Countries and becoming supporters of the Countries Leaders. By seeking out and developing agreements in the United nations which guarantees Mormons Human Rights as citizens of the United Nations if possible. However it is legally coined. I'm not an educated person or an International Lawyer. This is similar to the advice given to the Native American tribes.

2). The development of an internal Military force or militia. (Not just for the Mormon Church, but for all churches). The training of all of your members in the Martial Arts, Strategy, Tactics, It is not advised to join the United States Military for training. The creation of your own military style bases for reasons of training for mental and physical conditioning. All aspects of  Security training should also be covered. This needs to begin now.On the surface, I think this is a terrible idea in so many ways. As the teachings of Jesus wants us all to love one another and to turn the other cheek. A church group does need to protect themselves and their members from attacks and protests. These godless people will have no respect or honor for what is holy or right. This attitude is dangerous. The below information is just an example of evidence discovered. There is much more and all Christian Churches have a responsibility and duty to protect themselves from any action. Even to the extreme of military style actions against it.

3). Must return to the preaching and teaching of the whole word of GOD. Which includes sin, righteousness and becoming a holy people as defined, only by GOD. The members must begin to freely choose to live in accordance to the laws by their own free choice. Not through threats, negative promises, fears or any other method of intimidation.
Military Men and Women warning. 
An order will come down to go on a leave or break. At which time your ships, boats, planes, vehicles will be taken/seized and given to the United Nations for USA Debt relief. This includes every base and post inside the USA control. Upon your return to duty. You will be invited to be a United Nations Military person. Your family will be moved into the soon to be formed United Nations Safe Zones inside the former USA. Even though they may not say the USA is No more. Your new orders/postings will be outside the USA. This is to guarantee your promise to serve the United Nations. You will not go home, ever. Your orders/posting will be of great importance to the United nations and arrangements will/may be made to bring your spouse and children to you. Then sent back or they may remain if facilities and threat levels permit.
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Added on 02 May 2015: The Mormon church has fallen into abomination of desolation. By allowing sin to come into their holy places. 
I forgot to add this a while ago
This is prophecy.
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