Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Despite The: (Unedited): 25 Feb 2012:

Despite the unfairness and loves lacking. Despite the abuses and tortures endured. Despite the rejections and unimportant ignoring behaviors. The remarkable person never walks the victims path or becomes a recognizable victim. C.J.MacKechnie 
 Fostering hope. Teaching others to discover that hope is and always has been within them just waiting for that light to be turned on.
Become a remarkable person by not becoming a helpless victim any longer. During the abuses and tortures you have endured. You were being the one victimized. Decide to let that victim you are become that victim you once were. Know, understand and teach those, that it did not matter who was in your place. There would have still been someone who was to be that evil persons victim. It was never about you. It was never your fault. All of the abuses and tortures endured by you was all because of the evil person and for their own defined insanity.
To complete that evil persons failure in their evil deeds. Become a success in what ever it is you decide to do with your life. Become that hero and save yourself. Become that brilliant light which burns their souls. Shatter their spirit with a genuine forgiveness and the love which exudes from the depths of you.

Searching for peace, you will find life, harmony and love.
Searching for harmony, you will find life, peace and love.
Searching for Love, you will find peace, harmony and life.
If you search for one and do not find the other three. Then there is deception. You must have the other three to have completeness.
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