Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jupiters Trail: (Unedited): 25 Dec 2012:

In the wake of Jupiter's movement around our central star, there will be eddies which will continually trail behind these great Jovian planets. There will also be a positive pressure of some kind on the leading edge of the Jovian planets, while at the same time having some kind of negative pressure behind the planets' trailing side. Coupled with the large gravity fields, an object passing in front of the planet can be actually be pushed away, just a little bit, while an object passing on the trailing side can be sucked in towards the planet, just a little, either way altering the orbits of objects greater than what the math of only gravity predicts. The eddy currents in the wake of these large planets can last for some distance and have an effect on the orbits of smaller objects which pass directly through these left-behind eddies, even when the expected gravitational fields of the large planets are long gone. C.J.MacKechnie
26 Dec 2012:
The leading and trailing edge of the planet will be like gears turning in accordance with the rotation of the planet. The leading edge eddies will be short, while the trailing edge eddies will be long and more pronounced.
30 Dec 2012:
Just as snow streams in strings of flowing ropes across the roadway, so, too, does this venturi effect  occur behind the Jovian planets. In the so-called emptiness created behind the path of Jupiter, the solar winds distort this emptiness of chaos, mixing the higher stuff content of space outside the pathway of Jupiter with the new absence from directly behind the receding planet.

I have zero training as an astronomer and do not even own or have access to a telescope. Please forgive my word usage as I do not know the official terms used by the profession. Please look for the message contained within the errors of my improper words. Yes, The happy planet words have been corrected. The Poor wife edited the best she could.
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